2012 Web Development at Humber College

Laura Mabee: Tonight we are having our portfolio show
so all of the students in our program are having the opportunity to showcase their work to potential employers. Bernie Monette: The Web Development Program is a one year Ontario Post-Graduate certificate. Students who have a Bachelors Degree or
better can enroll in the program and within a year they come out trained as a web developer. Laura Mabee: Before coming to Humber I knew very little web development. I knew HTML, and CSS 3 and that was about it. Now that I have been at Humber I know PHP, ASP, MySQL, Oracle, pretty much all the nine-yards. Dhirendrasinh Rathod: In this course I did three projects, one was my portfolio, one was our hospital website and one was a restaurant website. Bernie Monette: On top of the work that they are
doing, they have to do it well with other people. And the idea behind that is
that by the end of the program they are well versed in the technologies but they are also well versed in how they them selves as individuals can
work at a very high degree in a professional development shop. Oliver Moorhouse: We have had a lot of
success with Humber students in recruiting. Actually most of our employees have had some
contact with Humber in their lives. Dhirendrasinh Rathod: Now I know in-and-out of the web development, how to make websites that works on every device and every browser Laura Mabee: Humber has been a great experience.

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