All About Jobs – Episode #2

Ready guys? Hi my name’s Andy this is Meena Hello everyone. Humber, and the show is called All about jobs! At Humber College and we’re with three live students. Your names are And we’re talking about the elevator pitch today. OR as Meena would like to call it, The Credible Introduction. And if we go onto her incredible Linkedin page We have it right here. So tell me about it Meena. What is the Credible Introduction AKA Elevator Pitch? What it is, it’s about introducing yourself credibly in front of anemployer In less than thirty seconds. And we have three criteria, or no four criteria when we Introduce ourselves to an employer, they are… Name Hi Hi, I’m Akshay, I’m a database developer and I’m pursuing IT database development from Humber College and I’m mastered in ORACLE 11g, 12c, PLSQL I’m a very flexible and organized person You gave us all four in one. Right? That’s right. So that was name, what’s the second thing? Specialization What’s your specialization? Hi, I’m specializing in Java Development Mostly Android Development. Excellent, and the third criteria is? Education What’s your education? I’m a computer programmer at Humber College Diploma? Yes Advanced diploma? No. When are you graduating? This April. Thank you. Fourth criteria. Objective. What’s your objective? My objective is to be able to seek a java developer position In a fast growing company and to grow with them. We heard your objective, repeat your objective for us please I’m in database development so I want to work for a company Who will utilize my technical skills and I would give it my best. And your objective. My objective is to find a mobile application development job, where I can further my skills so far that I’ve alredy learned. Great! So that’s it, that’s the elevator pitch but as you like to call it, the credible introduction. Yes, you want the employer to listen not to just hear. And we listened to your guys. Yes. Unfortunately, I’m not an employer. I’m just the director of Continuing Education, Media Studies. Humber College. Humber College. We can’t employ you but we can wish you luck and when you’re employed, you can take us out for lunch. Yeah. Yes, thanks for watching. I’m Andy. I’m Meena. And it’s all about jobs!

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