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Hey, y’all. Welcome to another
WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton.
… but … you probably already know if you’re
a subscriber to my channel, today’s not Wednesday.
Today is Thursday. Just yesterday I gave a review
about a Theme from Template Monster called Monstroid. I’ve gotten
really great feedback from everybody. One of the things
inside of this incredible theme that I wanted to talk about is
MotoPress. That’s this content editor. We’re going to get into that today.
I’m going to walk you through and give you a very quick overview
of how to use MotoPress. I’m telling you, it’s going to
revolutionize the way that you’re building out your website.
Super simple to use drag-and-drop environment. Monstroid, if you
don’t know what this theme is about yet, I’ll put the link
right here for you. Go check out my review on it. It really is probably
one of the only themes you would ever have to purchase.
It has WooCommerce inside of it. It has some preset total designs
that you can choose from. There are child themes that you
can choose from. Immediately, all the demo content is sitting in
there for you to make all sorts of edits to. And it looks just like
the demo version literally within minutes. And I walk you
through this in this link right here. So be sure to check that out. Now, if you’re interested in purchasing
this, I have the link in the description box below. Be sure to use the code
WEBTEGRITY to get 20% off. Template Monster
was very kind to set that up for us so that y’all can get a little bit
of money off. But, the other thing that you get inside of this
is a premium plug-in called MotoPress. It’s normally $29 [US].
If you’re interested in buying this just by itself, I’ll put the link
in the description box below. Check that out. You can purchase this and put
it inside of any theme out there. In my opinion, it should work.
There might be some theme conflicts, especially if there are
other page builders inside of an existing theme but you could
use this builder … I’m going to use this builder on 2015 which is
a free WordPress theme. Stay with me. Let me show you
exactly what this does. Normally, when you come to
your page, you’re going to see a bunch of nerd code
or just regular text. This is called short codes.
If you’re watching our channel, you understand what short codes
are. They’re typically inside of brackets just like this. And they
cause something to happen, some sort of greater function
to happen inside of your page. Right now what this is doing
is it is saying that it should be in columns. Well, a lot of plug-ins
already do that. They already make you lean on dropping in short
codes. That’s not what MotoPress does. It writes it all for you in a
drag and drop, Wysiwyg environment. You get this page or post which
now comes with this button here that says MotoPress Content Editor.
When you activate this (click on this) it builds the page out for you
and gets you this environment. This says drag objects here (from
the left side over here) just drag them here and begin to build your page.
Or you can choose from one of the pre-defined layouts. I’ll come back
to this toward the end of our tutorial here. But these are just as incredible.
They immediately put in these layouts for you and you just click on them
and move forward. Let’s go ahead and start with something. Let’s add an image, drag and drop it here.
I want the image to be full width across my screen. So I’m going to do that
and just click Set Image. Now you’ve got some options over here. Do you want it to be full, large,
medium, thumbnail. You can have a custom size.
You can link the image. You can have that link open
in a new window. You have alignment things going on here. So, just clicking on that, and then clicking
off of it. That’s all I’ve had to do. There’s my beautiful image. Let’s say now I want to have some
really nice, large text down below it. I’m going to come over here to the
Tee area for text options and grab a title and just drag and drop it
down below. Let’s just say “big text here.” I’m going to click off of it. So there’s some big text. What if I wanted that centered
on the page. I can just double-click and it activates the editor, and
just choose center alignment. And there it is, nice and centered
on the page. You’ll notice though as I was dragging
this over, it gives me an option automatically (you see here) it says
column or as I drag down below it says column there, or drag it here
and do a row, or do an insert. It gives you all sorts of options
here that you can place these things in different areas. Let’s say I just add a second one,
and I didn’t really mean to do that. Well, up here at the top, is delete
object. Clicking that deletes it, removes it from your layout. I know, we’re not impressed
just yet, right? A lot of page builders move like this.
One of the things I love about MotoPress is that is
cleans out your dashboard. Nobody is distracted with other
navigation going on or what options happen here on the right side, typically.
