Basic Perspective sketching and Glass Bottle on Newsprint Industrial/Product Design Part 1

my name is Eric Strebel welcome to
another video of mine about industrial design I want to show you a little bit
of basic perspective drawing techniques we’re gonna start out first with one
point perspective one point perspective means we’ve got one perspective point
but all the vanishing lines go to see if our horizon line drawn in the middle of
the page and then all the lines that go from those boxes in the front they all
go to the vanishing point and the middle of the page that I’ve selected here all
the other lines are either horizontal or vertical all the vertical lines are
parallel to each other and all the horizontal lines are horizontal of each
other the only lines that goes somewhere else
other than a horizontal or vertical position by the ones that recede in
space to that vanishing point the two point perspective again I draw horizon
line and in this case I draw two vanishing points one on the right and
one on the left so all my lines that recede off into space
go either to the right or the left vanished
the other lines that I’m drawing here are verticals they are all parallel to
each other since we only have two points in perspective from which the lines can
receive you thus the verticals are parallel so whether the object is
floating above you in space or anchored firmly on the ground as the first object
that I drew the other lines proceeded in space and the verticals stay vertical
and parallel to each other I’m just drawing another example because this one
crosses over the horizon line but the vanishing points remain the same again
the vertical lines are vertical for all the objects now I’m dividing this box in
half with an X across the points and a line that bisects the point where those
two lines meet and then drawing a line from the bottom through that point where
it intersects the side of the cube to draw where the next cube is in
perspective I’ve even drawn in a little human there to show scale the last type
of perspective that I want to focus on and the main type of perspective that I
use when I’m drawing or sketching is three-point perspective so as we started
out with one point to point and progress on to three point you guessed it there’s
a third vanishing point in this case the third vanishing point is off the page
it’s basically inside my belly button or behind me you can see those lines that
I’ve drawn clearly converge to some sort of vanishing point
that’s not drawn on the page it’s well below the page so in this case we’ve got
the standard two vanishing points that we had on the right and the left that
allow the lines that converge to that point and we have a third one that’s not
drawn on the page because it would just be too exaggerated too much of a sort of
a fisheye look would be achieved and it would you wouldn’t get a realistic image
of something you were sketching out it would just be too warped or too skewed
so again here I’m drawing floating brick one and two other ones
that are clearly anchored on the page there’s a couple of rules in three-point
perspective that allow us to do some interesting things let’s say you want to
have two objects that are laying on the same surface or the same table but they
have different orientations to each other how can we apply that inside the
three-point perspective system but we still have a vanishing point and some
points on the right and the left as we add another object and it has a
different orientation than the first object we select a different vanishing
point so in this case this other vanishing point still lies on the same
horizon as the first object does this is key to allowing the object to be viewed
as lying on the same table or the same plane the second
vanishing point for that second object is located somewhere off the page my
lines converge somewhere off the page but still it would be on that horizon
line somewhere to the right so as I flesh out these two squares you can see
they clearly have a sense that they are laying on the same table or laying or
you know occupying the same space or plane it’s believable that they are
lying next to each other just randomly laying there I add a little bit of
shadow to help define the object now I’m gonna do a quick sketch that shows the
wrong thing to do and how you could easily make a mistake
the first vanishing point is drawn off the page here to the right somewhere the
second one off to the left somewhere you can see I’m showing how the lines
converge somewhere to a vanishing point you can see this next object I’m drawing
the vanishing point would be way above the horizon it would be like the object
is tipped up in space clearly does not look like it’s laying down on the table
next to the object on the right I quickly change this by making the
vanishing point on the right for this object more closely match the object on
the right so the vanishing point looks like it’s somewhere on that horizon so
much more believable I just want to quickly summarize when I sketch all my
vanishing points are somewhere off the page you can’t see the horizon line and
you can’t see the vanishing point but I know that they’re there and all those
lines converge to make a nice simple perspective box that’s believable that
allows the user to understand that there’s an object in front of them
represented in drawing of a 3d object now let’s take what we’ve learned and
apply this to something a little bit more real an actual product in this case
I’m going to draw a simple glass bottle I’m drawing some verticals they converge
at the bottom you can see that vanishing point is somewhere through my body
through my bellybutton the right and the left vanishing point is off the page I
have drawn in the horizon line as reference I’ve created this simple box
that this bottle will live inside of I create the box to help me orientate the
object in space here I draw the bottom of the bottle
it’s a cylindrical bottle I’ve drawn in a simple ellipse that touches the four
sides of the square at the bottom and at the top the short axis of the ellipse
heads towards the perspective vanishing point at the bottom of the page or
somewhere behind me by drawing a series of other ellipses freehand to sort of
show the section lines of the bottle I’ve drawn a cap on the bottle at the
top that you can kind of see to make the object a little bit more realistic and
so with some very simple lines I’m able to draw an object inside of a box
quickly and keys here I’m just showing how ellipses work
and how they correlate to the vanishing points off in space the short axis of
the ellipse always goes to one of the vanishing points so here I’m just
marking out how I divide the surface of that square into quarters and then the
points where those segments intersect the side of the box is where the ellipse
touches that’s how you can easily rough in an ellipse and I just show the short
axis of the ellipse how it goes off to the left vanishing point there for the
right wheel and then the wheel on the left would go
off to the vanishing point on the light so this is a quick demo of perspective
and how you can apply it to some basic design sketching if you like the music in this video head
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