Adobe Illustrator Training – Class 1 – Selection Tool Urdu / Hindi

Assalam Alekum. i am your teacher or you can call me mentor Today I’m starting the first time for you guys adobe Illustrator, Before starting the Adobe Illustrator I want to tell you something The first question is whether Photoshop is better or Illustrator Or Illustrator is better than Photoshop and photoshop is not better well we can not compare there is no competition between both of them because see Both belongs to same company obviously they will not create any type of fights with own softwares so first of all keep in mind that
both are different and unique softwares Photoshop has its own work it is used for photo related works like photoediting etc Illustrator has its own work , it is related with illustration works that is vector illustrations what is vector or rastor i will tell you definetely later In this software that is adobe illustrator but now just understand that this is a type of software where you can make logo designs ,icons and many small arts infact in higher level you can do many things you can design many things from this software now days flat designs are most famous and are in trends Personally i am using adobe illustrator for making apps and i made many apps in illustrator so illustrator has big scope if you learn this then the big advantage of this software is that you can earn money there are many sites where you can earn money online like fiverr i don’t suggest you because less they gave less money 99 designs
there are many sites definitely first of all you have to learn this is the interface of adobe illustrator if you can see this is very close enough to adobe photoshop if you see left side this is known as tool bar in this tool bar there are many tools which you will use time to time for different works and see interface of illustrator is very interesting you can move this things from their respective places and you can also also even place it in their respective positions in the right side
this is not the tool bar
this is called pannels i always recommend to open this two small arrows so that you will get more details of things if it doesn’t irritate you now if you need more screen space then i will suggest you to close this now i am taking a new file now when you will take a new file then it will ask you some things for example about the size of your documents, what is it’s properties i am using illustrator cc 2017 if you are using old vertion then you will almost same types of things definetly so here is some custom sizes this are those sizes which i recently used or if you want to save some own size then you can also save here and here mobile devices are also given you can do work for web also paint , flim and video
art and illustrations so here different differents sizes are given for example post card size are given here if you will come in print
i am taking A4 or letter size if you will see it’s width and height is showing if you do calculations then you can change units here if you take a file inside then also you can change it so now i am taking inches now lets create here in below there are some details i will discuss it later now in this time there is no use of this because you will get confused right , ok right create so here comes a new document in front of me and this is letter size if you watched when i was taking new file file then here there was also one thing artboad if you want multiple pages then so so you can get from here suppose i need two pages or 3 pages or 4 pages when i click create you will get a document where there are 4 pages for now i am closing this now we start from this that is a single page so first of all i will start from tool bar see you have selection tool
the first tool which you have is called selection tool if you see there is a black arrow in adjacent (neighbor) or right there is tool name direct selection tool that is the white arrow before using them i want to tell you you will make some shapes which you will select but first of all one more thing all the tools which you are watching , some of them has a small arrow made below them this arrows shows that it has more tools inside it for example if i click for some time then it will give you this open menu so lets start with this rectangle this tool is a kind of tool which you all used many times even in paint also if you used Microsoft paint then also you made a simple box there this is almost same you can make rectangles here make sure that if u click and release it then it will ask you size i am cancelling it there are two ways click and drag when i will use word “drag” then it means click and pulling mouse and when you will release then that thing will be completed release means slit the mouse button if i click and drag and release see it will give you a rectangle if you want it to make a square for making square you simply don’t have to do anything just from keyboard press shift and then drag it.
if you do anything or go anywhere it will give you only a square there is no problem of size it will give you any size if you make larger or smaller it will give you square only not rectangle i wish square is well known to all of you it is special case of rectangle where all sides are equal that is length=breadth if i click here and release then it will ask me size that is width and height right if i will give width suppose 3 inches and height suppose 4 inches and ok here is your rectangle if i want to give 3 by 3 inches it will make a square for you undo=control + z undo well your second hand will also used many times because many time you have to press control, shift and sometimes alt and sometime all multiple keys of keyboard so i will tell you everything by time to time which key will be pressed ok so now why i came to shape ? because we wanted to see selection tool
i made a small square if you come here that is in selection tool what is the main purpose of selection tool ? as u know this is slection tool so if select it then you will see a something around the box this is called bounding box in this bounding box there are also small boxes it is called resize handles including this i want to tell you some more things ok i want to do zoom this , always keep in mind that zooming objects and increasing it’s size both are different things zooming means that you are not increasing it’s size for zooming we have many options for example here you have a zoom tool if i take zoom tool then we have a magnifying glass symbol which have plus sign i press alt key then the plus sign will convert into minus when i will release it will again show plus sign so i click it will give you larger view of that object other way is that that is most easy way is that to press alt key and rotate your mouse scroll if you rotate it below then it will zoom out if you rotate it up then it will zoom in i maximum used this or second way is press control and spance bar then you will get magnifying class at that time in your screen that is your zoom tool if you are any tool press space bar then you will get hand tool from this tool you can see your artboard by moving them also by here and there always remember you are not moving your object you are moving only your page or artboad so if i select it by selection tool the resize handle which you have, by this you can make it larger or smaller but always remember if you are not pressing any key then you can freely increase or decrease it’s size but if you want