Basic HTML for Web Design : Web Design Border Width

So we just got rid of an image border, but
let’s say that we want to have an image and we want it to be bigger than the standard
one pixel default. Usually when you load an image there is no image border like on this
logo. But it automatically does it when you have a link. But let’s say we had this logo
image and we want to add a border to it. Or, we’ll do the button. Let’s say we want like
a ten pixel border around, which is more than it was before. And so we just go back down
and on this button we have the border set to zero right now, so it doesn’t automatically
do it. But if we added ten instead of zero, right here. Save that, go up here, refresh
it. Now we have a really wide border. And this can go up. You know, we could have a
hundred if we wanted to. Now it’s like a huge border. But I don’t really want that around
my button, so I’m going to go back and I’ll save it for ten for now. And it’s going to
go back down to ten pixels wide.

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