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well hello and welcome to another
episode of the only life of your dreams YouTube channel my name is Timesha and
I’m so glad to have you here so what are we talking about today we’re talking
about how to make money online as a teenager selling your talents selling
the things that you’re good at and using for sites to do this now of course we
definitely need to make sure that we get parent approval and that your parents
are involved in this but definitely this is a great opportunity to make some real
money I mean beyond the surveys beyond listening to music this is a great
opportunity to sell your talent sell yourself and get money where you do not
have to get a part-time job you do not have to be saying in front of a fry-cook
or you are just working your business or working the things that you want to do
and what fun is that all right so let’s get to these four sites all right so the
first fight we’re going to talk about is called fiber and fiber you only have to
be 13 years old to actually start becoming a freelancer on this site so it
says find the perfect freelance business or services for your business and so if
you want to become a seller which is what you would do you would click this
this right here and it tells you all of the things on how to become a seller for
fiber and so a gig is brought every four seconds transactions 50 million plus and
the price ranges are from five dollars to ten thousand dollars and if you are
dumb or new to the field that you’re trying to get into or learn about then
five will probably be the best start or one of the best starts because you can
practice and get better with what you’re doing
charge a small fee see what you do see what you like see if you
get more business with it and then you can go from there and charge more so
there are different things here you create a gig and then you deliver great
work and then you get paid for it alright and there’s so many different
things that you can do on Fiverr one of them is voice-over work and let me show
you Sapru to you that you only have to be 13
if I go to voice-over work click English American English because that’s what I
am and then I clicked use these are all the people who do use modal and directly
no I didn’t alright so these are the people are the young people that do use
voice over work alright and so all you do is create a profile you can charge
from $5 going up and you get the work and you promote yourself and that’s what
you do but it’s not just voiceover work you can also do graphic design and all
of these things in graphic design digital marketing writing and
translating if you speak another language that’s what this is good for
video animation if you’re good at animating stuff but you know how to
create logos animated voice-over work music work jingles drops programming if
you’re good at doing anything with the website creating websites anything of
that nature ecommerce business if you’re good at data entry flyer distribution we
do okay or lifestyles if you like to read palms and such that it you can get
paid for for that one Fiverr okay so this is a great entry-level freelance or
gig for the young teenager who wants to get their foot in the door and make some
good money alright the next one we’re going to talk about is a writer and a
writer is will write any type of custom content and this includes articles
article writes blogpost ebooks product
descriptions and more if you like writing if you like proofreading if you
like being in that space where you can’t actually be creative with the words that
you use on paper then this site is for you you only have to be 13 years old
to get on the site and to promote yourself as a freelancer for eyewriter
alright and so you all you have to do is build your own clientele this this site
will allow you to build your own clientele and earn up to eighty dollars
per 500 words once you promote up the rank so if you do a great job in the
beginning you start to promote up and then you can start earning eighty
dollars per 500 words I mean how long does it take you to write 500 words with
like two hours maybe I mean if that and you can get eighty dollars for two hours
that’s 40 dollars an hour that beats anything that you can do as a teenager
right now it’s insane I mean I wish I had stuff like this when I was a
teenager just craziness alright you can write as little or as much as you want a
day I mean this is totally flexible if you have other things other commitments
that you have for school you do not have to commit to doing this all of the time
so use all of your time doing it you can do this as much as you want it’s
flexible in that way you can choose the topics that basically match you and what
you want to talk about alright and so to become a Content writer all
you have to do is click write content and then you have to fill out this
application the first 200 words you need to write about is yourself
okay talking about who you are and why you want to write for I writer and the
second 200 words is a research-based topic and it’s about what is the number
one way a company can be successful with social media marketing
alright and it once you do that you can be approved and once you’re approved
then you can start making money sounds awesome doesn’t it alright so I’m
halfway through I want to to make sure it’s to say that if you are
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notification so you notified anytime I just a new video which happens to be
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can do that alright so moving on we’re going to be talking about freelancer and
so with freelancer it is a place where you have to you have to be at least 16
years old to become a freelancer or to post jobs or gigs on this website but it
also offers you an opportunity to make more money so my suggestion to you well
my advice to you would be if you’re young or if you aren’t sure where your
niche is yet to start off with something like Fiverr or I writer to see where you
