5 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Website’s Optimisation! (Load Speed)

Five ways to quickly improve
your website optimisation.I’m Jon from RACER.Is your website taking a long time to load?Well, guess what, that is killing your business.You can lose 45% of your website visitorsif your website takes more
than four seconds to load.In this video, we’re
gonna tell you five waysyou can quickly improve
your website’s performanceand optimization.If you haven’t done so already,don’t forget to like and share the videoor tag a friend in the comments sectionif you think they can benefitfrom the tips you’re about to hear.Let’s get into it.Number one, image optimisation.Do you know how oftenpeople embed large file-size
.PNG into their website,thinking it’s the right thing to do?Now, imagine how many PNG imagesyou can end up using on a single webpage.The load times will be ridiculously slow.Compression is your friend.Keep file sizes downusing compression tools
like JPG-compression.You can compress the photo downto a fraction of its file-sizebefore any noticeable visual-quality
downgrade can be seen.You also need to have
different size variationsfor different view ports.This means,when someone view’s your
website from a mobile,your website loads a
smaller version of the imagefor them to see.Many pieces of website
development software,such as Webflow,have this built in.But if you need to do it manually,Photoshop has a built-in save for web-featurethat will allow you to exportdifferent aspect ratio file-sizes, easily.Number two, remove inline styling.When carrying out visual designand front-end development to your website,you need to stay clear of inline styling.More is styling, inline styling.With HTML is very easy to affect the wayyour website text is formatteddirectly within the HTML
code of your website.This, however, is very bad practice.The design process can be streamlinedby using cascading style sheets or CSS.This is a code that will
act as a styling parentto your main HTML code and can affectthe way that multiple
pieces of HTML code can lookwithout having to duplicate
the code a vast number of timesin the mainlines of your HTML.Number three, minify CSS sheets.So, unminified CSS contains
a lot of white space.And what is white space?It’s literally spaces
between the written code.Now, these white spaces provide no useother than enabling a
human to read the code.Now, when a computer loads it,it adds more load time to the HTML.So, if you can minify the CSS,that will improve your website load time.Ideally, you’ll be using
a CMS or back-end serverthat’ll have a functionality
for this built-in.Look for an option within your CMSto enable CSS-minification.And if you’re not lucky
enough to have it built-in,you’ll have to do it manually.Now, you can do this by
searching for a CSS minifieronline and pasting your CSS code into it.It’ll take care of the hard work for youand leaving you with the minified code.Number four,host your videos on video-hosting
platforms such as YouTube.Guess what?If you need a video on your website,host it somewhere else, such as YouTube,and simply embed it into
your website through a URL.The platform hosting your videotakes care of the hard work,
loading that video for you.Videos can be enormousand if you have them hosted
directly on your website,on your website’s own server,your load times can take and enormous hit.If you or anyone you knoware still hosting videos in
this way, stop it immediately.Number five, only load
the fonts you need to.If you’ve ever used Google fonts,you know that a font familymay come with 10 different
variations of a single font.Now, imagine, you’re using a main fontand two supporting fonts on your website.If each font comes with a
multiple weight and styles,you may end up downloading
25 to 30 variations,without even realizing it.This is going to take it’s toll
on your website load-speed.So, go through your website and make sureyou’re only loading the fonts
that you need to be loading.Are you actually using that
italicized 900-weight, anyway?If not, go back to Google
fonts and uncheck it.So, there you have it,five things you can go away and look atto improve your website’s
optimisation and performance.For all things RACER,
head over to our websiteat www.racermarketing.co.ukor reach out to us on any of
our social channels, here.And remember,there’s No Risk. Just Reward. Guaranteed.

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