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Hi, guys, my name is Jennifer And I’m here to introduce two of my favoritest people one is Nikki the other one is Tiff and they’re going to give you 107 Animal Crossing facts Animal crossing is one the most popular and charming video game series ever produced. I’m Nikki and I’m Tiff and together we’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of hours devoted to the series. We’re bringing you 107 Facts about Animal Crossing here on Leaderboard Number one Animal crossing has sold 2.3 million copies, Wild World 11.7 million, City Folk 3.38 million and New Leaf 8.73 million in total that is about 24 million units of Animal Crossing Number two Gulliver tells tall tales about his travels in the Nintendo universe here are some of his references Pinnacle rock a reference to Majora’s Mask, fuzzy pickle an Earthbound reference, Isle Delfino and Ricco Harbor, Mario Sunshine Over there, Super Paper Mario, a space fox or a bounty hunter that can roll into a ball Starfox and Metroid Number three Animal Crossing was originally a Nintendo 64 game called Animal Forest just a few months before the GameCube’s release, it was then also released for GameCube in Japan and it uses the system’s internal clock to help track the time in the game Number four Animal Forest had three times the amount of text than the average RPG Number five Animal Forest shares files and segments of code with both Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time in both of their respective debug modes Number six Katsuya Eguchi based Animal Crossing off of his journey to overcome Isolation and loneliness when he had to move for his job at Nintendo Number seven They released an anime based off of Wild World in 2006 Dobutsu no Mori Debuted on Japanese theaters as the third highest grossing film of its opening weekend Number eight There are three Animal Crossing apps Animal Crossing Plaza for the Wii U Animal Crossing clock and calculator both for the 3DS and DS Number nine Frog characters do not carry umbrellas in the rain Number ten There was a robotic ostrich named Sprocket in the game up until Wild World where he was removed And he was never brought back rest in peace number 11 in Japanese Mythology The Baku Demon takes the form of a tapir Luna is a tapir and one of the only characters with the distinctive voice Number 12 Tom Nook, tom nook-eee, tanooki. Tom Nook is not a raccoon, but a Tanuki. Which is a Japanese folklore creature They have large sternum which represents financial bounty Number 13 Some characters compliment nook on his suit, implying he’s a human Number 14 Kapp’n is a Kappa. Which is not a turtle, but a japanese folklore creature that’s turtle-like they would capture kids and play tricks on them. They also like cucumbers Which is why Kapp’n sings about cucumbers and just about everything else in the world Number 15 Pierce is an eagle and his catchphrase is hawkeye which is a character from M*A*S*H* Number 16 Gyroids resemble, haniwa haniwa were funerary objects in the Kofun period, my friend thinks while we’re playing smash It’s a flying dirty fire hydrant Number 17 In the American version Gracie and Saharah are both female, but in the Japanese version they’re male the gender change was to avoid controversy here in the USA much like Birdo from Super Mario Brothers 2 Number 18 A frog character named Jeremiah is a reference to joy to the world where the line is Jeremiah was a bullfrog Number 19 Boomer is a Battlestar Galactica reference to Sharon Boomer his catchphrase is Human which refers to human versus cylon Number 20 Roscoe is a horse and a reference to horse Jockey Roscoe Goose He was a Kentucky derby winner in 1913 Number 21 Snake the bunny is a reference to Solid Snake, he also wears a ninja hood and zipper tee, very stealthy Number 22 Kevin the pig is a reference to Kevin Bacon Number 23 K.K. Slider is based off music composer Kazumi Totaka, K.K. Song reveals Totaka’s secret song Totaka recorded a 16 note secret melody Number 24 By talking to Sable of the Able sisters Throughout the series a rather sad backstory is unveiled about her, her parents died when She was very young so she had to take care of Mabel on her own She had a falling out with Labelle or Labelle and caused Labelle to run to the city and follow her dreams It has also revealed that Sable grew up with Tom Nook and is believed to have had a crush on him keeping up with the Able sisters drama~ Number 25 Your villagers appearance is based off how you answer questions in the beginning of the game first being a male or female Number 26 Over 218 characters were designed to live in Animal Crossing That’s more than the original Pokemon with a 0.02% chance of