(mid tempo music) – You know, everyone tries to talk you
out of following your passion. They say if you do the
thing that you love, you’re just gonna end up a starving artist and you’re not gonna make any real money. My name is Roberto Blake. I’m a creative entrepreneur,
YouTuber, and public speaker, but before all of that, I was a freelancer doing graphic design and photography, following my passion,
doing a creative career, and you know why I stopped
listening to those people who kept telling me I was
gonna be a starving artist? I managed to do the things that it took to build a six-figure business, and today, I wanna talk to you
about nine creative careers that are high-paying jobs
that you can have today and cash in on your passion. Today’s video is brought
to you by my friends at Adobe Stock. In my business, I love when
I can support other creators, and I’ve actually bought
thousands of dollars worth of assets from Adobe Stock. Things like stock
photography or infographics, or even motion graphic clips that I use in my YouTube videos, all made my creators just like you. If you become an Adobe Stock
contributor, who knows? Maybe I’ll end up using
one of your pieces of work in my next project, so make sure you check it out, link is in the description down below. So, let’s jump into these nine
high-paying creative careers that you can start today. Number one, photography. Believe it or not, you
can still make good money as a photographer today. In fact, the rise of social media has helped increase
demand for photographers and for photo editors. Now, obviously, you’re
gonna have to invest money in camera equipment, although, I don’t expect you
to juggle GoPros like me, you will have to actually
have a decent camera if you’re gonna be a photographer
and make a living at it. In addition to investing in camera gear, you’re also going to need professional photo editing software. Obviously, I’m gonna recommend
Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom because it’s what I’ve
used for a long time, and it’s what I’m most comfortable with, and I’ve actually done a ton of tutorials here on the channel for
Photoshop and Lightroom, and I plan to do some
more to help you guys out and show you my photo editing workflow. So, you’ll definitely wanna
subscribe and check that out. There are multiple opportunities to make money as a photographer shooting events and doing portraits for a high-end client, such as people in the
medical or legal profession, or working with influencers. You could also do photography
for public speakers and people in industries like real estate, but there’s also a great opportunity for you to make passive
income from your photography by uploading it to Adobe Stock and selling it as a contributor. In another video, I’ll
actually cover some steps that could help you if you’re trying to get
into stock photography. Number two, and this one’s
obvious ’cause I’m a YouTuber, it’s gonna be video editing. I don’t think this one came
as a surprise to many of you, with the growth of online video and platforms like YouTube and Instagram, and the expansion of live streaming. I think that there’s a lot
of opportunity in this, especially for freelancers, but also if you want
traditional employment. Video editing definitely
has increased in demand and I’ve been doing video
editing for a long time, not only for myself, but I used to do a lot of
video editing for clients, and I would get projects that ranged from anywhere from a hundred dollars to do something very simple, or $2,000 to do something
a lot more complicated. Now obviously, you’ll have to have decent hardware and software, but it’s definitely worth it, and you may already have
something that’s good enough at least to do basic video editing for a local business. So, it’s something you
should be thinking about. Number three, graphic design. Those of you watching, who
are more familiar with me, remember that I got my start in corporate as a graphic designer, and later I would go on
to work for an ad agency, and I still think that graphic
design is a great profession that can lend itself well
to give you some form of creative outlet while
making money at it. There are a lot of people
who are skeptical about graphic design, especially
in the freelance community, but ultimately, I think
that it comes down to marketing yourself well, building
a great portfolio of work, and also, understanding
where your strengths lie as a designer. Maybe it’s logo design, maybe it’s print production and layout, or maybe it’s doing high-end
posters and digital art work. Just figure out where you best fit, and what clients are available for you, or what employers are available
for you in this field, and again, you’ll need software. The usual industry standard for this is Adobe InDesign for print layout, Adobe Illustrator for
vector artwork and logos, and of course, Photoshop for photo
manipulation and graphics. Also, consider selling
your graphic design work through templates. I actually sold mine
directly to my audience and made tens of thousands of dollars, but I’ll say the benefit
of building a platform and an audience over a course
of over five or six years. You may not have that kind of time to develop an audience of your own, so I’d recommend uploading to Adobe Stock, so that you can benefit from their traffic as one of the largest websites for stock photography and
graphics in the world. I’m a big fan of making
passive income online. It’s something I talk
about quite a bit actually, and this is just one
opportunity for creatives to take advantage of that. Number four, become a
social media manager. Earlier, I talked about the
idea of growing an audience, and guess what, being
a social media manager is mostly about that. It’s an emerging field, it’s a
little competitive right now, but I think if you have
a diverse skill set, you’ll be alright. It has a lot of growth potential. Actually, most work as
a social media manager can be done remotely. For those of you who wanna work at home and spend more time with your family, this is a great opportunity, and for those of you who might need to do an at home position because of either an
illness or a disability, this is a great opportunity
to have a high-paying career. As a social media manager, you might have to do
some content creation, a little bit of graphic design work, or at least photo editing. Often, you’ll have to do content curation, and come up with a social media strategy to grow an audience within
different platforms. I think this could be a
really good job for you if you’re someone who actually
really enjoys social media, and likes the idea of maybe
doing community management, and supporting that group
that rallies around a brand, or an influencer. The other great thing
about this particular job is you don’t really
need to be a specialist. This is something that is
very suited to a jack or jill of all trades. Number five, film making
and video production. The power of online video has pretty much become undeniable, especially with the rise of social media, and with that in mind, there’s a lot more opportunity
