Apple – March Event 2016

[ Typing Sounds ] [ Music ] [ Cheers and Applause ]>>Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Thank you so much
for joining us. Welcome to our Town Hall on
the Infinite Loop Campus. Normally, we don’t spend
a lot of time looking back but yes we are about to
celebrate Apple’s 40th birthday on April 1st. [ Applause ] That video lists some
of the amazing products and epic moments in our history and reminds us just how
many times Apple has changed the world. Recently, we passed
a major milestone that no one could’ve
ever imagined. There are now more than
1 billion Apple devices in use around the world. [ Applause ] This is an incredible milestone
for us and an indicator of how much impact Apple has
on people around the world. Our products are such
an important part of people’s daily lives. And with that, comes a
significant responsibility. So before we get started today,
I’d like to address something that I know is on the minds
of many people this morning. We built the iPhone
for you, our customers, and we know that it is a
deeply personal device. For many of us, the iPhone
is an extension of ourselves. About a month ago, we asked
Americans across the country to join in a conversation. We need to decide as a nation
how much power the government should have over our data
and over our privacy. I’ve been humbled and deeply
grateful for the outpouring of support that we’ve
received from Americans across the country
from all walks of life. We did not expect to be
in this position at odds with our own government,
but we believe strongly that we have a responsibility
to help you protect your data and protect your privacy. We owe it to our customers
and we owe it to our country. This is an issue that
impacts all of us, and we will not shrink
from this responsibility. [ Applause ] Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. OK. So let’s get back to why
you’re here this morning. Because so many people use
our products every day, we understand that we have an
opportunity and a responsibility to impact things for the better. So we want to get started
this morning by talking about two initiatives
where we are working hard to leave the world
better than we found it. We’d like to start with
the environment and I’d like to invite Lisa Jackson up
to tell you what we’re doing to preserve and protect
the environment. Lisa. [ Applause ]>>Thank you. Thanks so much. Well, you know, just like
everything we do at Apple, when we think about
the environment, we think about innovation. You see, we want to change
the world for the better and we think there’s no
greater challenge in the world than our changing climate. Now, the solution is energy
efficiency and renewable energy, and the time for
action is right now. So two years ago, we told
you about our ambitious goal, one that we hope
others will adopt. We told you that our goal was
to be 100% renewable in 100% of our operations worldwide. That’s all of our offices,
all of our retail stores and every single one
of our data centers. So two years later,
how are we doing? Well, currently, 93% of our facilities worldwide
run on renewable energy. [ Applause ] And just last year,
we reached our goal of using 100% renewable
power to power our operations in the United States, as well as
our offices and stores in China. In fact, we’re now
a 100% renewable in 23 countries around
the world. Now, in some places we’re able to purchase renewable
energy right from the grid, from existing sources, but
that’s not always possible, which has led us to some
pretty innovative solutions. In Sichuan Province,
China, we found a way to build a 40-megawatt
solar farm without disturbing
the local population. Yeah. [ Applause ] The innovation is in
building a system that allows for electricity generation
and hay production for the local yak ranchers. That solar project is producing
more than enough electricity to power our 34 retail stores and our 19 offices
in the country. That makes our facilities
there carbon-neutral. In Singapore where there’s not
enough room to put solar panels on the ground, we looked up. Solar arrays on more than
800 rooftops will cover the electricity use of our
offices and our future stores. We’re really proud to be a
100% renewable in Singapore. We’re also really proud
of the fact that 100% of our data centers are powered
by clean sources of energy like the sun, wind and water. Now, think for a second
about what that means. It means every time
you send an iMessage or make a FaceTime video
call or ask Siri a question, you can feel really good about reducing your
impact on the environment. Now, let’s talk about
another way that we’re reducing our impact
on the environment and that’s by protecting forests that produce the paper we use
especially for our packaging. You see, we believe that paper like energy can be a
renewable resource. So we’re proud to announce that
today 99% of our packaging comes from paper that is
recycled or is coming from sustainably
managed forests. [ Applause ] This is especially important
as we continue our move to all paper packaging but
we’re not stopping there. Through our partnership
with The Conversation Fund, we’ve permanently preserved over
36,000 acres of working forests in Maine, in North Carolina
and we’re partnering with World Wildlife Fund to
improve the management of up to 1 million acres in China. You see, our goal is to
add to the world’s supply of responsibly sourced paper
rather than take from it. Now, while we’re focused on
conservation, let me tell you about another way we’re working to preserve our planet’s
resources, and that’s through
reuse and recycling. You see, we worked really hard to make sure our products don’t
end up in places like this, and we think the best way to do
that is to have them be reused. That’s why we design
our products to last, and we’re happy to say that
thanks to their durability, the vast majority of
iPhones that we get back end up being reused, including
the phones we get back from our iPhone upgrade
and trade up programs. But at some point, even our
products need to be recycled. Many recycling systems
today waste much of the materials they
