5 Tips That Land That Tech Job After Coding Bootcamp

Hi my name is David Yang one of the
cofounders of Fullstack Academy and I’m really excited to be here today with
Jackie Ore one of our career success counselors and today we’re gonna over what are gonna go over Jackie we’re gonna go over the five best tips to land your job
after graduating from a coding boot camp what are these tips come from so these
tips come from our own alums and they are a list of the five best things that
help them land their first job so we talked to alums all the time and these
are the five tips that they continuously give us and about how they got their
first job so why don’t you weigh in what’s the first one yeah so the first
one is networking it’s extremely important for you to start thinking
about the people that you know that work in particular industries you’re
interested in while you’re attending a boot camp so that as soon as you
graduate you can let them know that you’re looking for a full time software
engineering role it’s great to tap into the individuals that you know first and
then look into friends of friends and old co-workers and friends of co-workers
and list goes on and you know one thing I really want to emphasize there is to
look at your weak network so many people they say well you know I am networking
I’m like well what have you done and they said well I asked my two friends
and my mom and I said that’s your strong Network right if your mom mom had a job
in tech she would have already given it to you you have to do is that what
Jackie said go out to your where I was your softer network your old
co-workers friends from high school these people a lot of people working in
tech these days all kinds of roles and I guarantee you they’re seeing things all
over their company campus come work in tech we refer your friends referral
bonus so definitely reach out beyond just kind of the people that you’re have
drinks with every Thursday night definitely and then after you reach out
to that immediate Network of yours you can then start reaching out to other
alums and you can start reaching out to senior engineers that you might not know
but you can introduce yourself to them and really be able to showcase your
skills and your passion all right Jackie what’s tip number two so tip number two
is to stay persistent in the job search it can be really frustrating it can
definitely be discouraging at times but you have to stay persistent and you have
to remember why you chose to go down this career path one of my mentors Paul
Graham from Y Combinator he has this great essay called how not to die and we
can link it in the description below but the idea is that you know it’s very easy
to job searches they don’t end in a great boom right well I always tell
students your job search won’t end when the recruiter at Google Facebook Amazon
all point at you and say your job search is over what happens is people just kind
of fizzle out because they lose energy they feel discouraged and so really it’s
about persistence eternally and realizing that you know one of the
things that you gotta do is for and how do you keep going so it’s really
important to I would say read that essay how not to die about finding out things
the systems and processes that help you keep going in the search yeah and with
that it definitely is a balance while you’re in the job search of applying of
talking to people so make sure to take care of yourself and dedicate some time
throughout the week to really follow an interest or a hobby that you have just
to kind of refresh yourself and remind yourself why you’re in this search Oh
tip number three so tip number three is that you should consistently be studying
study study study practice your algorithms practice answering
JavaScript questions practice your behavioral interviewing you have us to
use as resources here and you have your past instructors and you have each other
as well to hold each other accountable and work through different technical
whiteboarding problems you know there’s a lot of commentary right now about the
use of whiteboard or algorithmic questions in the job search process or
the job interview process and I think there’s rightful kinds of criticism for
those but that being said practicing and being good at those kind of questions
will get you over a lot of the hurdles right whether or not asking someone a
whiteboard question on making their own linked list is it good hiring practice
you know that’s a debate but separate of your job search process right just
accept that and focus on those things we give several great resources I think the
book crack in decoding interview something we recommend a lot there’s a
site algo export oh that has a lot of great questions built by one of the
Fullstack students and what’s the other one we like Code Wars. Code Wars, Hacker Rank also has some great questions on and LeetCode is a fan-favorite yeah and
so just give some time your day to practice those it’s important it’ll pay
off when you’re in the room with somebody and they’re saying do this XY
and Z it doesn’t freak you out because look you’re not gonna figure out there
on the spot right because a lot of these algorithms are named after people who
spent their whole life coming up with this
you’re not gonna figure out pathfinding our linked list duplicates in an
interview on a whiteboard with someone you just met all right
tip number four so tip number four is to make sure you’re using all your
resources just like we mentioned a couple things that you can start doing
now definitely don’t be afraid to think of things outside the box of how you
normally would look for jobs give your time to volunteer for conference events
so that people can get to know you in the industry and one thing that you
mentioned before is to give a talk at a local tech meetup event that way you
definitely build up credibility yeah the giving out talks one thing we have
students do it at Fullstack is prepare expertise in the topic
everyone thinks to giving a conference talk is represents the that you’re an
expert in a field for the last 20 years right and maybe the old days and
conferences that’s how it was but you know we work in a very rapidly changing
field there’s constantly new technology new paradigms new ways of thinking about
how to solve problems if you become an expert one of those things you could be
a predominant world expert on a very small topic that people are interested
in right and we know there’s meetups in New York like the nodejs meetup the
react Meetup they’re always looking for new topics and they’re always looking
for first time speakers and so that’s something that we highly recommend to do
and of course let me just think about it you’re framed in a way where you’re not
that predominant expert in one thing and everyone in the room is looking to hire
guaranteed definitely and as you are studying for those phone calls those
technical screenings and eventually the on-site interviews make sure that you
look at websites like Glassdoor make sure that you are looking at company
Twitter pages Facebook pages even their own career site as they have a lot of
great resources there to really tap into what the culture is like and for you to
better tailor your answers blog posts are also great to look into it really
shows that you’ve taken the initiative to see beyond just the job description
and you see yourself as part of that organization’s culture I agree I think
writing is a really important thing people can do about tech
topics and tip number five stay in touch with a coach or someone who can help you
navigate the process so if you can find someone who could if you if there’s
someone in your life who’s helping you a career counselor at Fullstack or
perhaps a mentor in your own life definitely continue to reach out to them
and I would say almost make it a point of practice to every Friday say I’m
gonna email Jackie I’m gonna email my coach at Fullstack about my progress
for this week even if all that all I’m saying is that there is no progress
that’s a way for us to know that we can help you and way for us to know that
you’re doing you know you know how you’re feeling and if and we actually
want to hear the bad things that are happening right of course we love
hearing the good stuff too but if the bad stuff is happening feel free to
reach out let us know how we can help even if you know if only it is
discovering how we might be able to help you so stay in touch I was at that’s tip
number five yeah remember that we’re a soundboard here we’re here to help guide
you if you’ve tried something and it hasn’t been working let’s think about
another another path to finding a connection or to getting in touch with a
certain individual for a coffee chat we are here to be a resource to you alright
so in summary our five tips number one network and network in unconventional
ways beyond just reaching out to your local strong Network to staying persistent in
the job search we do know it gets frustrating you have each other and you
have us to support you three keep studying it’s really important to be
good at this stuff that is viewed as you know hurdles you have to jump over
write those questions whenever use again you might feel this is a waste of your
time but it’s really important to be good at those questions tip number four is to
use all the resources available for you to study for you to practice for you to
be able to network with other individuals and five stay in touch with
someone who can help you if you’re a graduate of Fullstack that means our
career counselors if you’re on doing this on your own that means finally
finding a mentor and just make it it’s more important that you stay persistent
with your the timing of the updates necessarily the content of the updates
so make it a practice once a week once every two weeks reach out to someone who
can help you and let them know how things are going that’s really important
all right well those are our five tips for finding a job after a coding boot
camp straight from the mouths of our successful alums and hope that helps


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