24 Hour TRAMPOLINE BOX FORT Challenge! 📦 Fortnite, Beyblade & More!

put a hashtag big arms dude down below guys look how cool is for it looks like
at night what’s going on everyone it’s Papa Jake and we are back with a brand
new video and we need to keep our voices down right now okay everyone just just
cuz Logan is currently outside right now and he is Sun Tanning and I have done
something that uh he’s he’s not gonna like I went ahead and bought up the Papa
Jake BAM a brand new trampoline you guys check this out over there I put up a
brand new trampoline that I thought we could do a 24-hour challenge right now
Logan is currently suntanning yeah I don’t know what he’s doing he’s
just staring out the Sun chilling there but I need to go out there and inform
him that today we are gonna be doing the world’s first 24-hour two-story box for
trampoline and it is gonna be sick what’s going on bro it’s a brand new day
are you’re chilling in this in the Sun you look like you’re getting a lot of
Sun but dude it’s a brand new day and I’ve done something so amazing so epic
you’re gonna be so happy your friends are gonna you gotta come see it man you
see this you’re gonna be like okay I’m glad you use my credit card because it
was legit GQ use my credit card I use the tiniest amount of your credit card
like if the credit card was this big I use this now for it come on come on guys
if you are just tuning into the Papa Jake channel do not forget to smash that
like button see that subscribe button because today Loki we are doing a
24-hour trampoline box for it oh yeah I bought a trampoline Jake how much was
this it was like it was a little over $6,000 and a little under $10,000 Logan
stop spinning water everywhere you’re getting on the trampoline dude we’re
doing a 24-hour trampoline bounce for dude we’ve never gotten to do this
before and it is something that you guys have suggested so many times we convert
a real-life trampoline into a fort and spent 24 hours in it you bought a
trampoline G first you buy a big pool now
trampoline now we can jump from the trampoline into the pool and from the
pool into the trampoline it’s a double upon brilliant so long okay so I’m
thinking guys for this trampoline box for week well we will build both an
underneath area and an above area and survive 24 hours we can bring everything
we want okay so I think what Jake was saying was a two-story trampoline box
for it where we live underneath and we jump up top here during the day and all
the living we want down there during the night and we’ll be safe from raccoons
and guys don’t forget we’re doing a new thing on this channel where if you
subscribe smash the Bell button and you comment Squa then we’ll show you at the
end of each video literally just put these balls away took like an hour we’re
gonna build this thing we need to survive in here for 24 hours okay guys
so underneath here is going to be our living quarters so we have to put
cardboard flooring across everything plus cardboard walls and then when you
come up here to the second storey you got the fun awesome part of the fourth
little crab down here right now but if we get the cardboard in here and light
the area this is gonna be sick Plus this is also like a little transparent so we
can see the stars at night so like Jake said the Sun is setting so we got to
start building Logan we need to build this fort you got to get off the Tramp
we’re gonna have a lot of time on the Trinity Vinci I just realized what
before I get the cardboard I just want to try one thing it’s a back football
our No hello keep in what world was not a good
idea man I will definitely do not try that at home guys let’s go grab the
cardboard and start laying up the floor plan for a two-story box boy Jake I bet
you can’t do it come on I’ll do I’ll show y’all Papa
Jake does it you ready guys who’s jump was better let us know in the comments all right well while you were jumping
around I would head and got us my box of fun stuff for this challenge I thought
it’d be really cool obviously we needed some survival gear cuz we’re surviving
24 hours but we also need some brand new fun stuff fresh off the order like this
way you did not use my credit card give you the sum of your credit card once you
go get the cardboard I’m gonna set this bad boy up and show you how we have fun
all right guys we are under the trampoline and so far I have built the
entire floor it’s looking pretty sweet so far I had to and I’ve done this all
alone Jake Jake what do you that thing this thing is bigger than our house yeah
but it looks really cool front of the board I need a big arms do Oh Jake no the neighbors aren’t gonna
like this when we get out the Madison Bighorns dude come on guys if you like
big arms you put a hashtag big arms do down below I think you can stay right
here and be like a cool asset to the forest where did you even get this
leather your credit card online how much was the $700 no it wasn’t