than there used to be for anyone who’s in video
production or film making because anyone who has a
product or service to sell, understands that they can use video to market themselves more effectively, and to close more sales, grow
their business exponentially. This goes beyond platforms like YouTube, and I would encourage you to learn more about live streaming since the ability to do
broadcasts in real time is something that’s available
to a lot more people and you should really
learn how you can develop technical skills around that, and be valuable to people in
the event marketing space, as well as, other local businesses that might have a need for that. A lot of service-based industries are also doing video advertising. So, there’s an opportunity
for you to do production for them as well. There are also passive income
opportunities with video. Obviously, I make passive
income through YouTube videos, but you could also license
your video production through Adobe Stock in the form of selling
things like time lapses, or slow motion video, or drone shots, if you happen to have access
to that kind of equipment. There’s a great opportunity
for passive income when it comes to stock video footage if you can either produce
great time lapses, slow motion videos, or you
can get aerial drone footage. I would highly recommend that
you take advantage of this because anything that you do
that’s high-end like this, especially if it’s in 4K video, is gonna have a high demand and a high price point around it, and it’s not as competitive
as you would think because few people have access to it. Number six, audio editing and podcasting. Audio is one of those really
challenging things to learn, but if you do, it’s something
that is very valuable and is in high demand by clients, even me. In fact, I just outsourced
all the audio editing from my podcast and I’m happy
to take that off my plate and put it in the hands of people who are much more skilled
at it than myself. Being able to do audio mastering, or if you happen to have a studio space where people can record
for their audiobooks or for their podcast can
be very lucrative for you, and it’s something that
I think a lot more people should look into. It’s a very fast, emerging market with people getting
into podcast and voice, and even music. I think that being able to
create background music and audio for people like myself,
who are content creators, could be something that could produce a lot of passive income for you if you do it right. Number seven, web design and development. There are a lot of
people who don’t believe there’s anymore money
to be had in web design with all these content management systems, and automations, AI software, et cetera, but at the end of the day,
if you are creative enough and have diverse skill sets, you can create something that a machine simply can’t compete with. I learned HTML code
when I was 13-years-old back in the days of AOL
and the dial up internet, and then, later in college, I would be introduced to Dreamweaver, and while I don’t like to
code myself today that often, I usually outsource that to freelancers. The thing is, every now and again, I like to jump back into it, and something that I
still think is important is that human touch, the ability to hire somebody that you know is going to
take perfect care with this, and I don’t think that just turning that completely over to machines is something that a lot of
people are comfortable with. So, I think there’s still
a lot of opportunity when it comes to web design development if you find clients that
value attention to detail, and a personal relationship with somebody who can manage this for them. Besides, not everyone’s
gonna wanna do it themselves. They just wanna take it off their plate so they can focus on their business, at least that’s how I think about it. Number eight, animation
and motion graphics. You know, when I was a kid, I actually dreamed of being an animator, but because of the technology of my time and how cost-prohibitive it was, that dream eventually went away, but today, I think that animation, and the ability to do it well, is more accessible than ever. I feel that with programs
like Adobe After Effects, and the Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Character Animate, more people can pursue the
dream of being an animator, and it’s actually really affordable, and with the advancements
we’ve made in hardware, it’s also more affordable and accessible to make sure you have a good
computer that can handle this. It’s not gonna be a
break-the-bank style investment for the most part. Sometimes, when I’m editing
these YouTube videos, I like to break things up
by using motion graphics, or inlays, or stock video footage, and a lot of times, this is something that
I’ll go to Adobe Stock for, and if you are creating
this type of content, there’s an opportunity for
you to make money from it. This could be as simple as transitions, or lower-thirds, or rollovers,
any number of assets, and as somebody who actually uses Adobe Stock pretty regularly, I found that there are a lot
of these available in there, even for free. So, if you’re a content creator
and you’re watching this, maybe you’ll wanna pick those
up to get a feel for it, and if you’re somebody who wants to make these
kind of animations, you’ll see what’s in demand in the market if you check it out. Number nine, I couldn’t leave
this one out of my list, becoming a content creator. Whether you’re gonna do a YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitch, or any
other content platform, there’s a lot of opportunity if you decide to create content for yourself that other people might enjoy, and you can find ways to monetize it, something I’ve talked about a lot here on this YouTube channel. For me, being a content
creator has been amazing, but it’s also given me the opportunity to hire other artists and freelancers, and allow them the opportunity
to create what they love, and cash in on their passion, and it’s something that I’m
very proud of to this day that I’ve been able to help
give people that opportunity, and give them their first
opportunity in many cases. At the end of the day, there’s nothing like
doing the thing you love, and knowing that it can support you. I wanna thank my friends
over at Adobe Stock for supporting this video, but also thank Adobe for just supporting creatives like me, and helping us to do
the things that we love so that we can cash in on our passion, and not be starving artists. Question of the day, what
is your creative passion? And have you figured out
how to cash in on it yet? Why or why not? Let me know in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you. That’s it for this video,
I hope you guys enjoyed it. Like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out the other awesome
stuff here on the channel, and as always, you guys, thanks so very much for watching, and don’t forget, go out there and create
something awesome today. Take care. (mid tempo music)


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