Blended Stars + Hand Drawn Patterns

– [Kristina] Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another video
at my YouTube channel. Today, I’m going to be using
the shooting stars stencil from Joggles and I’m
gonna be doing a bunch of ink blending and some
doodling with a white gel pen. Starting out by cutting
some white card stock to seven inches by five inches. I didn’t wanna have to deal with the card already being folded while
I’m doing my blending. So eventually, I’ll just adhere this piece to the front of a 5×7 card. I’m taping down that shooting star stencil to my work surface. I also taped down the card stock itself so everything will not move around. I’m using In the Navy, Blue Lagoon, Key Lime, and Black Onyx
inks from Gina K. Designs and I’m going to be blending all of these with some blender brushes. This blender brush is actually
from Picket Fence Studios and I’m going to use the same
brush for all four colors and because I don’t wanna
have to clean it off to switch colors, I’m starting
with the lightest color first which is Key Lime. I blended that in some
different areas over the stars. I want this to have a
very multi-colored look. I don’t want it to blend
from one color to the next in almost in a rainbow fashion. I want it to have
different spots of color. So I brought that Key Lime
in in three different areas and then I came in with
the next darkest shade which is this lighter blue shade, rubbed that in just in
some different areas around the Key Lime area
and I wanted to make sure that I left spots for the In the Navy and also the black shade because I didn’t want it
to have everything used up with these two colors
although I do really love these two colors blended together. When they mix, they create the
most beautiful green shade. Now, I’m taking In the Navy
and I’m blending that in on these other areas. By the way, when I was editing this video, I did speed up the blending by two. So I didn’t speed it up
too much but this blending goes actually very quickly
once you get going. Blending over a stencil is one of my most favorite techniques to do with stencils and it’s
one of those wow techniques that looks awesome no matter how you do it or almost with whatever colors you use. So now I’m going to
switch to that black shade and I’m only going to need the black shade in a few different spots. I don’t need it like all over, I just want it to add some more depth to some different areas. So I’m making sure I’m adding that black to the biggest areas of navy shade. I wanna break it up so it’s
not just all that black color and as I’m doing this, I’m making sure that I am blending next to each color but also I want a really smooth blend so I’m making sure that I don’t
jostle the stencil too much. I’m just being pretty, pretty careful as I’m doing all of this blending. Now, I’m going to lift up the stencil and it reveals the clean area underneath and I think it just looks
so sharp and so, so cool. So next, I came in with a white gel pen and added some just doodling
areas on all of these stars and I did a few different patterns. I started with this
really simple polka dot and then I did a pinstripe,
just very thin stripes, and I just took my time
building across this star, making sure those the stripes are all parallel with each other. This is the one that’s the
most doodle-esqe, I guess. The one that’s most like an image. I did some little branches with leaves and I thought I might leave
it with only half of it done but then I did eventually go back and finish off those branches. I did some open circles and
I did more of those dots. And on this next one, I’m doing an outline around the outer inner edge of the star and I did this same decoration technique on a few different stars because I wanted to have those lines. On this one, I did a very
much more wide stripe and then I turned my card stock
and went the other direction so it became a grid pattern. So I’m doing really,
really simple patterns, nothing too elaborate. This next one, I made my own plaid. I went one direction and then turned it and went the other direction
making sure it have a couple of those stripes be closer together so it looks more like plaid so I added those other directions. For this next one, I did
some really large polka dots, not super big but larger
than the other polka dots that I did before and then
I added some more stripes. So I did repeat these patterns
over and over quite a bit. This last area, I did
that outline of the star and then decided to fill it in so it had a full white
star on the interior. So the basic background
is completely finished. Now, I’m going to work on the greeting. I’m using the Thanks frame
guide from Simon Says Stamp. I’ve used this die set quite a bit over the last few months. I love it, it’s one of
those do-it-all greetings. It’s great for covering
backgrounds or anything like that. So I cut the background area out of black and then the actual thanks
words on the frame out of white and then I adhered them. And I did that by doing some
dabs of Gina K. Connect Glue on the back of each piece
and I dabbed the paper onto some scratch paper to
get rid of any excess glue that might blob out. I put the negative area inside that frame and this is going to give
me the perfect positioning for the actual word so
it’s nice and centered within that frame. So I put those dots of adhesive, dabbed it off on that card stock, and then placed it puzzle piece style into that negative area. And I just grabbed a craft pick just to pick up that negative
piece and pull it back out. Now, this piece had no adhesive on it. It was just placed in there. Now, I’m going to prep the card base and I’m just putting my blended piece directly on top of the card base. I created another card out
of that same card stock so it’s 5×7 folded and then
I used a Xyron Mega Runner to put adhesive on the
back of my blended piece. I’m gonna take some foam
tape or foam adhesive and put that on the back of my thanks area and then I’m going to use a T-square ruler just to make sure I get this
greeting on here perfectly so I’ve got that ruler on there and then I placed my
thanks piece over the top. That’s the card for toda. Super easy stencil ink blended card. I love adding in all those details with the different patterns and all the bit of that doodling. It’s great way to personalize this pattern of shooting
stars coming down. Thanks so much for watching today’s video. I appreciate it when you guys tune in and I’m gonna have three more
videos for you to check out right here on screen. if you have any questions about what I’ve used
in today’s card video, just as before in all my other videos, I’ve got everything listed down below in the video description and if you are new here, welcome. You can subscribe and make sure you hit that notification bell so
you never miss a video again. Thanks so much and I’ll
catch you guys next time.

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