can make money the most money in and once you start making money and becoming
good in that field then change over to something like freelancer or up work
because by then you can see what your work is worth and you know what to
charge and you also have a portfolio of work to show people hey this is what I
can do and you have more opportunities to get jobs that way so that’s just my
my my free plug okay so there is over 13 50 different categories in which you can
do work in one freelancer alright all the way from web design to Amazon Web
Services they even have data entry you can do internet marketing legal which I
don’t know it’s dollar qualify for but there’s so much one here that you can do
and these are some of the top categories in which people need jobs for all right
like I said data entry if you’re good at Excel or good and learning how to do
Excel that is something that people need alright
doing research if you’re good at that research writing so
and so forth okay so I want to show you the jobs so these are people who post
jobs that say okay I need this stuff done who can do it for me and you know
as you can see 316 dollars the average bid for this and then it keeps going
down make a sample of app mobile for track of truck the location of vehicle
okay so right now they’re asking $40 nobody else has bid on it and they have
six days left but there are several other people that you see the average
bid is $4,000 I mean if somebody gets that I mean that’s the average that’s
the middle so that people are below and above it but I mean if somebody gets
even $500 this is that’s a lot of money for a teenager who couldn’t use an extra
$500 all right and then there have some some smaller jobs like I’m looking for a
professional resume writer and so far the average bid is $9 all right and so
basically you bid on the job and you have they have however many days that
they’re going to have the job set and get all the bids look at the bids and
then choose which person is going to get the job all right so that is the job
category here and I want to show you the freelancers and how much they generally
charge so this person is doing SEO link building so basically they’re working
with internet marketing and building websites and getting the websites up and
running for google so they’re charging $12 per hour for this and this person is
only charging $4 for the same thing so basically you can charge whatever you
want to charge and make the money you want to work $25 for this all right so
again this is a make your own way type website you can choose to ask however
much you want to ask and the last one we’re going to talk
about is up work and up work works exactly like freelancer but up work I
think it’s a higher scale where freelancer you have to be 16 years or
older up work says that you have to be the age of majority where you can sign
legal contracts in your state or jurisdiction so if you’re you can sign
legal contracts at the age of 16 then you can apply to or become a freelancer
for up work if it’s 18 then of course like I said before you can’t apply to do
work for up work until you’re 18 years old but like I said this is more
high-class so people are going here for more extensive work and because they’re
going for more extensive work they’re willing to pay top dollar for it
so once you have built up your skills with like Fiverr and eyewriter and maybe
freelancer if you want to go that route that up work is definitely the step
where you can make your own checks make your own full-time income and not even
have to get a job okay whatever you want to do alright and also it’s a like I
said before once you build up your portfolio barrel up your knowledge build
up your experience people are willing to pay you the top dollar because you can
show that you can do the work and there’s so many different categories
here that you can actually make money with and men’s support customer service
I mean you know you work fast food for a little bit of time and do customer
service you have some experience with that right so so many different things
that you can do these are the companies that they have actually worked for done
freelance work for you have short-term jobs reoccurring projects or full-time
contract work and so what happens with up work is sometimes they hire you for
little small tasks where you only work for them for a little bit of time
sometimes they have something that you have to work with
them for months or they have to come back and get redone like articles or
writing content they might need you today but then they’re not going to need
you again until two weeks from now and so on and so forth is reoccurring money
reoccurring projects and the last thing is full-time contract work you can work
full-time money contract it to these businesses and give them what they need
and they don’t have to pay for insurance for you because you’re a contract worker
but you’re making enough money to pay for your own insurance so that’s great –
all right so these are the difference these are if you actually want to post
the job here but we’re not doing that so I wanted to show you the top skills and
the top skills here like I said sales consultant social media manager and
basically what you’re doing with that is you’re managing other people’s social
media profiles social media pages managing businesses and you know he’s
asking $12 an hour she’s asking 25 she’s asking $85 an hour okay and so like you
can basically write your own checking once you become good at this guy’s you
can write your own check write your own way so I hope this was a value to you if
it was make sure that you give me the thumbs up subscribe to my channel like
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make money online coach you through meds you through so that you can be
successful because I can’t be successful unless you are alright so until next
time my friend make sure you think big dream big take
action like you may own the life but your trip


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