A Day Before Appraisal || The Screen Patti

The red one is mine, blue is your and
yellow is yours. Don’t argue, let’s play. But green…. Oh, hero, let’s play ludo. No dude, its appraisal time.
Better I work. You should too. Let’s take it slow man, no rush. Come! I remember, during my appraisal
time, my wife was pregnant. When my kid was turning two, my
appraisal was supposed to happen. And today my kid is…. Dad, give me 10 bucks? My appraisal till date has never happened. Has the appraisal meeting
ever happened on time? C’mon tell me! Tell me! No right? Come let’s play! Don’t waste my time! Should I write It for you? Should I?
Write it for you? Hello sir Sir, last year I did 507 on sites, 705 offsites,
two of my eyesights, both of these tubelights…. Leave this aside, tell
me what will you have? Tea? No sir Coffee? No, no. Green tea? No sir. Shikanji? No no. Drink some water atleast? I’m good. You’ll have paan? I make
some amazing paan.. Will you eat paan? Hello sir, you’ll eat paan? No. What are you thinking about? Appraisal, right? What’s your salary? Tell me? It’s 20. That’s it? Mine is 25! What?! Yes. He gets 25 to get paan
and I get 20 to get clients. First of all, who is he to
ask me of my salary! Who!? I say that salary discussions
should be banned in office. Strictly. How much are you asking? How much? I mean..what time are you asking for
the files.. I’ll give it to you. Whose report is this? Hi Shalini! Hi handsome! I wanted to speak to you. Now? We’re in office. Let’s talk later. That’ll be too late. You remember the October
project where you said ‘comma’ and I said ‘dot’
and we fought over it. Then I Google-d it and told you that I
was right and it was ‘comma’, remember? We spend so much time togather I would like that credit.
Please. Fuck off. Its appraisal time no. I’ll
wait, till evening, okay? So, got an increment? No. Performance review was horrible. Last month, someone picked up
my boss’ golden expensive pen. Harman, bundle up all
my pending projects. Tomorrow is the appraisal.
I’ll finish them all. I finished them all? No This – when you got jaundice. This – when your dog got jaundice. And this- when you said that
your jaundice got a dog. Yeah fine, anyway, I’m into
smart work and not hard work. Like laughing at the boss’ jokes. Raju, get me tea. *laughs hysterically* Sir, coffee. Sir. You asshole, you’ll fire me?
You’ll fire me?! This is the self evaluation form sir. Chill, I’m with you. This is nonsense. This is all for the tip. What do you think you delivered? I can’t figure what to write. What are you saying…
You’ve done so much for the company. Really? Yeah, you come to office by 11.
Break for lunch at 12. 2 o clock is your stress nap. And I have never seen you go back home. What do you do here by the night? I don’t have any money for rent. And these owners come every
month begging for their money. Therefore, I am sleeping
on your desk these days. Look, your contributions
shouldn’t go unnoticed. Write whatever and all that you’ve done. All of it? All of it. All of it? Yes brother. You wrote it? Stopped drinking during office hours… Flushes the toilet after use… Flushes the toilet before use… Flushes the toilet during use… Okay, on safe side, go and do some bhajan. All of this doesn’t make it. *does bhajan* You’ve to do a lot more. *does namaz* Nikhil sir, let’s go. Okay so you don’t finish any project,
don’t come to office on time- You drink a lot, make excuses, you smoke cigarettes
facing the other building- You use their toilets
and don’t even flush. So this is what it is… You want to say something?
I’m listening… Sir, I’m expecting 95,000 per month.
In hand.

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