Biography Solution – JavaScript Basics

Okay. Here’s the object I came up with. We can see that restoring name, role and contacts, as well as, welcome message and skills as the keys in this object. John Doe is the value for name, web developer is the value for role. Notice how there are commas after every value. Inside context, we’re storing an object. We know it’s an object because we see the curly braces here and here. Inside this object, we have a few more keys and a few more values for contact information. After the object, we have a comma then we have our welcome message. And then array for our skills. Inside the array, noted by these square brackets, we see four skills. Then we finish up with bioPic, which is a link to a URL with our image. Notice that after this last value, we don’t have a coma, and then we finish up the object with another curly brace.

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