It’s just a clean page for you to play with. Let’s get creative. Let’s go in here and add a paragraph. I’m going to grab this and drag it
down below and make a new row out of it. I’m going to type some
text here. Let’s put a comma, and make this area kind of larger
with more text here. And just for the sake of giving it
more room, I’m just going to duplicate that a little bit and
make it a nice big text area. Now I’ve got some text going
on with big text here and here’s a big picture. What if I wanted
this to be a two-column layout, more like a newspaper scene
(side by side). Let’s see how easy that is. I’m going to grab
another paragraph area here and come here. Notice immediately
it says “column.” Drop it there. I’m going to paste in the text
and make my columns running side-by-side. That’s kind of
impressive, right? What if I wanted a two-thirds, one-third?
Or maybe three or four columns. You just simply continuously
drag and drop, drag and drop. Let’s say on this particular one
right here, I want it to kind of be
two-thirds and one-third,
so I’m going to just slide that over and see how I expand that
out by just grabbing and dragging it over. And now I have more of
a two-third, one-third option here. I love this. It’s so cool.
Let’s get more advanced. Let’s come up here and do a quote
area. Maybe I want a quote between these two. And let’s say,
“Loving me some MotoPress.” Let’s me cap it for them…MotoPress.
And I’ll put my name in there, our company name [WebTegrity].
This is how you spell the coupon code for Template Monster.
“Loving me some MotoPress.” Let’s see what we’ve done here.
I’m going to preview it on the front side of our website.
Remember that we’re using 2015. Here’s our page title.
Here’s our beautiful picture. Here’s our quote pulled out here.
Here’s some big text here, and our two columns. You want to
see if that’s responsive or not. Let’s drag that down and show
you that it is. Let me grab the screen and drag it around.
Hold on. Wait for it. Here you go. Shrinking it down
you are going to see everything gets into a beautiful, singular
line. So it’s fully responsive. Hold on. I don’t really like
how this quote is kind of sitting up against this image.
Let’s see what we can do about improve that. There is something
right her. Space. Grab that option and drag it up and kind of insert
it there. I’m just going to tell it to put 50 pixels in there to kind
of move those apart in there. Let’s go even more advanced.
Don’t be bored yet. Let’s go more advanced. Let’s go do
some tabs. This is super cool. Drag and drop it right here.
It’s going to immediately give you two options for tabs.
The first tab … Let’s open this up and say “Services.” You’re able
to have whatever text you want in there. Maybe we want an
icon to kind of make this really look polished. We can put that
all in there. Just read through all these different options.
You’ll see what all you get to make this look really spectacular.
I’m going to do “About Us” here just so you’ll be able to see.
I’m going to show you an icon we can use. Maybe a person there.
And let’s change that icon to red. Really cool red. And, if you want it
to be active instead of the “Services,” you can start with it being active,
and then you would just click here to continuously add more tabs.
Maybe we add another tab that says something like, “3rd One.”
There’s a 3rd one. And you can put whatever
you want to in there. Fun stuff. Once that’s done, you just click
off of it and it has built it for you. Let’s preview this and see this
on the front side of our website. Scrolling down, here are our tabs:
About Us. 3rd one. There they are. I didn’t have to write any nerd code.
This is doing it for me. If I wanted this higher up, it’s
just a matter of dragging and dropping. You guys, MotoPress is spectacular! It’s endless what you can do with it.
Monstroid. This theme over here has basically built every single page
using this plug-in. So, you can see, that you can do parallax images
behind the scenes, and have some cool fonts hovering over it.
You can see the two-thirds, one-third layout. You can see all the columns
with the pictures in it with the lazy load as it goes here.
All of this has been built using the foundation of MotoPress and
of course the Cherry Framework. Be sure and check that out.
I’m putting links all over this in the description box below. I hope you are just as wowed as I am with it. I’ll see you next WordPress Wednesday. Be sure to subscribe to our channel. Bye bye, y’all.


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