a town starting out with the same six characters twice Number 27 333 Characters were made for New Leaf with a 0.018% chance of a town Starting out with the same six characters twice Number 28 Redd is a Kitsune, trickster foxes from Japanese Folklore Number 29 Furniture in the items menu show up as leaves because in Japanese Folklore Creatures often turn things like sticks and leaves into money or other items Number 30 Mr. Resetti actually made young girls cry because he was mean and gave lectures this prompted creators to add a disclaimer in later Manuals Number 31 It was theorized that both Porter and Champ are the same character, not only do they look alike But Champ’s catchphrase was Choo-choo Porter being a train conductor Champ had a model train set in his house in City Folk this theory does make sense however it was debunked with the Wii U Animal Crossing Plaza game They both have different birthdays Porter’s birthday is April 17th while Champ’s birthday is June 4th Number 32 Leif is the only character with moving fingers Number 33 there are eight different kinds of villagers that you can have in your town Which will all suggest different Public works projects There’s cranky, lazy, jock, smug, normal peppy uchi and snooty uchi was introduced in New Leaf Number 34 in the Japanese GameCube reboot, if you hit every rock in your town Every day for a week a hole will appear in the last rock taking you to Mr. Resetti Surveillance center where you will get the silver shovel Number 35 In the City folk the surveillance center is accessible after 8 p.m. randomly past the cones Number 36 to 41 is just about the GameCube version of the game Number 36 the GameCube version if you want to change the inventory background all you gotta do is drag your shirt the bottom right corner and your background will change to the shirt pattern Number 37 For a short period of time after being hit with the net villagers can pass over Invisible barriers they can pass over holes, even get onto houses, and all bodies of water Number 38 There is a hack that can change your villagers face to resemble a gyroid but after you reload the game it will return back to normal this trick was the only way to remove glitch items from your inventory Number 39 While traveling to the Island with Kapp’n you may see a huge shadow next to your boat It’s a whale you can’t catch Number 40 On rare occasions while traveling to the island you may see Gulliver floating by on the waves Number 41 Before virtual consoles there were many playable NES games And you can get playing animal crossing for gamecube, you can get these from Nook lottery, Redd, traveling to animal Island, Nintendo Giveaways, or cheating they include Balloon Fight, Clu Clu Land, Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Excitebike, Golf, Pinball, Tennis, Wario’s Woods, Baseball, Soccer, Donkey Kong 3, Punch-Out, even Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers, Ice Climbers, and the Legend of Zelda, you can also win Super Tortimer, a fake game that you get from Tortimer on April Fool’s day time for Wild World on numbers 42 through 45 Number 42 To find out what tomorrow’s weather is going to be like turn on the TV 15 minutes before 7 a.m., 8 a.m. 12 p.m 6 p.m. And 10 p.m. Number 43 The UFO is a disk-like object that flies over the players town one random weekday Gulliver mentions that it is called the Porpoise and in Animal Crossing Wild World he calls it the Porpoise 5000 This is a reference to Captain Olimar’s ship in the game Pikmin, using the slingshot you can shoot the UFO down in Wild World you have to find the spaceship parts in City Folk the next day the UFO will appear on the beach, crashed both resulting in a special piece of furniture Number 44 Shooting stars can be seen on clear or cloudy nights when it is not raining or snowing when you see one tap your character with your stylus or press a Immediately your character will face forward and clasp his or her hands in a wishing motion, after you have successfully wished upon a star You will get a letter and a present from Wishy the Star the next day Number 45 The king tut wig is considered to be a cursed item When put on a more dreary jingle plays and causes the player to have bad luck and trip more often 46 through 55 are about New Leaf which had a bunch of new additions Number 46 You probably already know, but fortune cookies equal Nintendo items there are 50 fortunes and 45 Nintendo Goodies Number 47 You can swim now finally this was never possible in all other versions of animal crossing Neither was diving Number 48 Kicks the shoe store was introduced in New Leaf, Kicks the character however was introduced in City folk And he shined shoes for five hundred