people you did not spend $700 you let me keep it out front look really cool
what’s up Jake honest serious no we got to build this thing the sun’s going down
okay all right let’s so let’s get back to the box board and start building it
hey guys we’ve been building for a while guys check this out
it is one of the bigger box sports we have ever built it goes all the way
around actually made a really cool pattern it’s like hexagonal but as you
can see Logan’s on the second-story jumping around enjoying himself down
below we haven’t done the door yet but we are gonna put a massive door here and
we’re still not done filling in the floor but you come under that Logan do
not whatever you do jump or this dive is one flaw there can’t be a person jumping
above while you’re down below but check it out we’ve got this massive space of
cardboard we’ll have our beds for tonight’s station everything that we
want to have down here while we’re chilling and we bounce and we bounce and
now we still belong to you guys we still need to go ahead and bring all the stuff
that we’re gonna be chilling with in our 24 hour challenge and also looking I
realized we really gotta hope it doesn’t rain because although it’s really Suites
out the trampoline above us to be see up at the night stars the rain is also
gonna leak through go down on us let’s go finish this part actually turning out
to be a sick for it this one jigs gaming section over there and we got our roof
there is a lot of room in here dude think be able to see them without this
awesome roof that you can see through but also access still a pretty good roof
no raccoons getting through that well we definitely still need lighting and we
need to grab our snacks and stuff that we’re gonna be using for dinner also we
need a door that’s good protect us from the raccoons but because it is getting
dark Logan we head up to the second floor and I
show you some of the cool stuff about why do you keep buying stuff because
it’s fun bro ah I hope none of the stuff that we put
down there gets ruined by us jumping I don’t think it will you can put it
YouTube on the soccer ball man I got us a water pickles was I’ve never seen
before what’s the water P I don’t really I
thought it’d be fun to play with on champagne massive soccer ball so I
thought we could look the water pickle down put it in the water yeah what’s the
high get this thing ready one two three who’s that what is that I also got this
dude so you fight I don’t know why but if we wanted to fight it you just no one
to pop up okay how much it all is cost bro all right brother
you came I came to my trampoline for it and you said you wanted to stay on it
well that’s not cool bro yeah that’s right okay no look my face violence is
never the answer ma’am oh oh no you got back up oh you
got back oh no this guy’s kind of scary the poppers you kick your maloca kick
give him a Logan Kagan down Oh down sorry mister Fadel man but it’s
one thing you need to know about our to soar trampoline it’s that this
trampoline his father will never hurt us again
he wants more all right look well I gotta go get our
ball there’s only one way to get the ball nice I think I mean Jake’s having a lot
of fun all right why don’t we head back under into the fort cuz I think it’s
time for dinner bro we got Jake’s nametag here I guess that goes on Jake’s
been got my nametag over here that’s my bad all right guys we have officially
finished decking out the fort check it out we got our Xbox gaming station
we got a massive light on the trampoline it’s getting really dark but we’ve got
our lighting setup inside the fort so it’s nice and bright pink Jake’s getting
our food right now so he should be here with dinner any minute what’s up Jake oh
oh yeah we’re stop check it out I gotta get in here though it’s getting really
dark out there and I’m scared of raccoons it’s also really buggy like a
lot of mosquitos Jake are they in the fort hopefully no mosquitos can get
through this and or the fort but yeah we got our food we got our fort night we
got our beyblades I think it’s time that you dinner Sun is going down it’s
getting that it’s actually kind of creepy because of how big this is it’s
like the first time no math really safe and small inside of fort this is a
massive massive for it all so there’s no windows to see or the raccoons are but
we are proper for builders which means we eat at the table like proper people
boom buon appetito alright guys dinner is officially
complete now chilling out relaxing inside the fort the only issue with this
fourth the only issue is the fact that as you can see I kind of have to bend
over because but it’s it’s a little too short for me but shorter it would
definitely work Logan’s chillin in his bed I’m Logan is
very fault we also noticed odd there are a lot of
bugs in this board here but because we are done dinner I thought it would be