it will safe in same proportion and size will increase or decrease so please must press shift so pressing shift it will increase or decrease size proportionally proportionally means the width and height ratio will be same and for example if it will be a rectangle for example like this and if i resize it by pressing shift then it will be in same dimention or proportion and you can increase or decrease it’s size proportionally now i am doing undo that is control + z ( remember it’s shortcut ) alright i am doing it little small the second purpose of selection tool is first purpose or work was seleting objects second was resizing obejects third work was you can move objects where you want you can easily move it fourth purpose is “rotate” if i i am making it little larger if i come little outside the resize handle the your courser will become little tilt and if during this time if i click and move my mouse then it will start rotating now you can rotate it at any angle ok now one thing if i press shift by rotating this object then it will restricted rotate at 45 degree difference so if you want to rotate it 45 degree then press shift if you want to rotate at 90 degree then rotate it more by pressing shift now one more important tip if you select your object and then drag it by pressing alt then it will give you copy of your object now what is the benefit of copy? you can make copy of your object and as you know you can also use the shortcut is control + C (copy) and control + V (paste) the main advantage of this you can drag this wherever you want one more shortcut which i want to tell you which is more interesting control + D control + D, the things which you will do by selection tool it will repeat them for example if i move my object by selection tool like this and if i press control + D now then it will move in same direction and with same angle with same distance it will move it as often i press it please don’t forger by pressing control + D otherwise it will run away ok now if i copy it ok one more thing is also very important if you want to make copy and you want it straight position of that copy then dragging it by pressing alt also press shift by pressing shift it will move straight if i move it down then it will move by maintaining 45 degree
and if will move it more below then it will come vertically below if you want to copy like this then do it as i said control + D is for repeating those objects which is made by selection tool so let me zoom out so you can see and press control + D in this situation this is seleted please don’t do deselect ah press control + D and see what happens it will make further copies of that object right so i select the whole column and take the whole copy by pressing alt and shift then i am pressing control + D see very easily you made a interesting patterns ok alright if you want to select everything then there is a universak shortcut control + A control + A
you can do it anywhere it will select all the objects if you are in any websites or webpage by pressing control + A , it will select all so in the same way in illustrator if you press control + A then it will select all or you can do it by your selection tool like this by dragging it now if you want to select only this part and you can delete , move and anything which you want to do you can so i want that i want to select the last below row and leaving this row i wan to select this row see if i will select this row then the last selected row will be deselected i want to select both of them for example i am selecting it again and by pressing shift , i am dragging this now this and this are selected and the middle is not selected similarly i am selecting by leaving one row now i press delete button then it will delete form your screen this is very simple and very easy this is not tuff , you have to practice little bit i am deleting everything let see what other shapes we have and what we can do with it
for example this is polygon shape that you have And i am making a simple polygon which is hexagon by the way if you see it’s sides if you will click then it will ask you about what is it’s radius and how many sides you want even you can make triangles from here here you can see the field if you click and move your mouse scroll wheel up and down i think scroll wheel means you know
the small wheel in your mouse and the if you move up and down then it’s value will start changing now i am making this in same size after making please take your selection tool and now i zoomed it little bit now i am taking it’s copy ok then zoom out and control + D i selected the whole objects and i also took a copy but without shift beacuse i i want to fit under it like this I am doing undo and taking it again please do it by zooming so you can do it clearly illustrator will allow you 6400 % or this cc version can allow you 64 thousand % zoom it means you can do your work by more clearly by zooming it this cc version can allow you 64 thousand % zoom only in cc this is possible in old version only 6400 % which is also more and enough anyways i selected both the columns now i am again copying this by pressing alt + shift so this can copy perfectly and now i am pressing control + D, see this , so beautiful and good beehive the umbrella of honey that of pattern is made like beehive so so if you want to make it small you can do it now with this i want to telly ou the last thing of this class see in your tool bar here below there are two boxes this is known as fill and this is stroke what is fill ?
that is the color inside your object ok the stroke is outline which you are watching so if you want to change the colour of stroke so simply click on stroke here you will get colours panel if you want then open this panel from here here is swatches
colour which are already there that is already made colours so best thing without confusion is here in stroke double click here you can select any colour from color picker so for example i am giving one gray colour and by double clicking in fill i am giving little light gray ok dark gray ok i am making it little more darker so if you want to change colour of any objects from the bottom then by pressing shift randomly i am selecting different objects i want to colour them red see here the colour pannel let me open it you can select any colour from here so for example i am selecting red colour those objects which i was selected is now is filled by red colour i think this is looking good for now this is first class of course we will make big things i don’t want you to confuse and run away so i am using light hand those who know illustrator i know for them this is boring class for those who don’t know this is actually for them i hope you will support me so i am ending today’s class Insha allah we will move ahead in next class and we will watch Direct selection that is most interesting tool some things i escaped because i want to walk slowly so i can teach you in details i hope you all didn’t mind because it think it was boring class for many peoples but for those who don’t know for them is more than enough for today’s work so i want you to practice it because this is also enough and if you want to ask anyquestion
ask me in comments ask me and i will definitely give answers to you and you if you want the updates of my videos continuously then please subscribe my channel i will teach you many things very soon Thank you


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