collect, so it can’t be reused. We think it’s time
for a new approach. We put an incredible
amount of energy into designing the best
products in the world and we put that same kind of energy into
thinking about what happens when they can no longer be used. Let me introduce you to a
pretty cool R&D project, we call him Liam.>>The iPhone is the result
of years of innovation but true innovation means
considering what happens to a product at every
stage of its life cycle. Meet Liam. When it’s time, Liam
deconstructs your iPhone. Parts are detected and
removed and separated, so the materials inside those
parts can be repurposed. To rescue cobalt and
lithium from the battery, separate the gold and copper
in the camera, extract silver and platinum from the main
logic board, so the materials in your iPhone can live on. Because in a world
with limited resources, some things can’t be replaced. [ Music ] [ Applause ]>>He is pretty cool, right? There’s no other
machine in the world that can do what Liam can
do, and it was conceived and designed by Apple engineers
right here in California. The things we’ve learned from this project will help
us make even bigger strides in the area of reuse and
recycling as we go forward. As you saw on the video, Liam separates the iPhone
into its components. This allows us to
recover the materials, high quality materials,
and reintroduce them into the global supply, and
that saves natural resources. So that tungsten from the
iPhone alert module can be used to make a precision
cutting tool, and the silver from the motherboard can be
used to, in a solar panel. Now, ultimately, our goal
is to create breakthroughs that allow us to use those
high quality materials in our own products because
reuse and recycling is so important, and that’s
where you can come in. With Apple Renew, you can
recycle your devices easily and quickly in a way
that’s safe for your data and safe for the planet. All you have to do is take
them into an Apple retail store or send them to us for free by
visiting to print a prepaid
mailing label. We’re making great progress
in our environmental efforts but we have a lot more
to do and we promise to keep you updated
along the way. Now back to Tim. Thanks. [ Cheering and Applause ]>>Thank you, Lisa. [ Applause ] Powering Apple on a
100% renewable energy, it is an incredible,
ambitious and bold objective but we are determined to meet it
and we hope others will join us. The second initiative
we’d like to talk about this morning is health. With the launch of
ResearchKit last year, we’ve seen that Apple technology
can have a positive impact on people’s health. And to tell us about some
progress in this area, I’d like to invite
Jeff Williams. Jeff. [ Applause ]>>Last year, we introduced
ResearchKit and our goal was to use technology to solve some of the biggest problems
facing medical research. We wanted to make
it easier for people to participate and
research studies. And we wanted to make it
easier to gather accurate and frequent data from the
devices we’re all already carrying in our hands. So what happened? Virtually overnight,
the research studies that we launched became some of
the largest in history with tens of thousands of people
signing up. Like in this Parkinson’s study which became the largest
Parkinson’s study in history in less than 24 hours. [ Applause ] Studies broke geographical
boundaries. Traditionally, studies
are centered around the research institution
but with ResearchKit, anyone, anywhere can participate. Mount Sinai’s Asthma app
actually discovered asthma triggers from all 50 states. But more important
than any of that, researchers are gaining insights that just weren’t
possible before. Take diabetes. You and I know diabetes
as type 1 and type 2 but Mass General’s study
of type 2 diabetes found that some people respond
completely differently to therapies than others,
supporting the theory that there are actually
subtypes of type 2 diabetes, helping pave the way for precision medicine
for the future. Some of the world’s most
respected institutions have released ResearchKit
studies covering a wide range of diseases and conditions
that affect billions of people around the world. ResearchKit is opening up all
kind of possibilities and I’d like to you show a video
to tell you more about it.>>ResearchKit was
created with the goal of improving medical research. A year later, we’re seeing
app developers, doctors, and even patients
take these ideas and make them more powerful
than we could have ever dreamed.>>We can detect autism
as early as 18 months old but the median age that a
child in US is diagnosed with autism is five years old, so we need a radical
new solution.>>If autism is diagnosed early, it can have significant
benefits for the child. The point of Autism and Beyond
is to help engage parents in a ResearchKit study
but more importantly is to eventually develop a tool
that they can use at home with their child to
screen for autism.>>We show the child videos and
we use the front-facing camera to record the child’s
reaction to these videos, and then we have algorithms
that then can tell us about the child’s emotions
and other behaviors. So we have a chance to
understand child development in a completely new way.>>When you have large
numbers of people participating in a research, their insights into the condition
increase exponentially. With ResearchKit, we’re
getting day by day assessments on how people are doing.>>Parkinson’s, it’s a
disease that slows you down and exercise will
make your feel better, that’s what I’ve come to learn. What I’m trying to do lately is to use the app before I
exercise, and then afterward to see how exercise might
forestall progression of it because it’s not curable at the
moment, at the moment [laughs].>>Now with mPower app,
we’re getting information that can be used to personalize
the care that patients receive.>>If we could bring
research and care together and really bridge that gap, we can help people live
healthier and happier lives.>>I had my first
epileptic seizure when I was three in a half. I always have that fear first
of all in the back of my mind. Am I going to have a
