5 Reasons You should STOP write CSS and use Sass

sass is a CSS preprocessor and becoming
very popular for years basically you write sass and then compile it to CSS
but what is the benefits in this video we will talk about five reasons you
should stop writing CSS and use sass instead let’s check it out the first reason and perhaps the most
important is you can use variable this alone let you write CSS faster and more
organized for example if you are using the same color code cross your CSS just
set it as variable so you can reuse it anywhere you want and if you want to
change the color just update a variable and it’s done
but for traditional CSS you have to replace all the occurrences on your code
one by one with sass you can write CSS almost like programming language you can
use if-else calculation logics make inline comment or even create a function
this let you write more complex code while still readable and reusable for
other projects while traditional CSS cannot and here’s the reason number two
number three sass is based on CSS syntax so you don’t have to relearn the whole
new language basically sass is a CSS superset so you can even copy your CSS
into sass and it’s working you can switch to use sass right now and get
used to the extra feature little by little
reason number four you can split your sass into a smaller module and imported
when needed it’s let you modularize your code making a lot easier for maintenance
while you can also use import with traditional CSS but each import will
cause an extra HTTP request to your server which is not good the sass import
on the other hand will be compiled and processed into a single CSS file so you
won’t have that problem reason number five we could use inherent
concept in sass for example you have a set of CSS properties that will be used
many times just extend it it’s basically the same concept as Java or C#
this will prevent redundant code improve readability and easier maintenance of
course this is not possible for conventional CSS so these are
reasons why you should give sass a try and if you are looking for a nice build
in sass compiler that you speed up your project check out this tutorial video
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