Above the Fold: Does it matter in web design?

This is Mikel with Tiny Frog
Technologies. I want to talk a little bit about “above the fold”. A lot of people,
several years ago, there was a huge focus on having – on the homepage especially on the home page of websites – having everything above the fold. And it’s
really challenging because it’s really forcing you to have to cram a lot of
content into a small amount of space or a small amount of real estate. So
fortunately things have changed. Most people, because of use with mobile
devices and tablets, are used to scrolling down. So most websites have the luxury of spreading that content out beneath the fold. That being said, the
higher up the content is, the more viewing it will have and the higher
prioritization it should have. So what I when I think of above the fold nowadays
I think that there should be certain content above the fold. There should be
some really compelling imagery that allows someone to connect with your
website on an emotional level. So usually it’s you know a graphic or an image that
is real powerful in terms of creating an emotional connection. And then I think
that there should be three other things: There should be some content that in a very very brief manner describes what you do. There should be some content in a real brief manner that describes why someone should consider using your
services and your products. And I think there should be one call to action
button that drives them to one of the most important places in your website. I
think all of that content should be above the fold and then beneath that you
can get into more description about your services, who you are, what your team is
like, so forth and so on. So I think “above the fold” is still important but it’s
changed dramatically over the past few years. So if you have any questions about
design in general or what “above the fold” means and what should go above the fold, feel free to contact us. This is Mikel with Tiny Frog Technologies. Thank you.

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