Bluehost Web Hosting REVIEW for WordPress Websites (2019)

– [Otto] Are you looking to build a website on a budget? Anyone can make a beautiful
website using WordPress. To start using WordPress, you’ll need web hosting and in this video, we’ll be reviewing Bluehost, which is one of the most popular WordPress web hosting companies. We’ll compare Bluehost to the competition based on price, performance and features. Then we’ll choose which plan is the best overall value for your needs. Finally, we’ll show you how to start building that beautiful WordPress website today using Bluehost. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) Hey, Otto here from your one stop shop for
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page to see current and future giveaways and also be subscribed to be notified of every future giveaway. So in today’s video, we’re looking at Bluehost which is one of the most popular WordPress web hosting companies. Now web hosting is essential to creating a WordPress website because although WordPress is a free open source software, you need web hosting and a domain name to get your website live on the internet so
other people can see it. Luckily with Bluehost, you actually get your domain name for free so you get a free website name. If you’d like to check to see if your website name is available, make sure to check out our domain checker tool right here, which is actually provided by Bluehost. Here you can see if your desired website name or .com, .co, .org, . net or multiple other domain name extensions are available. If it’s available, then you can sign up for Bluehost and start building your website with your desired website name. Now when it comes to reviewing a WordPress web host, the first place that we should consult
with is which is the official website for the WordPress platform. Right now we’re on which is their official WordPress web hosting recommendations and as you can see here, there are three companies of which Bluehost is the first one to pop up. The three WordPress recommended web hosts are Bluehost, Dreamhost and Siteground. These three web hosts are officially recommended by WordPress which means that they are going to maintain the highest level of compatibility and compliance with
the WordPress software. This is a really good sign if you want to create a WordPress website, generally you want to stick with one of these three. Now we’re gonna compare price performance and features amongst these three and the other top most
popular WordPress web hosts. So the first category we’re
gonna look at is price and we’ve actually
created this infographic, which has three different pricing tiers so you get a general
sense of where Bluehost stands when it comes to the competitors. As you can see here in tier three, this is generally the least expensive web hosting companies and as you can see, Bluehost is actually right in the middle between
Hostgator and Dreamhost. Now Bluehost starts at $2.95 a month, which is one of the cheapest prices when it comes to web hosting. The only two web hosts that are cheaper are Hostgator and Dreamhost. Now remember that only Bluehost, Dreamhost and Siteground are official WordPress recommended web host,
so Hostgator although being the cheapest is not officially recommended by WordPress. Now Dreamhost does start at $2.59 a month however, it does not
include a business email. If you were to have a business email which is your name at
your website this would cost an additional fee bringing the total cost
up to $4.26 a month whereas with Bluehost, you actually get the business email included for free in that $2.95 per month price. Now in tier two, we have
Siteground and GoDaddy. So Siteground starts at $3.95 a month, however it does not come
with a free domain name which will cost $15.95 a year or $1.32 a month. When you sign up with Bluehost you get a free domain included for one year. GoDaddy starts at $6.99 a month, which is on the more pricier side compared to the official WordPress recommended web hosts. In tier one we have the most expensive WordPress hosting in Kinsta and WP engine. WP engine starts at $29 a month and Kinsta starts at $30 a month. Now these are in another category when it comes to hosting and we’ll see that when it comes to comparing the performance. So essentially you get what you pay for. One important note is if you’re interested in signing up with any of
these web hosting companies, the pricing shown here reflects our special partnership pricing that may save you up to 33% off or more. If you’d like to take advantage of our special partnership discounts, we do have links in the
video description below and also on the if you visit web hosting or discounts on the top navigation. Now these links will
never add to your costs and they can only save you money and in return Website Helper does receive a commission which allows us to keep creating high quality content without having to use pop ups and annoying ads on our website for life. The next category, we’re going to look at is performance. Again we have three tiers of performance, ranging from the fastest performance in tier one to average
performance in tier three. As you can see Bluehost is right here in the middle in tier two which offers fast performance. And these are official WordPress recommended web hosts, they use SSDs which are solid-state
drives for faster speeds. If anyone’s familiar with having an SSD in your computer or laptop versus the old school hard
drives, you would attest to the performance
increase in using an SSD. It’s the same thing when we’re talking about computer servers and this is exactly what Bluehost and Siteground use for the servers that their customers use. And these two web hosts are optimized for WordPress specifically, as you saw with the official WordPress recommended web hosting list which
includes both Siteground and Bluehost. Now tier three is average performance. This is typical shared hosting with multiple customers per server and most of these are not WordPress recommended except for Dreamhost. And the prices for these can vary from cheap to the most expensive. So again, you generally
get what you pay for when it comes to web hosting and Hostgator being the
cheapest web hosting is also here on tier three when it comes to the performance. Now look on the right
