[#7] What Is Web Colors?

In this lecutre, I’m going to give you
a brief about web colors and i will show… you how to choose a pleasing color
scheme. By Wikipedia definition web colors… are colors used to display web
elements on a webpage and methods for… describing and specifying colors. It is very important to choose a good
color combination for a web design. If you choose a good color combination
than user would not be distracted and… they are more likely to stay on your
webpage. Computer screen display colors… by combining red, green and blue. In web, color can be specified in rgb and… hexadecimal format with HTML RGB color values can be specified using this… formula. RGB red, green, blue. Each parameter red, green and blue define the intensity of the color between 0 & 255. RGB values can also be specified using hexadecimal color values. Choosing the right color is very
difficult task but if you follow some… guidelines you can get the right color
scheme. While choosing the color, a designer… should keep in mind the style of
business. The look and feel of websites should be
in sync with color scheme. When it comes… to the number of colors used in web
design, the saying… less is more is a good rule to follow. Too many colors on a website look unprofessional. When choosing web design colors and
pairing them together… think about how the readability will
appear to all visitors. Certain colors… look very different on the web then on a
computer that is because the various… browser register colors a bit
differently and color may vary between… PC and Mac and on different mobile
devices. Depending on the sreen resolution to
avoid any issue, use web smart colors. These are colors that will display
consistently across all monitors and… operating system. I think the best way to find a good color scheme for your web project is… playing and practicing the colors. There are some online tools available
which really help to find the appropriate… color scheme for your project. Let me show you some of them. ok The adobe color tool is the best online
tool for choosing a good color palette. You can play with this color wheel and
it will generate a appropriate color… scheme for you. There are different color
rules, you can choose any of them. But the… best way to choose from already existing
color palette. You can explore the… already existing color palette here. You
can see number of pre-existing color… palette. You can get detail of each color
palette. You can read comments of other designer
and developer and can get better idea… about color palettes. It is a very great tool. You must give it a try while choosing
the color scheme for your project. You can edit the color also. Here, you can find the hexadecimal and
RGB value of each color. For example, if you’re looking for a
corporate color scheme. it will give you some best color
palettes for corporate business. You can see… it here. For example this one.You can also save
it to your library. You can play around… with this… wheel. Or you can get these hexadecimal
values for each color. This is a very good tool. Play around with it while choosing your
color scheme. There are some other online resources
like this one… checkmycolors and this you have to
enter the URL and it will give you the colors for this url. And also this one. Paletton. It has also a wheel. Color wheel. Coor lovers. And colrd. I have added all of these resource links to the
resource file. Please go ahead and check them. That’s it for this lectures. See you next
lecture. Thanks.

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