Basic HTML for Web Design : HTML Table Cell Padding

And something that I also failed to go over
was cell padding. And I kind of touched on this in the last one, but cell padding is
like cell spacing, but in reverse. In cell padding, it’s the space between your text
and the words. And so right now, this table, if you look, the words don’t bump all the
way up against the left hand side. Now cell padding is turned to five. If I were to take
that down to zero, save it, and refresh this, look, all my text is bumped right up against
it. Now, I could take it up, you know, you can go as high as you want, I’m going to take
it up to twenty just to show you how cell padding. And this will work vertically as
well as horizontally. So I refresh this. Say we had more content than the word content.
Let’s add a lot more text. Keep adding text. So there’s more content
that would fit in here. So we’ll save that. Refresh it. It’s bumped it up a little bit,
but it’s keeping it away from the top and the bottom as well as the sides.

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