hand side to tier one, which is the fastest possible performance, this is actually known as managed hosting using cloud computing, generally via Google Cloud Platform or GCP. That’s the reason why this is the most expensive starting at
29 to $30 a month on average. Now managed hosting is quite different from the shared hosting
featured in tiers two and three, managed hosting is when you have an actual technician who’s optimizing a specific server, they use caching and also a CDN or content delivery network to ensure that you get
the fastest performance and also the strongest security when it comes to your WordPress website and you don’t have to worry about managing anything because they manage it for you, which is where they get the term managed hosting. So this gives you extra peace of mind but again you will have to pay a premium to get that peace of mind and the highest level of
performance and security. Now you can do a lot of
the things such as caching and a CDN plugin with Bluehost or Siteground as well
or really any web hosts but your raw speed is gonna be determined by the quality of the servers so using SSDs for Bluehost and Siteground actually helps to increase that baseline performance and you can always optimize it by doing your own caching plugin and also your own CDN or content delivery network, which we do share how to do on If you don’t wanna deal with any of those things then using a managed hosting such as WP engine or Kinsta is probably going to be your best bet. So here we are on Bluehost website and we’re actually gonna look at the pricing plans to figure out what has the best value based on features and for your overall needs. So we’re just gonna go into hosting right here for WordPress
hosting on Bluehost website and we’ll scroll down and you can see the different plans below. Now there’s $2.65 a month, price is actually special based on Black Friday, which is
happening right now. Our typical partnership link will still save you a substantial amount and the usual price is $2.95 a month. Normally the price is $7.99 a month so either way, you’re saving a ton of money when you use
our partnership link. Now we have three plans right here and first, we’re gonna
look at the basic plan, which allows you to create one website. You get a free SSL certificate, which is how you get this lock right here and you can actually learn how to secure your website on Website
Helper after this tutorial but this is actually a very key feature because you wanna make sure that your website has this lock so that visitors can see that you have a secured website that’s encrypted and they don’t wanna see
that not secure error for people who do not
have an SSL certificate. You get 50 gigabytes of SSD storage, again that’s solid-state drive, make sure that your servers has the fastest performance
possible when it comes to the hard drive. You get a free domain for one year, which as we saw with Siteground, you don’t get that which
is a $15.95 a year bonus. And then you get five parked domains, which means you can
have five website names that you can have on a single account. And you even get a $200 marketing credit for running some Microsoft ads or some Google ads on your new account. Now for people who are on a budget to create one website for just $2.65 a month is a fantastic value. It’s one of the lowest
price, least expensive web hosting companies out there and again, it’s an official WordPress recommended web host and the performance is right between the highest level of managed web hosting and then the average web hosting companies which have average speeds and performance. Next let’s look at the plus plan which is right here in the middle. This one cost $4.95 a month, it’s normally $10.99 a month. Now the biggest feature of the plus plan versus the basic plan is you get to create unlimited websites. Yep, that’s unlimited
websites for just $2 extra. And if this wasn’t Black Friday, then this would be $2.95 a month so it’d be exactly $2 more
on average on a normal day. So the biggest difference here is unlimited websites really means that you can create a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh website for just a couple of dollars
more than the basic plan. And this right here is a fantastic option because for most beginners when you create your first website, you’re gonna come up with other ideas perhaps another domain name, perhaps another niche or a different market that you’re going to explore so having the freedom of being able to create a second or a third website for the same low monthly cost is really a great, great feature. Now in addition to the unlimited websites, you also get unmetered SSD storage which essentially means you get unlimited storage on your website. You get unlimited park domain so whatever website
names you come up with, you can actually park them on your account without having to create a website. But if you do want to create a website, it’s also free if you wanna turn that domain into an actual website. You get the $200 marketing credit just like with a basic plan and in addition, you get a free 30 day trial of office 365 mailbox. Now if we look at the
third plan right here, one thing that’s interesting is that choice plus is actually the same exact price as the plus plan. Normally it’s $14.99 a month, which is $4 more than the plus plan on average but because of the special pricing, it’s actually the same exact price as the plus plan. Now in addition to all the features that the plus plan has,
namely unlimited websites, free SSL, unmetered SSD storage and the free domain for one year, you actually also get
code guard basic backup, which allows you to backup your website very easily gives you some peace of mind so that you can easily
restore your website if anything were to happen to it. And again you do get that
$200 marketing credit and the office 365 mailbox
free trial for 30 days. So between these plans, I would recommend the basic plan for beginners who are on a complete tight budget and you just want to create one website and you don’t have plans to create a second or a third website. This is a perfect option for beginners and you can always upgrade in the future although it will be at these prices here rather than the introductory prices. In the beginning when
you’re choosing a plan, these introductory pricing offers are only available to