seizure while I’m driving? What if I’m at work
or I’m by myself? How am I going to
handle that situation?>>The EpiWatch app is
the first research app to use the Apple Watch. So those sensors can be used to collect physiologic data
during seizures and we’re using that data to try to
develop a seizure detector.>>The research that they
are doing is exciting because they’re trying
to find a predictor. Having that would be amazing
because I would know, hey, this is going to happen. You have plenty of
time to get to safety. It’s like, OK, I got this.>>This is no longer
just about research. People are using apps to learn
about themselves in a way that they couldn’t before
to create a better life for themselves in terms
of their own health.>>ResearchKit has clearly
transformed research. More importantly, it laid the
foundation to transform care.>>What’s really amazing about an iPhone is you
have it in your pocket. You don’t need any
special equipment. Here is the phone. We can do this science. We can do this medicine
with a phone. [ Music ] [ Applause ]>>You know, when we introduced
ResearchKit, our goal was simply to improve medical research, and we thought our
work was largely done. But what you probably saw in
the film and what became clear to us later is the
very same tools we used to advance medical
research can also be used to help people with their care. Let me give you an example. In the Parkinson’s study,
patients do a test several times with their iPhone like that
simple tap test you saw on the video to assess
their symptom levels. And researchers can
see the symptom level across a range of days. And they can see this
before and after medication. And there were lots of
patients like patients A where you can see that symptom
levels improve post medication. In other words, the
medicine is working. But there were also a lot
of patients like patient B where post medication,
there’s no improvement at all. Their symptom levels
didn’t change. In other words, the
medicine is not working. The patient either
needs a different dose or a different medication or
maybe no medication at all, but today neither the individual
nor the caregiver has this information, and we think
empowering people with data about their health is
incredibly important. So today we’re launching
CareKit. [ Applause ] CareKit is a framework to
build apps that empower people to take a more active
role in their care, and the very first CareKit
app being released today is for Parkinson’s. And it surfaces some of
that valuable information we discussed, so people can start
understanding better what affects their health. And these six leading
institutions will begin using this app with their Parkinson’s
patients immediately, so they can have a more
informed discussion about individualized treatments. Let me give you another example. Surgery. One of the things
physicians tell us is one of the most important
things affecting outcome of surgery is actually what you
do during the recovery process. Yet, we go from being
monitored by a team of highly trained specialist
using leading edge technology to being discharged with
this, a single sheet of paper. This is actually what happens
pretty much across the country. This is your list of things
to do, things not to do, which days you’re
supposed to do them on. And adherence to this is
notoriously very poor. So, using the CareKit
modules, we’ve been working with Texas Medical Center
and they’ve created an app for the phone that got you
through this critical process in a completely different way. It’s got a care card which
is your list of things to do every day in checklist
form, and as you fill them out, the little heart fills
up, it’s really nice. It’s got a symptom and
measurement tracker where you can record
information on your progress. It’s, you can record things
like your temperature to monitor for an infection or you can use
the accelerometer on the iPhone to study the range of motion. And then you can share this
information with your loved ones who can help support you
through this recovery process. And best of all, you can
share this information with your physician who
will take the results of how you’re doing and they
will dynamically update your care plan, so it changes on the
fly, something just not possible with a sheet of paper. Those are just two
examples of CareKit apps. There are others coming and we think the possibilities
here are limitless. Now, a word about privacy,
nothing is more sensitive than your health data. You decide which apps you use and with whom you
share this information. CareKit like ResearchKit
will be open source and it will be available
in April. We have been absolutely humbled
and inspired by the response to ResearchKit and we can’t wait to see what great apps
get created with CareKit. Thank you. Back to Tim. [ Applause ]>>Thank you. It’s amazing that in such
a short period of time that ResearchKit has
had a profound impact on the broad area of medical
research, and our hope is that CareKit can have
the same kind of impact on helping individuals
manage their care. So you’ve seen the latest
important work we have going on the environment and
in the health area, now I’d like to talk
about products and I’ll get started
with the Apple Watch. Since we launched it
less than a year ago, the Apple Watch has become
the top selling smart watch in the world. But most importantly to
us, customers love it. They found that it’s
not just useful but it’s become an essential
part of their daily lives. They love being able to receive
and respond to messages directly from the wrist, as well
as track their activity, manage their calendar,
navigate with maps, and get up-to-the-minute
information on sports scores and news headlines and more. People also love
changing the bands and how it gives the watch
an entirely new look, one that’s appropriate for any
purpose or occasion or season. About a third of our Apple
Watch wearers regularly change their bands. Today, we’re introducing
some brand new colors and a new band that’s made from
a whole different material. Our new woven nylon band. Thank you. [ Applause and Cheering ] Our new woven nylon
