5 How to setup CSS bootstrap in codeigniter 3

hello and welcome to my superfast tutorial, and in this tutorial, i will show you how to install and apply bootstrap. bootstrap is powerful css framework that getting popular because of its compability and responsive. at first, you have to download bootstrap from getbootstrap.com, there is a big button that we always want to click it. just click the button download bootstrap, and this is zip file, we have to extract this file. after we extract this, we can find the distribution folder, and there are three folder contains, css, font, and js. if we click the css folder, and just find bootstrap.css file, i dont use the minified file for this tutorial. just simply you can copy this file. before we include this file, in our project, in the root of your project, you can add one folder, and in my case, i will create one folder called public. inside the public folder, i will make one folder again and it called css. after we create them, in the css folder, i just paste my bootstrap file. just open the header.php and create link for bootstrap. because i have set my baseurl, just simply call the baseurl with echo and find bootstrap path that you just put in. and here we go, we got some error here, it says something wrong with baseurl, but not. we have set baseurl in previous video, there’s no something wrong with it. the solution is, just go to your autoload.php and try to find the autoload helper, because baseurl is configuration if we wanna call it just set the helper with url. and now we go back to browser, and refresh it. here we go, if the font looks good, it means we setup bootstrap corectly. you can also check the path, with right click and view page source, i guess every browser has feature to see the source. here we go, in my path, there’s a bootstrap link, and if we click that link, we can see all the bootstrap source. i’m gonna show you, how cool is bootstrap, you can call css class from bootsrap easily, so you dont have to make css style from scratch. that’s how we setup bootstrap with codeigniter 3. thanks for watching, and subscribe my channel if you wanna see other videos. see you there.


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