Bootstrap 4 Tutorial for Beginners 2019 – Learn Bootstrap 4 Fast

creating websites is a lot more
challenging than it used to be today is not enough just to know HTML CSS and a
little jQuery now you need to know how to make your site look good across different
browsers and devices load quickly usability and accessibility guidelines
and rank well in search engines frontend frameworks like bootstrap help lessen
these technical challenges because it is improved over time by a global community
of developers hi I’m Jacob lett and in my Bootstrap 4 Quick Start Training I teach designers and developers how to
build responsive layouts with bootstrap I believe Bootstrap is not just for
beginners but should be embraced by everyone who wants to build their site or
application on solid architecture bootstrap has become a repository of
knowledge because it contains thousands of cross browser compatibility fixes you
don’t have to fix yourself it also contains common components most websites
use that you don’t have to write from scratch if you’re going to be looking
for a job as a web designer or front-end developer in the next five years you
need to know Bootstrap 4 and I admit, trying to learn all
class names and adhering to a system you didn’t write yourself can be
awkward and challenging also a lot of existing books and courses
re explain what you can already find in the documentation they teach the
components in a micro level but do not explain them in the big picture so. What
is the best way for beginners to learn Bootstrap? In my training you first build
the site prototype and then write custom styles and change the design you’ll
learn how to create a marketing homepage in a CMS dashboard step by step I made
sure to be as concise as possible and not to explain things you’ll never use
just the basics to get you started quickly I also provide reference guides
videos and templates to fill in the gaps of information missing from the
documentation finally there’s a
community where you can bounce ideas off me and other people learning front-end
development and bootstrap so let’s build a responsive web together I’ll see you soon

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