3 ways a domain name portfolio can work for you

You’ve already built a website for your business with a great domain name — an essential step in growing your business and reaching your customers online. Did you know you can do more to protect your brand with a portfolio of domains? Here are three ways a domain portfolio can work for you! 1. Make it easy for your website visitors to find you You want to provide the simplest path to your website for visitors. Keep in mind your domain could be misspelled so your portfolio should include domains that use alternative spellings. And don’t worry you don’t need to create a new website for each domain just redirect them to your primary website. Regardless of which one your visitors use they will always find you online! 2. Get creative with branded campaigns and events Try using additional domain names as easy to remember shortcuts for product launches creative campaigns or events. The added promotional value of a unique domain allows you to do just about everything: build a ticket portal an e-commerce page or host a photo gallery. You can also target audiences with keywords that identify your product, service, or location. 3. It’s simple and inexpensive Registering a domain name is really simple to do just search for one that’s available on Choose.ca and register it with a certified Registrar. Some may even offer discounts on bulk domain registrations. It’s a low effort and inexpensive way to protect your brand and get creative with your marketing ideas! That’s all there is to it! Don’t forget to renew your portfolio of domains regularly to keep your brand protection going strong. Find your new .CA domains today!

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