[#21] Basic Javascript

In this lecture, I’m going to give you a
basic knowledge of JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. It runs on visitors computer. It is the client-site programming language and runs inside browser. Every browser including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera have support for JavaScript. Javascript can be placed in
the body and the head section of an HTML page. This is a very basic example of
JavaScript. Lets add a simple JavaScript code to a Webpage. I will continue with a simple business
Webpage. Let me add some JavaScript to simple business Webpage. Before I add some JavaScript code. I have to fix a closing angle brackets for the link tag. I think we missed it in the previous sections. OK. Let add JavaScript code script. And lets add an alert. let’s say welcome to loso. OK. This JavaScript code with alert a dialogue box on this HTML page. Lets see the result on browser. I will refresh it, do you see welcome to loso This is because of JavaScript. It is very basic about JavaScript. And the purpose…. of this lecture, is to give you a basic
idea to beginners. Thanks

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