Best VST/plugins electronic music production for beginners // MY TOP 10

what are the best plugins/vsts for the
beginner music producer? in this video my top 10 of the must-have plugins for
music production when you’re starting out my name is Dexter Clark and I do reviews
vlogs and tutorials about DJing and producing music. if you’re new to the
channel make sure you are subscribed and hit that little bell icon so you get
notifications. in this video a top 10 of the best plugins for music production
when you are starting out. it’s my top 10 there are also plugins that didn’t make
it into this top 10. you can find them in the description below. there I will also
put links to plugin websites. not only VST plugins in this video but also AU
plugins for Mac and also of course most of them are cross-platform so also for windows we start this list with a synthesizer
and a pretty popular one at that: Sylenth1 the factory presets are maybe not
the best but you can make your sounds from scratch or change the presets to
your liking or buy preset from Splice for example PRO-R, the reverb plug-in from
fabfilter. it’s not the most famous reverb plugin but it’s a good one.
you can target certain frequencies with a built-in equalizer which is really
handy and what fabfilter is really famous for you can see everything that
is happening then pro-c the compressor from fabfilter
and again you can see everything that is happening. if you have trouble
understanding what a compressor does and what its influence is on the sound the
fabfilter proceeds or guide you can target again certain frequencies even
from an external side chain with a building equaliser and even hear a
preview of that. just plain awesome the quick quack pitch wheel. yeah not a
joke. the company is really called quick-quack this is just a cheap and simple plugin
to pitch up or down. in combination with automation this is ideal for making
risers in buildups it may not be the best sounding plugin but it will do the
job just fine Spire. it’s pretty popular amongst
electronic music producers if you’re scared by all the knobs I have another
alternative in this list. the presets are okay but not superb. if you want to buy
better ones you can buy them from Splice number five on the list is Kick2 and with
Kick you can make kicks this is a pretty inexpensive plugin to shape your kick
any way you like yes even in key with your song. then LFO tool by XFer Records. the low
frequency oscillator tool is mostly used for the pumping effects with four to the
floor beats. but you can do much more with a plugin. if you want to use the
sidechain pumping effect only, then kickstart is an alternative and pretty
popular and easier to use but it has less features. shape the LFO any way you like hey guys sorry to interrupt. but if you
like what you see so far why don’t you consider subscribing. it’s free and fun
and you can join the squad and while you’re at it, also hit that little bell icon, so you get notifications fabfilter is very well represented in
this list and not without a reason this is Pro L the limiter of fabfilter
it’s a pretty simple plugin and probably the most used limiter plug-in on earth
and again you can see everything that is going on with the sound and that’s the
major strength of this plugin then number two on the list of the best
plugins for music production. fabfilter I’m starting to sound like a broken
record this time the pro-q the equalizer of
fabfilter is in one word just brilliant again you see everything what is going
on with the sound. it’s easy to configure user-friendly and very pleasing to the
eye. you can freeze the waveform so you can see in detail what is going on
preview frequencies and even choose the algorithm if you run into unintended
artifacts. it’s just amazing. it’s just that good. stock plugins probably work
just fine but pro-q is just a dream to use the things you absolutely need to know
when you want to become a music producer download my free ebook. the link is in
the description below then the moment we’ve all been waiting
for. number one on the list of the best plugin for music production. serum by XFer
records is a wave table synthesizer. wave table meaning that your waveform
can change over time. the power of serum is amazing. you can do so much, and so
much you can change and create with serum. also this plugin visualizes sound.
so it’s very easy to understand what is going on


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