band features a unique four-layer construction. It comes in a variety
of vibrant colors. We think it’s going to
be incredibly popular. Also, there’s new sport and
leather bands in all new colors, and there’s a stunning
Space Black Milanese loop that is absolutely beautiful. [ Applause ] We’re really excited about
this new spring line up and we want even more people
to be able to enjoy Apple Watch and what it can do for them. So beginning today, Apple
Watch will start at just 299. [ Applause and Cheering ] That’s our update
on Apple Watch. Now, I’d like to
talk about Apple TV, bringing all new capabilities to the biggest screen
in your house. People are absolutely loving the
new Apple TV with the App Store and the innovative Siri Remote. After the introduction of the
new Apple TV last quarter, we had the largest
sales ever for Apple TV. Now, apps are the
future of television and this transition
is well under way. In just a short period of time since the Apple TV
has been shipping, we have 5,000 apps
on the App Store. There’s amazing content apps
to enjoy all over the world. Like this one from HBO, HBO Now, where you can watch the latest
HBO shows whenever you want, wherever you want. Shows like “Game of
Thrones” and “Veep” and of course “Silicon Valley”. And NCAA March Madness
Live just in time, where you can watch two live
tournament games simultaneously, this is exclusive to Apple TV, and you can also monitor the
scores of the other games and quickly change
between the action. And of course, there’s a
whole bunch of games to pick from like this one
from AG Drive. Now, in addition to great
video content and great games, there’s a wide variety of
other apps on the App Store. Like Solar Walk 2, which
turns your living room into a planetarium, and BrainPOP
which is a great educational app for kids, and GrubHub which you
can order your favorite food and get it delivered
right to your home. This is very key for me. And Cody, you can choose from
the internet’s best workouts, there’s some great ones. This is just a small sample of
what’s available in Apple TV and much more is coming. Now, of course, tvOS
powers the Apple TV. And at the heart of the
Apple TV experience is Siri. With Siri, you can just ask
for something great to watch. Like show me movies
with Kevin Hart. And there it is. Pick your favorite. In looking for a
movie or a TV show, Siri searches the popular
apps so you don’t have to. We’ve added some great
contents app for Siri to search, we’ve got more coming, and we’ll
keep adding more over time. Now, we’ve got some other
great features coming to Apple TV like folders. Now, you can organize your apps in your home screen
just like you want to. [ Applause and Cheering ] And dictation. So you can now use your voice
to enter text on the screen. This includes usernames
and passwords. You’re really going to love it. [ Applause ] Plus Siri for the App Store. So you can ask for
any app that you want or any type of app
that you want. And now, you can access your
entire iCloud Photo Library including live photos
right on your big screen. All of this is available. It’s a free update
beginning today. That’s Apple TV. [ Applause ] Now, I’d like to
talk about iPhone. iPhone is the most loved
smart phone in the world. And today, we’re welcoming a
new member to the iPhone family. And to tell you all about it, I’d like to invite
up Greg Joswiak. Greg? [ Applause ]>>Thanks, Tim. Our customers are loving the
new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and while the vast majority of our customers prefer
this larger display iPhones, we’re here today to talk
about a smaller iPhone. Our four-inch iPhones are
actually an important part of our lineup. Just last year we sold over
30 million four-inch iPhones, that’s a lot of phones,
put it in perspective, it took us about two and a half
years to sell that many iPhones when we first started
from our entire lineup. So why are people
buying four-inch iPhones? Well, there’s two reasons. First, for some people they
simply love smaller phones. They want the most
compact iPhone design. Second, we found that for
a lot of these customers, it’s their first iPhone. Whether they’re switching
from Android or it’s their first smart phone, it’s the first time
they’re experiencing iOS and our hardware and
software integration and our amazing ecosystem. And in some countries like
China, it’s the majority of these customers who it’s
their very first iPhone. So some people asked us,
some people even pleaded us to please keep the four-inch
products in our lineup. Well, today we’re going to
do just that and we’re going to make it a whole lot better. And as you may have heard,
we’re calling it the iPhone SE. [ Applause ] So let me show it to you. So we start with this
beloved aluminum design but we’ve made some beautiful
refinements including this gorgeous rose gold finish. We’ve added matte-chamfered
edges and an inset stainless
steel Apple logo just like the iPhone 6s
but it’s on the inside where the iPhone
SE really shines. It’s got advanced technologies that make this the most
powerful four-inch phone ever. It’s incredibly powerful
which makes it even better to do the things that
iPhone customers want to do including playing the
most graphic intensive games. So at the heart of the iPhone
SE of course is our chips, our amazing Apple A9 chip with its embedded M9
motion coprocessor. This means that the iPhone
SE has the same processing performance as the iPhone 6s which is literally double
the speed of the iPhone 5s. And the iPhone SE also has
the same incredible graphics performance as the iPhone 6s which is three times
faster than the iPhone 5s. And the embedded M9 motion
coprocessor is always on, so it enables all
kinds of features like tracking your
fitness all day but it allows you
to use “hey Siri”. So hands free, you
get to say things like this just — “Hey, Siri. How do you feel about
recycling?”>>I love the Apple
Renew program but Liam really tears me apart. [ Laughter ]>>That’s for Lisa. So even though it has all
these new capabilities and it’s so much more powerful
than the iPhone 5s, the iPhone SE delivers
