Adrienne Raquel Captures Women of Color Through Her Photos | Squarespace Making It

When I moved here, I was just broke as f***. Like I was broke. Presented by Squarespace: Making It with Adrienne Raquel My name is Adrienne Raquel, and I’m a photographer and art director here in New York City. When I was in college, I just knew that
this is what I wanted to do. And I knew that Houston is just not the place to do
that, so I just kind of told my parents like – I’m gonna move to New York. And they were like – with what money? It was a point in time where I was
working my full-time job, and I was there for almost two years. I hated it, you know.
I hated going to work. I was late every day, I just really didn’t give a f***. It
was really a lot of motivation for me to start shooting freelance and just
develop more of an entrepreneurial spirit. Once I quit – and that was probably
the largest risk I think I’ve ever taken – once I really started to put more effort
towards my social media and just towards manifesting what I want and the kind of
things I wanted to do and create, I think that’s when I started to get visibility.
And people were like, okay wait, who is this girl who’s creating all this? When I started capturing women of color I was like oh! This is actually a
little bit more interesting than, you know, the old French girl. It was just
more so just really coming into who I am, and in my blackness, and really embracing that. Women of color have been misrepresented in so many ways. I feel like I can show us in a different light
than what society perceives us as, or what the media puts out. I’ve definitely
had a few experiences where I’ve been on set, or I’ve been doing a
job where someone may underestimate me because I am black photographer, or
that I had to kind of prove my creativity or prove my potential. You
know, it kind of made me question myself. I think that the ability to see things
in a different light and to find beauty in things that people may not always
view as being beautiful, I think that’s what makes photographers, photographers.


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