Android Developer Story: JackThreads

We started as a media
business, and built up a big group of readers who took
the recommendations that we made to heart, and
actually acted upon them. We acquired a small
business called JackThreads, which sort of served as the
supply side to the demand that we were creating
through our content. And we have since
built JackThreads into the fastest-growing men’s
e-commerce business on the web. My name is Ben Lerer. I’m the co-founder of
Thrillist Media Group. When Android was
growing so quickly, we said we need to
give this a real shot. We need to build
something truly native, and we need to work with
the folks at Android to figure out what that’s
supposed to look like. And we’re really happy we did. Since he redesigned
the JackThreads app, we found that 30% of new
sign-ups through Android are actually becoming
daily active users, which is an engagement metric
that’s pretty unparalleled. And not only that,
but our Android users are two times as likely to
sign up as any other platform. We tend to be developing
Android first at this point. And so the two things that
really move the needle for us, one is an ability to
A/B test in real time. What that does is it lets us
focus on engagement, lets us really get into the
data, and make sure that the changes we’re making
to the app are the right ones. A developer console
provides the tools for testing that
you really can’t get on any other platform. We can roll out a
really cool idea we have to part of our
users, see if it works. If it doesn’t, roll back. If it does, go to everyone. And it’s really allowed
us to lead with Android and design wholeheartedly. We’re in 14 international
markets right now. I think there’s a big
opportunity to leverage Google’s tools to
provide a better experience for those markets. One of the biggest pain points
we see in apps is getting users to enter their credit
card information. Having that already
available to our users is a service that is
completely unparalleled. Last year, we grew our Android
sales by just short of 2000%. And over the past
three months, we’ve increased sales by
just short of 500%. So we’re showing really
explosive growth there, and the numbers are
not slowing down.


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