incredible battery improvements across the board. And of course people love taking
photos with their iPhones more than any other phone or camera. So we wanted to give it our
most advanced camera system. So we’ve given it our incredible
12-megapixel iSight camera with Focus Pixels
and True Tone flash. And we have of course that image
signal processor from the A9 that enables all kinds
of great features like the panorama pictures
up to 63 megapixels but also improvements to
video, slo-mo, time-lapse and of course your photos, which means you can incredible
pictures like this and this. I don’t know what
you’re thinking but that is not Phil Schiller
skateboarding to work. He looks just like him though. And yeah, and the iPhone
SE can capture live photos. So you can take your
still photos and have them come to life. [ Applause ] And our front-facing
FaceTime HD camera, we’d given the Retina Flash. What that means is if you want
to take a selfie in low light, we’re able to drive the display
three times brighter than normal in order to flash the True Tone
flash, so you get a picture like this instead
of the dark selfie. It can even capture 4K video
and just like the iPhone 6s, you can edit up to two
simultaneous streams of 4K video with iMovie right
on the iPhone SE. We’ve also given it great
wireless capabilities. We now have LTE speeds that are
50% faster than the iPhone 5s and we’ve added more LTE bands so you have better
global roaming and of course high fidelity call
quality with voice over LTE. And we’ve given it high
speed WiFi as well 802.11ac, which is three times
faster than the iPhone 5s and high quality WiFi
calling is also supported. Now, it has Touch ID to keep the
contents of your iPhone secure but also quickly
available to you with just a touch
of your finger. And now, you can make easy,
secure and private payments with Apple Pay built in. [ Applause ] So, to do that, we’ve
added an NFC Radio and a secure element
inside of the iPhone SE. And we’ve launched Apple
Pay in these countries and we most recently
rolled it out on China where the response was
absolutely fantastic. We had over three
million cards added in the first 72 hours
alone, absolutely fantastic. And of course, the iPhone
SE meets our really high environmental standards. It is, of course, highly
recyclable aluminum and glass but it’s got other recyclable
components and materials as well which both Lisa and Liam loves. And it’s free from
that naughty list of environmentally
unfriendly materials as well. So as you can see, we’ve
added an incredible array of advanced technologies
to the iPhone SE in its really compact design which makes it the most
powerful four-inch phone ever. It really is an amazing device. So the iPhone SE,
what does it cost? Well, we’re going
to start the price of the iPhone SE at only $399. [ Applause ] Which makes it our most
affordable price we’ve ever introduced a new iPhone at. And we have a higher capacity,
64 gigabyte model for just 499. And if you’re on a two-year
subsidized service contract, you get the iPhone SE for free. But of course we know
installment plans have become incredibly popular, the
iPhone SE now starts at just $17 per month
without a service contract. So the iPhone SE joins our
incredible line up of iPhones with the iPhone 6, 6
Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus. It’s the strongest iPhone
lineup we’ve ever had. We can begin, we’ll
begin taking orders for the iPhone SE this
Thursday, March 24th and it’d be available next
week, so March the 31st. We’ll be shipping first
in these countries but many more will
quickly follow. We’ll be in more than 100
countries by the end of May. So that’s the iPhone SE. [ Applause ] So whether this is
your first iPhone or you just love smaller phones, we think you’re going
to love it. But I got more. Fundamentally important
of course to the iPhone experience is iOS. And iOS is the most advanced
mobile operating system in the world. And of course our
latest version, iOS 9 which was released
this past fall with incredible features
as well as improvements to the foundation of iOS. And iOS 9 today is running on
80% of our active iOS devices. That compares incredibly, favorably with the
latest version of Android also released this
past fall which is running on 2% of their active devices. And for the last couple of
months, we’ve been testing and publicly and previewing
iOS 9.3 which is one of the biggest dot
releases we’ve ever done. And it adds some new
innovations as well improvements to the wide range of apps,
so I’d like to share some of the highlights with you. Let’s start with Night Shift. So studies have shown that
exposure to blue light in the evening can actually
make it harder for you to fall asleep at night. So Night Shift automatically
shifts the colors of the display to the warmer end
of the spectrum which may help you
sleep better at night. So how does that work? Well, when it’s enabled Night
Shift uses your iOS device’s clock as well as its
geolocation to know when it’s sunset
in your location. And then it automatically
shifts the color of that display to the warmer end
of the spectrum which reduces the blue light
which may help you sleep better. It’s a really cool feature, that’s why I’m still
wide awake and alert. Notes. Let’s talk about Notes. Notes is actually one of the
most used apps in the platform. It’s used by literally hundreds
and millions of people every day and customers are loving the
newly redesigned Notes app in iOS 9. Well, today, we’re
adding the ability to further protect your
most personal notes with a passcode or
a fingerprint. [ Applause ] Health. The health app gives
users a quick and easy dashboard with their health and fitness
data and there are already over 2500 apps that provide data
into the health app and we want to make it easier for
customers to find the right apps for their health
and fitness needs. So we’ve added great
app suggestions right into the health app so
you could easily add data to your dashboard. News. We introduced
Apple News with iOS 9 and it’s become the
source of news for over 50 million
active users. And in iOS 9, we want
to make it even faster and more personalized. So we’re adding top