bells, the sign for the store actually squeaks in the wind Number 49 New Leaf also doesn’t have gender specific clothing, you can wear whatever you want you may receive a comment on your fashion choices Number 50 At 3:33 a.m. On Mondays or Sundays in the midst of TV static You may be greeted by Aliens Number 51 When you cut down a tree a stump remains some stumps have interesting patterns, the rarest being the triforce from the Legend of Zelda There are 12 unique designs 6 for oak and 6 for cedar trees Number 52 If you start a new file on April fool’s day Blanka the faceless cat will greet you instead of Rover Number 53 Sending villagers seashells will cause them to sell their furniture at retail more frequently Number 54 Hear the Secret Melody composed by Kazumi Totaka at Club LOL after dark Number 55 99 Brand new villagers were introduced in New Leaf including the hamster and deer species Number 56 In Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Smash for Wii U there’s a stage based off of Animal Crossing called Smashville it’s scenery changes in accordance with the Wii’s eternal clock And you can also see characters in the background Number 57 Japanese Pop Star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu did promotional videos for Animal Crossing and even pinches Tom milks belly Number 58 In Wii music you can play K.K. Blues and the Animal Crossing theme Number 59 In WarioWare Smooth Moves There’s an Animal Crossing minigame where you catch fish Number 60 In nintendo lab for the Wii U there’s a minigame called Animal Crossing Sweet Day Where you collect candy and avoid being caught by Booker and Copper Number 61 In Mario Kart 8 there is downloadable content for the boy Or girl Villager as well as Isabelle and an Animal Crossing theme track that has a different version for each of the seasons Number 62 In Kid Icarus Uprising together mode there are several bots named after iconic animal crossing characters including, Mr. Resetti and Moppina Number 63 In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate you can dress up your palico a cat-like sidekick as either Isabelle or Mr. Resetti Number 64 In animal crossing there are several ponds for when you catch fish when you catch a pop-eyed goldfish It says it should have eaten its spinach a reference to Popeye the sailorman Number 65 Mentioning fortune cookies again when you get the Master sword the fortune reads It’s dangerous to go alone take this Number 66 You can wear the bunny hood from legend of Zelda But it will not make you run faster Number 67 Rover says it’s me wasn’t that impression good a reference to Mario Number 68 When you catch a loach in Animal Crossing the player reads “You don’t suppose it was Hylian do you?” a Reference to the Hylian loach in the Legend of Zelda series which is considered to be the rarest fish and a legendary catch Number 69 Animalease is the default spoken language of villagers and other characters in the Animal Crossing series Number 70 Villagers will reference both the Legend of Zelda and Mario through many conversations They may say I met this cute boy in green when visiting a distant town He used to shoot things at the sky with his boomerang I wonder if Nook sells magical boomerang if he doesn’t, then what else can we use to shoot things or Occasionally when opening a villagers drawer or closet it will say what are Luigi’s clothes doing in here? Or you found 10 rupees talk about lucky too bad you can’t use them in this town Number 71 In Wild world on La-Di-Day some residents may sing popular theme songs from other games Such as Super Mario, Big Brain Academy, and Yoshi’s story Number 72 When stepped on, Ghost-like silhouettes of cockroaches float up to the sky much like Pikmin do in the Pikmin series Number 73 In animal crossing for GameCube and onward every item in the complete Nintendo set sells for 256 bells which is a reference to the 8-bit style of the original NES 8-bit means 8 binary slots which means you can get color values ranging from zero to 255 Which makes 256 Possible values Number 74 SMB3 stationery is available for sale, its design references Super Mario Brothers 3 Number 75 If a male character is given a piece of feminine clothing like a skirt or a dress His running animation will also change to be more feminine Number 76 There is a glitch in New Leaf called the net glitch this glitch allows you to go over train tracks and other forbidden places Number 77 There’s another glitch which allows you to push Isabelle off a cliff But why would you do that? Number 78 Isabelle, Is a bell, Isabelle’s head is supposed to represent a bell bag what has been seen can’t be unseen Number 79 Bananas as well as five other fruits made their debut in Animal