Algonquin College Interactive Media Design Program

[MUSIC] My name is Adam Jarvis and I teach in
Interactive Media Design. So, a new student coming into the program
will first be impressed by the incredible diversity of subjects that we have to
offer. Everything from video and audio production
and post production to graphic design and
Photoshop and illustrator to then print in digital
layout, in illustrator and in design. And finally the web subjects including
HTML, CSS Javascript and even advanced libraries like Note or
Angular. So our work placement program runs in the
fourth semester. It’s a six-week program comes just before
you graduate. It’s really important to get students out
there and engaged with the industry but more importantly it’s also important to
get the industry to know the student. It’s a really great way for the students
to get a feel for how things are after they’ve been two
years through the program. And it’s a great way for students to get jobs as many of them do,
directly out of the placement. So there are two types of students that
our program is really best suited for. The first type are those who are saying, I
love digital media. I love the web, I love all of these
wonderful things, I just don’t know what it is that I love
best. So it’s a great chance for them to explore all of their skills and
pick what their favorite one is. And the other one is the person who’s
saying, okay, I love this particular thing, I love the
web. I love doing video but they also
understand that they need to know about all the rest of the media
subjects. And then they come in and they say, okay, I can get a really broad base to work
from. [MUSIC]

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