officially time Logan to have Papa Jake and Logan’s traditional beyblade battle
already know as you guys know I went everyone its back it up that’s not true
Logan has won the last like three battles and that is why today Papa Jake
is reclaiming the championship and take you down load disco party lame-o welcome
to the world championship of beyblades inside a trampoline box board how do you
have so much stuff alright guys I got my orange beyblade / yellow Logan’s got his
oh wow yours is very big okay alright just fine though let’s take down this
giant three two one also guys we ran into a huge problem the Xbox needs a
massive update and we’re so far from the house that we have barely in it any
internet you are doing the 24 hour challenge so we can’t just go in and
update the Xbox but I mean maybe by morning that’s 0% for like 30 minutes so
there’s a blood chance we turn on the Xbox which sucks in three two one oh my god some weird things he’s moving
around close game it is definitely close there’s not a lot of fighting oh oh and
the fighting started Oh whole the battle oh oh think I won by like a second three
two what looks like the series is time next battle will decide it all the
beyblade battle to win them all in three two one go down come in and go for the
attack bro you got this do this for the attack man you know you can do it you
know you can do it take him down take him down
yes yes yes looks like I won again four videos in a
row in the bed now I don’t want to hear about your winning can’t just go in a
bag cuz you lost beyblades I will do we are literally sitting inside a
trampoline box for well why don’t we head upstairs to the second storey and
check out what it’s like hopefully it’s not too scary
it’s so dark it’s like pitch black bro yo check it out you look in here it’s
like all nice and bright and happy I could literally y’all I think I see
something that tree right what’s that think it looks like a head sticking out
of the tree what’s upstairs really quick so everything down below when you jump the door opens yo guys
check this out wait Jake I want to see what it’s like from underneath Oh guys we’re standing on top of the box
war I’ve actually never done this before this is pretty cool get over how cool this is yes it looks
straight up you have a light do we work flashlights we don’t have flashlights
something big get back in the fourth get back in the fourth
you guys get inside I don’t know what Jake was hearing but wait I just heard
something no I just heard something right there quality we’re safe in here
man we’re safe in our disco safe in Europe it’s a bear were not safe in here
Jake you know we have a secure roof we have a secure for it I’m just gonna turn
off the lights and we can go to bed all right guys it is time to shut down the
fort well it has been an extremely long day we’ve jumped on the trampoline we’ve
jumped in the pool we’ve Beyblade it in the trampoline
we’ve kick soccer balls around we defeated evil menaces we even played
with a noodle noodle and we got to meet my new best friend
big arms dude I think it’s time to get cozy under the trampoline guys look how
cool is four it looks like at night I think we leave the disco lights on all
night and it will keep away any raccoons will see this and they’ll be like y’all
those guys are just go partying come on father all right good night guys see you
in the morning guys last night was horrible we woke up
in the middle of the night with torrential downpour we’d to quickly grab
all the electronics get it out of the fort quickly tarp it because we had
water just seeping through the top of the trampoline it was not fun
Logan still asleep least forgot the water off the trampoline kinda sorta
yeah guys yeah that definitely was a rainy night we did not think about pre
tarping or making a roof on this fort I thought it’d be really sweet cuz we
could look up through here and see the stars but at the end of the day we
looked up and I saw water pouring in our faces which was not fun at all Ford
still looks good though what everything’s a little wet but at
least it’s a sunny morning which is nice not a bad way to end the 24 hour
challenge and we still did it which is important but I think if he ever did
this again definitely need a roof and maybe some more towels well before we
end off this video we do want to give a very special give a huge special shout
out to one of my main boys Landon who was part of that he of course
hit on those notification buttons as well as the subscribe button and when
the squad I’m gonna join the squad you gotta join the squad
don’t forget date the subscribe button and the notification button if you guys
want to shout out at the end of our videos but Logan I think this is where
we are gonna end off for today of course this has been Papa Jake and lo squad of
Tron we’ll see you guys next time for another
awesome video


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