stories to make it easier to track your news on your
iPhone or iPad, and for you, now suggests trending topics
as well as editor’s picks. CarPlay. CarPlay is the safer,
smarter way to use your iPhone in your car, and every major
car brand has committed to integrate CarPlay into
their cars and already more than 100 car models have been
announced with CarPlay support and more and more keep coming. So you can expect to see
this in more and more places. And with iOS 9.3, it would
add even more useful features to CarPlay. For instance, your Apple Music
experience gets better with new and for you, which
provides songs, artists, albums handpicked by experts,
as well as selections based on your own preferences,
and maps gets even better. With the nearby feature which
allows you to find gas, parking, restaurants and more with
just a tap of your finger. Education. iPad with its powerful
features and apps opens up new and more engaging
ways of learning, and with iOS 9.3 using iPads
in the classroom is even easier and more powerful with a preview
of a new suite of software and capabilities that
are designed specifically for students, teachers
and administrators. [ Applause ] So that’s just some of
the highlights of iOS 9.3. We think it’s turned out
really great and it’s going to make the best mobile
experience even better. And it’s available as a free
update for all of you today. That’s iOS 9.3 and iPhone SE. Thank you very much. [ Applause ]>>Thank you. It’s a great update to iOS. I don’t know about you
but I’m looking forward to sleeping better and
I’m incredibly excited about iPhone SE. Many, many customers
have asked for this and I think they’re
really going to love it. Next up is iPad. We believe that iPad is the
perfect expression of the future of personal computing. We took a giant step in
this direction last fall with the introduction of
the 12.9-edged iPad Pro, and since then many
people are telling us that the iPad Pro has become
their primary computing device. We’ve got some exciting
news for you today. And to tell you all about it, I’d like to invite
up Phil Schiller. Phil? [ Applause ]>>Thank you. Good morning, everyone. I couldn’t be more excited
to be the one to be able to tell you all about iPad. Customers really have fallen
in love with the new iPad Pro in the six months that
it’s been on the market. They’re in love with the huge
12.9-inch retina display, all its performance,
all the capabilities, the speaker system,
and the Apple Pencil. That is a true revolutionary
breakthrough. We’re hearing so much from
customers around the world, customers like John Lasseter,
Chief Creative Officer of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios. John had this to
say, “The iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil are the
closest we’ve ever been able to get in the digital world
to actually drawing on paper.” Or Stephen Gates, Head
of Design at Citi. “At Citi, iPad Pro is truly
transforming how we work. Our design team has
incorporated iPad Pro into their daily workflow,
allowing them to create, collaborate and share
ideas in new ways.” And Alex Valdman, Head
of Design at Rapha. “iPad Pro goes with
me everywhere. For everything I do, including
designing the latest cycling collection, it has not
only replaced my laptop but my paper notebook as well.” People love iPad Pro. It is a revolutionary device. And so, that’s why, today, we’re
so excited to introduce you to, for the first time, the second
member of the iPad Pro family. An entirely new iPad Pro based around a 9.7-inch
retina display. And it weighs less
than one pound. It is an iPad Pro
through and through. But why make a second
iPad Pro that’s smaller? Well, there are two
really great reasons. First, we started iPad
with a 9.7-inch display for a very good reason, it’s a
large enough display to get all of your work done, but small
and light enough to carry with you everywhere you go. People have loved the size. And from the beginning, it has remained our
most popular iPad size. In fact, I’m really happy
to tell you that to date, we sold over 200 million
iPads with a 9.7-inch display. So, for all of these
customers, when they learn about the features of
iPad Pro, they’ll all see that it is their
ultimate upgrade. There’s a second group of
people that would love to reach with this new iPad
Pro, Windows users. You may not know this. But the majority of people
come to an iPad Pro are coming from a Windows PC, a
desktop or a notebook. Now, of course, we all know, Windows PCs were originally
conceived off before there was an internet, before
there was social media, before there were app stores. And this is an amazing
statistic. There are over 600
million PCs in use today that are over five years old. This is really sad. [ Laughter ] It really is. These people, yes, could really,
really benefit from an iPad Pro. And when they see the features
and performance and capabilities of a product like the iPad
Pro designed for a modern and digital lifestyle,
well, many of them will find that it’s their ultimate
PC replacement. Best of all, they can get access to all those incredible
apps in the App Store. And we’re so happy to
tell you, there are now over one million apps in the
App Store designed for iPad. And they work beautifully
on iPad Pro. So let me tell you a lot more
about this brand new iPad Pro. First, it has a pro display. It starts with the
same materials used in a 12.9-inch iPad Pro,
an oxide TFT display driven by a custom Apple
timing controller. The custom controller has
a variable refresh rate. So it runs really fast
but power efficient. We use our photo
alignment technology to line the individual crystals so that it has incredible
contrast ratio and sharp text. But there’s so much
more to this display. It is 40% less reflective
than an iPad Air 2. At just 1.8% reflectivity, it is the lowest
reflectivity of any tablet. And if you’re a pro working,
you really appreciate that low reflectivity. And it’s brighter too, 25%
brighter than an iPad Air 2. It puts out 500 nits of light. It makes it the brightest
tablet available. And there’s a very
wide color gamut. It uses the digital
