10 Best Website Templates for Blogs [2020]

A website without a theme is like a peacock without feathers: naked, mundane, and unlikely to attract an audience. Today we’re bringing you 10 websites templates that’ll flip your blog from drab to fab. All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Find the link in the description below. Maaya Blog by designthemes is our pick for a top-tier travel blog template. Its full-screen slider and large masonry grid tiles are yours to fill with the best of your Its full-screen slider and large masonry grid tiles are yours to fill with the best of your travel photography. Rally your readers to your page with a sweeping landscape shot or intimate portrait, and the classy interface design and highly readable text styling will ensure they have a comfortable stay. Fast loading times and a sleek aesthetic help earn Lisbeth by gljivec our recommendation as an ideal lifestyle blog template. Six home page and blog layouts mean plenty of flexibility to help you nail your niche and transmit your passion. Frida by Burnhambox has a rustic, homegrown feel that will delight visitors to your handmade or DIY blog. This artist-oriented theme incorporates elements of flat design to achieve a presentation that evokes childlike whimsy, while still feeling professional and mature. To be honest, this theme’s name alone was enough to win us over, but fortunately GutenTag by cmsmasters is a genuinely excellent template and our pro-pun bias is but one reason it made our list today. This delectable food blog theme is optimized for Gutenberg page builder, the WordPress team’s newest blogging tool, which will help ensure that your site’s styling is as fresh as the food you’re posting. If you have a personal blog that doesn’t fit into a common category, then VictorThemes might have just what you need with their Signy template. Simple, no-frills design is the defining element in this one. The large text and media modules alongside the strikingly wide image holder leave your content with little to hide behind – which is exactly what a writer may want if they’re looking to make a powerful statement. Quick aside: if this video’s doin anything for ya, now would be an excellent time to mash the like button below. For a photography site, cleanly presenting high-quality images is the top priority, and that’s exactly the idea that An-Themes leans into with their Paintable photoblog theme. Choose from an article-oriented layout with thumbnailed snippets in a grid, or let your pictures do the talking with an image-only assortment – in either case, you can hover over tiles to get a glimpse of the theme’s inbuilt ‘like’ counter. Hunters of a versatile, multipurpose theme could do much worse than Fulford by tommusrhodus, which offers a knee-buckling 14 different blog layouts to choose from. Explore demos ranging from list, to classic, to masonry, and pick the one that both meets your current needs, and offers flexibility for your various types of content. CorpusChristi by FastWP is for those who want a theme that’s heavy on content and light on loading times. Feed your audience’s curiosity with sparse, title-only snippets and a compelling mix of shapes and sizes for your grid items, then woo them further with easy navigation and optimized mobile touch. Fashion comes first with Femme by AncoraThemes. An attention-grabbing header, stylish layout, native WooCommerce support and an integrated Instagram feed all meld together to create a lush, highfalutin experience for anyone who visits your page. 2020’s go-to theme for content marketers is Contentberg Blog by Themesphere. This theme is bursting at the seams with tinkering potential, boasting six pre-made layouts, the ability to mix and match your own layout, eight article styles, six slider styles, six different headers, and an impressive lineup of premium custom widgets baked right in. If distraction-free, Gutenberg-ready design with virtually endless layout configurations sounds like a perfect match to you, then Contentberg may just be your happy place. That concludes our blogosphere-spanning list of 2020’s 10 best website templates. You’ll find links to all the items featured in this video in the description below. Did we leave out a recommendation for YOUR favorite breed of blog? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to like and subscribe if you learned something today. For more inside scoops on what’s hot and what’s not in design, check out this next video from Envato, selected just for you.

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