Рецепт для тех, у кого нет времени! Быстрый обед или ужин – куриное филе с овощами на сковороде!

A dish for those who have no time and! Quick lunch or dinner – chicken with vegetables in a pan! If subtitles bother you, turn them off! My friends, hello everyone! I’m Dina
and the Recipe Collection channel. Today again, a dish from a series of quick lunches or dinners, and if you are interested in this topic, the channel has a playlist “Quick Recipes” playlist, look, I’ll leave a link in the description. So let’s cook! Set the pan on the stove and turn on the maximum heat. Pour into it 2 tbsp. vegetable oil and fry a large onion, cut into small cubes. As soon as the onion is slightly browned, add the garlic – I have 3 large cloves finely chopped with a knife. Literally a minute later, as soon as the garlic aroma goes, we add sweet pepper, cut into small cubes, into the pan – I took a multi-colored pepper with a total weight of 200 g. Mix everything and fry for 1.5-2 minutes. Then put in a pan 600 g chicken fillet, pre-cut into small pieces of 2 × 2 cm and without reducing the heat, we continue to fry all products – they should be fried, not stewed. Instead of chicken, you can use turkey fillet, chicken liver or fish fillet without skin and bones. Literally after 4 minutes, when the fillet turns white and the whole juice evaporates from the pan, add 1/2 tsp. salt, seasoning for chicken and Italian herbs, 1/4 tsp black pepper, there we send 1 tbsp. tomato paste and mix well. We continue to fry over high heat and after another minute add to the pan chopped into small pieces tomato, weighing 200 g. Everything is prepared very quickly, products are added literally at intervals of 2-3 minutes, the main thing is not to reduce the fire. After another minute, pour 150 g of canned peas, mix and remove the pan from the stove. I spent 13 minutes frying food. In principle, already in this form, fillet with vegetables can be served, but in my family they like it with cheese crust, and for a personal serving, this dish can be laid out in ceramic pots or small pots, sprinkle with cheese and bake, but today I cook everything in one dish. Pour the contents of the pan with any grated cheese – I have 200 g of mozzarella and send it to a preheated oven or like me to an air fryer to give a golden crust. The charm of this device is that it does not even need to be preheated, we set the temperature to 200 degrees in any mode and achieve a golden cheese crust. Who cares, a link to a full review of this device, as well as to dishes that I prepared with its help, you will find in the description under the video. So, friends, only 5 minutes have passed and you just look at this beauty! Sprinkle with fresh herbs on top and our simple family dinner in the pan is ready! Soft, juicy, tender chicken fillet with aromatic vegetables – what could be better and easier !? Such an easy-to-cook and home-style tasty dish is not inferior to expensive restaurant delights, at the same time it is prepared without much effort and, importantly, from products that are in almost any refrigerator. Cook with pleasure! I was glad to share with you another good recipe! Friends, if you liked this dish – put your finger up! Thanks for the likes, reposts and your comments. Subscribe to the Recipes Collection channel on YouTube and do not forget to click on the bell, then you definitely will not miss the release of new videos. I have a variety of playlists on my channel, including Hot Dishes and Quick Recipes, if you didn’t see it, look at all the links on the screen and in the description. and in the description. Dina was with you. Until
new meetings, to new interesting recipes!

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