A-Player Spotlight with Web Designer, Alyssa

my name is Alyssa Jones and I’m a web
designer an abstrakt marketing group I guess I’ve just always been a fan of
more of the digital side of design I there’s just something more interactive
about a year you’re interacting with people in a different way so that’s kind
of what drew me to Web Design I think where the lead generation meets the
beautiful aspects of design like trying to take the clients idea and to generate
them leads and to get them business but also give them a product that looks
really clean is easy to navigate and I think people underestimate how big that
is for generating leads if the prospect on the clients website has a bad
experience they’re probably not going to click on the buttons we want them to
click on they’re not gonna get to that forum and they’re not gonna fill it out
so we want them to have a good user experience so we can generate that lead
for the client working an abstract is giving me the opportunity to ride my
bike to work like sir that’s my big hobby is riding bikes when
I started working in abstract and living in the city and abstract being in the
city it gave you the opportunity to ride my bike to work which I don’t do all the
time but when I do it definitely makes me really happy I love coming to work to
see my co-workers they’re like a family it’s it’s just a really great
environment to be in we go lunch together we go on walks together I think
that kind of inspires me and makes me feel whole at work having these like
having a good job but also having people that I love working with if I was gonna
tell anybody one thing coming into abstract I would tell them to always
push themselves to grow because you never know where you’re gonna end up

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