Crossing New Leaf, in real life bananas grow upside down and an Animal Crossing they grow hanging down Number 80 The most expensive item in the game is the Royal crown at 1.2 million Bells! Number 81 There is a town that’s named after Japanese horror movies called Aika village that has been visited and reviewed by many on YouTube Number 82 There are 42 different furniture series in New Leaf but Wild World Had 79 Number 83 In Animal Forest there were 32 different species of fish, in Animal Crossing there were 40 with eight more in the Japanese version, Wild world had 56, City Folk has 64, and New Leaf had 72 Number 84 Salmon is the only fish you can find in both the river and the ocean Number 85 Katrina’s tent has various Legend of Zelda references, in the back of her tent you can see a triforce and there are pots that resemble the water jug from Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Number 86 While the initial reading of the fortune is generated on the fly, the actual effects are Decided when the game is loaded not when the fortune is given Number 87 Pascal the otter will give you a piece of pirate furniture if you offer him a scallop After obtaining the diving suit in New Leaf, in other games he would reappear randomly and you had to give him a scallop shell found on the beach Number 88 In New Leaf Kaitlin does not make an appearance in the game But instead Katie does, who is now all grown up and will randomly appear in your town this makes Kaitlin and Champ the two characters to not appear in the series after being in City Folk and Wild World Number 89 If you watch TV early in the morning you may catch a short exercise program This is a real short exercise program And it’s shown every morning in Japan called radio exercise Number 90 The most expensive furniture series in the game is Gracie’s furniture series for all 11 pieces it cost you two million four hundred and thirty six thousand bells Number 91 Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer allows you to customize villagers homes and public spaces Number 92 Happy Home Designer was the best-selling game in Japan in its debut week with five hundred twenty two thousand five hundred fifty six copies sold Number 93 Happy Home Designer will hit the US September 25th 2015. Also available is a bundle pack with a themed New 3DS, in Japan there was a themed 3DS LL Number 94 Amiibo Festival as a New Animal Crossing game is being developed with Mario party like gameplay It will hit the US sometime in Holiday 2015 Number 95 Happy Home Designer is the first game to use amiibo for an animal crossing game for the 3DS Number 96 And Amiibo Festival is the first animal crossing game to use an amiibo for the Wii U Number 97 The composer Kazumi Totaka is the voice of Yoshi Number 98 He also did music for Super Mario Land 2 and Yoshi’s Story Number 99 The 3DS XL that was bundled with Animal Crossing New Leaf has been affectionately dubbed the pop-tart, it often Resells way above retail price Number 100 By opening your towns gates you will no longer run into bees, how cool is that? Number 101 In promotion for the game the official Twitter @animalcrossing was handled by Isabelle. It has since changed to Lottie, a character that will make her first appearance in Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer She is Lyle’s niece and will also have her own amiibo figure Number 102 By using one of two commands you can add either a black and white tone or sepia effect to your mayor card profile picture. During the countdown before the photo is taken hold L for black and white and R for Sepia tone Number 103 Digby is a new character introduced in Animal Crossing New Leaf He is Isabelle’s twin brother, both of their birthdays are on December 20th Number 104 Tom nook, K.K. Slider and Rosie appear on the 2010 Nintendo collector’s edition of Monopoly in the light blue spaces Number 105 According to cranky villagers in Animal Crossing City Folk Saharah’s accent is fake they claim she used to do stand-up comedy at the marquee a new building in City Folk and didn’t have an accent Number 106 Do you know that weird-looking guy, Dr. Shrunk, turns out he’s not a pink human with weird hair He’s an amphibian called an axolotl, another Nintendo character resembling an axolotl Mudkip Number 107 A total of 14 sheep have appeared in the series, so far there have never been any cranky sheep Thank you so much for watching and listening to us babble all about Animal Crossing leave a comment below on what video game we should do 107 facts on next, and in the description you will find our dream addresses if you want to come visit our towns and Remember frederator loves you


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