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what is that people is Tom here with Satori
graphics the home of graphic design content right here on YouTube this week
I have a mini series and how to boost your graphic design career totally for
free and we’re kicking things off today with three online portfolio platforms
which is totally free and I think you should be utilizing them all for your
graphic design work the third portfolio platform might surprise you so let’s
kick off this mini-series on how to boost your graphic design career totally
for free online the first free portfolio platform that I’m going to show you it’s
Behance now many of you are know about the hands but I’m going to show you how
I personally feel is the best way to utilize it as a graphic designer
when you click onto the hands you’ll be met with many many thumbnails or what I
feel is absolutely amazing work I could spend simply hours looking over
the work on this website but I don’t have that kind of time to spare you can
of course use a search option to search out specific work now I do have an
account on here but I’ve neglected it quite a lot and haven’t updated it in
years mainly due to the fact that I have my own portfolio website now I will show
you my method of using be honest instead of simply posting a single image
of your way I would advise you all to tell a story by showing progress of the
project showing different stages of the design and do things like close-ups this
example isn’t the best but you can see here I briefly share the logo
development stages as well as show the colors used in the design my second
example is a lot more relevant so here is a wax and sweet project that
I worked on last year right off the bat I give a brief description about the
project and I show the Pantone colors of the local design this to me looks
professional as we scroll down you’re going to see that I’ve showcased the
designs as well as showing off the typeface of the logo in a creative way
I’m going to talk you into Photoshop that was 1000 pixels wide and about ten
thousand pixels tall I then added all of these elements onto the design that I
uploaded it a behance this is my method for having a dope design for Behance
projects also I use the color scheme throughout the entire project to tie
everything together so this is the first portfolio platform for free that you can
utilize to boost your graphic design career also in Behance
you can choose your account as a paid online portfolio this isn’t free of
course but it may be something you want to look into so if you haven’t they
already give the answer shot and see what you can do with it weebly was founded by three college
friends who wanted to make it easier to display and promote their work online so
it’s designed for creatives by creatives today the site has a wide range of
features that make it a top choice for building a sick portfolio the SEO
functionalities mean better rankings and visibility while the built in marketing
tools make it a popular solution for e-commerce and design customers alike
Weebly has a free option that you can utilize also their paid versions which
let’s be honest per month has not a lot of money to be spending let’s take a
quick look at some of their themes we are possible portfolio I like to look at this seam here it’s
clean and it’s simple as you can see this could easily become
a great portfolio I personally would share cakes my work
here under services and change the link to something like work instead of
services so if you want a professional portfolio for free or next to nothing
check out Weebly the last platform that will help you boost your graphic design
career for free is wait for it Instagram I will get into why it’s a great
platform for graphic design as soon as you can see here I myself have an
Instagram profile and I’m fairly active on it I prefer to be more active but I
run short on time in my day to day life I like to showcase some of my work as
well as make it more human or personal finding a balance between two for more
and too informal is important I feel one great thing about using Instagram for
graphic design portfolio is the hashtag function it’s commonplace for designers
to max out the hashtags as this will get your work seen very easily for free so
if we type in logo as a search term we will see huge amount of results as you can see here in this design all
the relevant hashtags and economic size enough how much of a help this is to get
exposure to a design work so that was Instagram if you promote
your account of the social media sites use hashtags wisely and upload your best
work as well as remaining human throughout you can gain a lot of
traction and exposure who totally free in the next episode of this series on
how to boost your graphic design career for free I’m going to show you ways to
really up your Instagram game in depth perfect for graphic designers wanted to
showcase their work so I hope you enjoy today’s first episode on a three-part
series of how to boost your graphic design career for free if you dare drop
a like on a comment on this video and share it to somebody else
subscribe for a weekly graphical design content or right here at cetera graphics
and until next time design your future today peace you

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