2 Choose your Text editor for HTML and CSS

Hi. So in this video we’ll take a look at text
editors. To write our code, we are going to need a
text editor. So you can install, if you don’t have a
Text Editor already installed, you can choose one of the options I’m going to show you. And you can use it for any of your coding
practices. So the first one I will look at here is sublime
Text. So sublime text is also the one I will be
using throughout. Sublime Text is free, you can use it for as
long as you want. But I you don’t buy the license it will
usually give you an annoying prompt asking you to activate or buy a license. That may become annoying and you might end
up buying the license. But it is free to use if you don’t mind
the prompt you can just download this and use this and every time the prompt comes up
you just close it. There is a version for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. So you’ll choose yours. I’m on windows so the option that comes
for me is the download for Windows. If you are on Ubuntu or Mac, you’ll see
your version here. So you can click there to download it. Or you can come here and click on download. Download this and install it if you want it,
this is the one that I will be using myself. And then for windows, we have Notepad++ .This
is a good Text editor, it is the one that I mostly learnt how to code. Most of my web Technologies. Notepad plus plus, if you are on windows,
you can try this one. You can use this one, it is fully open source. Only available for windows. So if you want to try it, you can download
it and install it. And then maybe you may want alternatives to
Notepad++. So I did an online search and I found that
the best place to find alternatives for anything is alterniveto.net. So if you go to this link, you will find all
of these alternatives. As you can see some of them are paid, some
of them are open source . So this is premium because, it is free but you can choose to
buy the license. You can see some are open source and some
are commercial. Like that’s commercial. Open source, so just go to this link and try
different ones if you want to. .
So just choose one and install it and you can use it for all your coding practices. Anything else that you will be learning, that
is web related, you can use any of these Text Editors. So that’s the good thing about this, once
you install it, you can use it for any other web language that you will be learning. Whether you will be learning CSS, HTML, PHP,
JavaScript, you can use the same Text Editor. So choose one and install it. In this video we have just looked at some
Text Editors that you can choose to use. Choose one and we will continue in the next
video. See you then.


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