cinema’s spec, DCI P3, which gives it a 25%
greater color saturation than iPad Air 2. In so many ways, this is the
best display we’ve ever built for an iPad. In addition, it supports two
really breakthrough features. The first, you’ve
heard about from Jos. It works with Night Shift. So as the sun goes down,
the brightness dims a bit, the blue light wavelengths
get reduced. And some people find that it
makes it easier to get to sleep. But the second feature is
a breakthrough that’s never appeared on any device before. It’s incredibly innovative. We call that a True
Tone display. A True Tone display measures
the color temperature of ambient light and
adjusts the display to match. I heard an oh out there. Somebody already gets this. This is great. It has two new four-channel
ambient light sensors that measure both brightness
and color temperature. So how does that work? Let’s start with
a piece of paper. Piece of paper reflects light. So when you use it in
different environments, it reflects the color
temperature of the light in that
environment. Our optic nerves were designed to be comfortable
with this experience. If you go into the warm
incandescent light of your home and the paper takes
on a warm tone. But now you use a
digital device. Digital devices emit light. And that light has the same
color temperature no matter where it is. So the color cast isn’t right. It doesn’t match paper white. Well, except now if it’s a
True Tone display, it does. No matter where you use it, it automatically senses the
color temperature of the light and becomes warmer or cooler
and matches paper white and it’s really natural to use. Once you use a display with
this True Tone technology, you never want to go back
to old technology again. It is quite a breakthrough. [ Applause ] Next, it has pro audio system. It’s four speakers
working the stereo system to adjust automatically the
frequencies between highs and lows depending
on how you hold it. It also puts up twice the
audio volume of an iPad Air 2. But best of all, this
has incredible level of performance unlike
any other mobile device. It has our fastest
chip ever, an A9X. This is a third generation
64-bit chip over 3 billion transistors. It’s made with a 3D
FinFET architecture. If you don’t know what that
is, it is unbelievably state of the art and people
are noticing. TechRadar wrote, “iPad Pro
packs powerful enough hardware to be a genuine laptop
replacement, with more than enough
grunt in terms of processor and graphics performance.” And it has a ton of grunt. Twelve cores of graphics
delivering over half a teraflop
of graphics power. That’s more than an Xbox 360
and a device that you hold in the palm of your hands. It’s incredible for gaming. It’s also incredible for
professional applications, modeling, rendering, just
fly on the new iPad Pro. And it’s absolutely
enough performance for their great iOS 9
features from multitasking where you can have apps side
by side and video streaming, and picture in picture. It is an incredibly
powerful chip. It also, as Jos told you, includes our embedded
M9 motion coprocessor. With that, apps that use our
built-in sensors are instantly calibrated and up
and running quickly. It also supports “hey Siri”. I said it that way because I
know it also sets off peoples phones when I do it. This means you can talk to
your iPad and you can ask it to open your mail and
check for new messages. You can talk to your iPad and
ask it to go to website or look up a contact and it can do
it all automatically for you. And the iPad Pro supports a
great line of pro accessories. There’s a smart keyboard
designed specifically for the size at that
9.7-inch retina display. [ Applause ] As you put your iPad on, it just
automatically starts to work and the software adjusts. For example, my favorite
feature, command tabs, I can switch between my
multitasking applications just like on my desktop Mac. And it supports the greatest
accessory Apple has ever made, the Pencil. This is an amazing device. It’s a breakthrough and
people are really falling in love with it. Christopher Phin of
Creative Bloq wrote, “Let me be completely clear, this is the best digital drawing
tool there has ever been.” We couldn’t agree more. It is an amazingly
precise drawing tool. It senses pressure. There’s also a tilt angle
for amazing drawing. And you can draw it just
like you do on paper by putting your hands
on the iPad because of its built-in
palm rejection software. And it recognizes the pencil
as well as your fingertips. So you could use
both simultaneously to advance techniques for your
drawings, your illustrations. People love drawing and
doing illustrations on it. They also like taking
notes on it. It’s an incredible device. There are other pro
accessories as well. A great new line of lightning
adapters, for example, a new lighting SD card
reader that’s incredibly fast and this is a really powerful
accessory, a USB card reader. Sure, it lets you plug in your
camera which many of us do but because it’s
powered you can use a lot of powered USB devices. For example, you can plug in
an ethernet adapter to get on your corporate network. And for those of you who are
podcasters you’re likely to plug in a microphone and do your
podcast right from an iPad Pro. [ Applause ] Customers love taking photos
with their iPads as well. Certainly photos
for personal use but more importantly they can
use the camera for work as well. You can use the camera in
augmented reality apps. You can use it to
scan documents. You can use it to see
constellations in the night sky. There are so many great
uses for that camera. And in the new iPad Pro, we’ve put our most
advanced camera yet. It’s a 12-megapixel iSight
camera with its Focus Pixels, True Tone flash, that amazing
image signal processor built into the A9X allows you
take pictures quickly with amazing color and
low noise, huge panoramas and beautiful live photos. And you can shoot
4K video with it. So right on your iPad
Pro, you shoot 4K video, you can edit multiple streams
right there on the device. There’s a 5-megapixel Facetime
HD camera which is wonderful for doing video conference
calls. And again, the whole
