101 Hotel Website Essentials — #45 Price Comparison Tool

Headline: How to help your guests take a wise
decision? Hello, I’m Kush Patel from Infinity Innovations
and Xperience Xpeditions, and this is the 101 Essentials for turning a hotel website
into a revenue-generating machine, an ultimate guide for hoteliers to consistently generate
more bookings, grow profits and eventually break-free from the OTA dependence. I invite you to join this micro-expedition
to Xplore. Essential Number Forty – Five, Price Comparison
Tool After all the efforts you take to grab your
guests’ attention and bring them on your hotel website, it is really disheartening
when they choose to book with OTAs over you. By giving your guests the best rate guarantee,
for sure you will be providing the best deal, but the question here is how to convey it
to your guests and compel them to book with you. Instead of confusing your guests, it would
be wise to give your guests a clear comparison of value offered by you versus value offered
by OTAs. You can do this by integrating a price comparison
tool on your hotel website. Price comparison tool is basically a widget
that you can integrate into your hotel website’s booking engine to influence your guests’
booking decision. Once you have integrated a price comparison
tool on your hotel website, it will compare live OTA rates with the rate you offer on
booking directly. When your guests will be sure of you offering
the best deal over any OTA, they will most likely book with you. A price comparison tool will help you reassure
your guests that it is wise to make a direct booking instead of booking with OTAs. Also, it will help your guests save time to
look around for best rates. Apparently, it will help you reduce your dependence
on OTAs. In the next post of this series, I am going
to help you Xplore how to secretly compel your guests to enter your funnel? Meanwhile, make sure you download the FREE
Checklist of 101 Essentials to turn your hotel website into a revenue-generating machine.

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