Best ADA website compliance testing tool

AuditGenie! A leader in online ad a
compliance support for businesses. Our one click website testing tool assists
human resource departments, risk management, professionals, law firms, and web developers identify accessibility issues with their websites that could
lead to a potential lawsuit. The Americans with Disability Act or ADA
long ago established a legal standard for the definition of accessibility, with
regard to a disabled person’s ability to access a brick-and-mortar business. Today the Department of Justice and the courts have expanded accessibility to include the Internet. Target stores settlement with a Berkeley college student for six million was a wake-up call for all businesses with an internet presence. So how does this impact you? If you are a business, with an internet presence, you should ensure that your website is compliant, by utilizing our one-click solution. AuditGenie can analyze your entire website for errors that could
become a legal nightmare. Who is AuditGenie? We are your website risk management partner, we help you manage the ADA regulations, and how they apply to your website. So you don’t need a bigger staff, you need It is not the ADA’s responsibility to teach you the law, it is your responsibility to stay informed of the law, and comply. Be proactive and analyze your website today. If you have a website it needs to be accessible to disabled individuals. AuditGenie is your real-time solution for compliance

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