displays of retina flash so you can take great
selfies with you and your friends as well. There are so many new features and innovations packed
into this iPad Pro. Hopefully you see what we do. This is the best upgrade
ever for every iPad owner. And it is the ultimate
PC replacement for all those old
PCs in the world. Like everything we do,
the team works hard to make it environmentally
friendly, mercury-free, LED-backlit display,
arsenic-free display glass, BFR-free, Beryllium-free,
PVC-free and highly recyclable
glass and aluminum. The iPad Pro comes in four
metal finishes, silver, gold, space gray, and for the
first time rose gold as well. [ Applause ] And there are great cases
and covers that you can add. They come in a variety
of beautiful colors. So this is the iPad Pro. With the 9.7-inch retina
display, what will it cost? Well, we’re really excited to offer a 32 gigabyte
iPad Pro for just 599. That’s $200 less expensive
than the 12.9-inch. And hope we can reach a
lot more customers with it. For 128 gigs for 749 and
for the first time ever in iOS device there’s
a configuration now with 256 gigabyte in storage. [ Applause ] Orders begin this
Thursday, March 24th and they also start shipping
next week on the 31st. We are so excited
about this iPad Pro. The team has worked
so hard on it. We really love it and
we’ve created a brief video to tell you just a
little bit more about it. [ Music ]>>Our vision for personal
computing has always been that the most powerful
technology should deliver incredible capability
without the complexity. With the technologies
built into the new iPad Pro and the remarkable apps
that take advantage of them, it delivers a uniquely
intuitive and immersive way to do everything you do. iPad Pro changes the way
people discover, capture, edit, design and produce. At the heart of this
versatility is its performance. The A9X chip was designed
specifically for iPad Pro to provide more power than
most PCs in a thin, light, intuitive device you can
take anywhere with you. The immersive iPad experience
starts with its retina display. Each one is individually
calibrated, so you always see vibrant
color, contrast and clarity. The display on the new 9.7-inch
iPad Pro features a wider color gamut for even more
stunning imagery. It’s also the first iPad
with the True Tone display, which responds and adapts
to the light around you. Four channel ambient life
censors measure the intensity and color temperature
of your environment and then adjusts the
display to match. So what you see on the screen
is more natural looking and easier on your eyes. To complement its vivid display, iPad Pro’s four speaker audio
system produces high fidelity sound that automatically
optimizes the tab volume for whichever way
you’re using it. [ Music ] Apple Pencil delivers an
experience that’s natural, familiar and fluid with
the added versatility of a digital tool. Its advanced sensors
detect pressure and tilt while the touch system
recognizes your hand, fingers and Apple Pencil individually. So, when you rest your
hand on the screen, it ignores input
generated by your palm and forearm letting
you work as freely as you would on a
piece of paper. The smart keyboard was designed
to add even more flexibility. It works seamlessly with iOS 9 to add unique onscreen
shortcuts and commands. [ Music ] The iPad Pro display is
the ultimate view finder for capturing photos and videos. And the 9.7-inch iPad Pro
features the 12-megapixel iSight camera making it a powerful
device to shoot and edit, even 4K video wherever you are. The new iPad Pro gives
everyone the ability to do amazing things. Things you’ve thought
you can do only on a PC and things you’ve
never done before. It’s where we believe
personal computing is going. [ Applause ] So these are all iPad Pros
now on two sizes starting at just 599 the 9.7 and
the 12.9 also now gets that new 256 gigabyte
configuration, so our highest end customers
are going to love that. This is the best lineup we’ve
ever had of iPads by far. It starts with just
an iPad Mini of 269. The iPad Air 2, which used to be our highest end 9.7-inch
iPad is now reduced a $100, to just 399. So a lot of customers
are going to like that. And the iPad Pros
start at just 599. So that’s our news on
iPad, back to you, Tim.>>Thanks, Phil. We think whether you’ve
already have an iPad or whether it’s time for you
to replace that PC laptop, the iPad Pro is an
amazing choice. It allows you to
do so much more. So you’ve seen some incredible
products this morning and some, just some great things
on two initiatives that are very important to us. Like our work to curtail
climate change by powering Apple on a 100% renewable energy, and CareKit transforming the way
individuals manage their health. Cool new bands for Apply Watch
now starting at just 299. A great update for Apple TV
with folders and expanded use of both Siri and dictation. The iPhone SE, the most powerful
four-inch phone ever created. And iPad Pro, so powerful and so
capable, it truly is the future of personal computing. We’re always pushing forward
in innovating and doing things that positively affect
many people. It’s something that Apple has
been doing for over 40 years. This is probably the
last product introduction in the Town Hall that
you’re sitting in today. We’ve had a lot of
important announcements here. It’s a very special place
with lots of memories. The iPod was announced in this
room and so was the App Store. We have lots of great
memories here. Next year, in 2017, we’re
looking forward to moving — [ Applause ] — to our new campus and
our new theater there. And we expect that we’re going
to have many, many opportunities to invite all of you
to join us there. We’re looking forward to moving
and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next 40
years and share it with you. I’d like to thank
everybody for coming. Special thanks to everyone at
Apple who made today possible. Members of the press. We have a hands-on area across
the hall in the piano bar. And so, please go get your
hands on these great products. Thank you very much. [ Applause ]

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