Basic HTML for Web Design : HTML Table Background Color

Now like everything, we can adjust the table
background color, border color, cell color, row color, column color. It’s just a matter
of doing it. And we’re going to start with adjusting the background color for this table.
So we’ll go to our main table, where we have the border turned on, and we’re going to go
ahead. I’m going to get rid of the border, and go ahead and change the background color.
And that’s bgcolor=. And we’ll do a, let’s do a gray. CCCCCC. Like that. So now we’re
not going to have a border, but we should have a white space where the border once was.
We’ll save that. Refresh it. Nope we don’t. So let’s go ahead and add our border back
in. There we go. Now we have a border and a background color.


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