Capstone Portfolio Course Module 3

Hi. In this module, we begin work on your website. You may already have a website. But it may also be your first time ever building
one. Whatever the case may be, don’t worry. We’ve planned an assignment that is perfectly
tailored to your circumstances. So, pay close attention to your options. The work you complete in this module will
depend, like last module, on your history with websites. But whatever option you choose,
you will begin substantive work on your portfolio. One new part of this module is the assignment
standards of excellence. These module guidelines give you valuable advice on what we look for
and the sort of things you should consider when completing this assignment. I ask you to bear in mind that in this module,
you have an additional assignment: updating your Gravatar for your portfolio. Please take
care of this. This is a quite important step for the capstone portfolio course. It lets
your peers and instructors consistently find your websites and say “Wow, that’s great!” We look forward to your work and wish you
good luck in this module.

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