people who are new customers and this is only gonna be available to you the first time. If you want to upgrade from basic to let’s say choice plus, it would actually go from just being $2.65 a month today to actually being $14.99 every single month. So it’s better if you wanna get the choice plus plan to go with the introductory pricing now and take advantage to lock in that rate. Now once you’ve chosen the plan, they’ll ask you to set
up your domain name. You actually get this
for free for one year when you sign up with Bluehost. Now for most people, you would create a new domain, this is your website name. This is your .com, .net, .org, . co so you would create a
brand new website name and you’d see if it’s available right here in this box. Again another way you can check for an available domain or website name is go to our domain checker tool here at so
you can check at anytime, if you come up with new domain names or website names, you can check to see if they’re available. Once you find a website domain name that is available, Bluehost will take you to the checkout page here where you can create your Bluehost account. So as you can see here in
the package information and the package extras, I’m gonna walk you through all
these different features and what they mean and what is essential and what is necessary or recommended and what is not. So as you can see here
with the account plan to unlock that $2.65 per month plan, you’d have to go for the 36 month plan, which is a three year plan. So essentially what this means is you get web hosting for three years for less than $100 which
is a fantastic deal. You get a full custom website using WordPress for less than
$100 for three entire years. Now if you didn’t wanna do three years, the price will go up per month. If you go down to the 12 month plan, it will actually raise the monthly price to $5.95 a month. But still you get an entire
website for $71.40 total. Again you get the free domain name which is gonna save you $15.95 a year and you get that free SSL so you get that lock on your website. So the best way to do this is to go for the longest month plan possible because you get to lock
in the lowest rate. Again when you go for the 12 month price, the difference between the 12 month price at $5.95 a month and then three years for $2.65 a month is only about $25 but you get two extra years of web hosting. Now when it comes to the package extras right here, you don’t need any of these features
that’s why they are options and that’s why they’re called extras. However, I do recommend everyone to sign up for domain privacy protection, which is only 89 cents per month. Now here I’m gonna show you what domain privacy protection does. When you register for a domain online, you have to give your personal information such as your name and your address and because of the way things work, people are allowed to look up this public information of
who owns this website and your name and your address. When you add domain privacy protection right here, it’s actually gonna show them a random address and a random name so that they never get to see your personal information. I think at 89 cents a month, this is a great value for people who are looking to maintain their privacy and protect their privacy
for less than $1 a month. So as you can see here we’re actually saving over 66% off, a
total savings of $192.24. Our total is just $106.8 for three years of web hosting with
domain privacy protection. If you want to do just one year, it’s $82 but again, for just another $20 you can have a website for two additional years for just another $20. Okay so now that you’ve chosen your package extras, which I recommend the domain privacy protection and you do not need these extras but you can learn more about them and get more information if you want to, it’s time to fill out
the payment information. Now they’re gonna ask
you for a credit card or a debit card, you can
use any of those here. If you want to use PayPal, you can click more payment options and it will give you an option to pay via PayPal if you are international or if you don’t use a
debit or credit card. Alright so once you sign up with Bluehost, it’s gonna automatically
install WordPress. One of the cool things about Bluehost is that it has an auto install of the WordPress software. For other web hosting companies, you will need to do a one click install as shown here with Siteground but it actually automatically installs to your Bluehost account upon signup. Now once WordPress is installed onto your Bluehost account,
head to and go to website setup and watch our step by step video tutorial. In this video tutorial, we actually signed up with Bluehost and we walk you through the process of setting up your WordPress website. So as you can see here, we actually signed up with Bluehost
in this video tutorial and then we started to set
up our WordPress website. And in this video you get a full step by step tutorial how to set up your brand new WordPress website including setting up a new theme, installing plugins, securing your website and improving its performance. Again, if you wanna learn how to do anything after the initial setup of your WordPress website,
head to and we can help you with everything from getting traffic to
securing your website, finding the best themes, plugins and also increasing your
website performance. Alright, so that wraps up
our review of Bluehost. All in all Bluehost is an official WordPress recommended web host as shown on and as we saw from the pricing and the performance, Bluehost offers one of the least expensive web hosts to sign up for but the performance which is a great value for the money. Again if you want to take advantage of those huge discounts that you saw in this video, make sure to use the partnership link in the video description below or visit so you can access the discount directly. By doing so you can save up to 66% off, save almost $200 when you
sign up for web hosting. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit that thumbs up button and comment below letting us know. Remember to join the $100 giveaway all you have to do is like the video, comment below Bluehost WordPress review and subscribe and hit the notification bell. Make sure to get notified of all uploads so you never miss a video. From all of us here at see you next time.

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