CGI 3D Animated Short: “Runaway” – by Susan Yung, Emily Buchanan & Esther Parobek | TheCGBros

(soft orchestra music plays) (clicking squeak) Hey! Good morning Chillie. (creaky thump) (clicking squeak) (squeaky clack) (repeated thumping) (snap) (slow motion) Boy: Noooooo!!!!! (clang clang) (ominous violin music) Boy: Ugh, crud…I knew this day was coming. (scribbling) (putting lid on marker) See you later Chillie. I…I gotta go…umm…I gotta go run an errand. (climatic violin music) (door opening and closing) (piccolos and flutes playing) (paper rustling) (magnetic click) (clarinet plays) (sigh) (mechanical noise) (mechanical steps) (door opening)
(bottles rattle) (thumping) (rubber stretching) (whoosh) (door opening) (thud)
(bottles rattling) (thud)
(bottles rattling) (traffic) (car zooming)
(car passenger: yee-haaw!) (steps)
(orchestra music continues) (dub step music) (slow deep voice) Narrator: Yeah! (whoosh) (sad orchestra music resumes) (door opening)
(rattling bottles) (laughing)
(rapid steps) (more sad music) (door squeaks open) (door shuts) (gasp) (thump) No!!! Chillie!!! (crying) (panicky breathing) Excuse me. Have…have you seen my fridge? (musical indignation) (knocking on glass) (shhh) (whispered) Thanks. (sad music) (steps) (thud) (slight inhale) (oboe playing meloncholy) (paper flapping in wind) (magnetic click) Chillie. (quietly) What are you… (louder) What are you doing? What this?
(paper rustling) What about this? Oh. (lovingly) No, no. I was never gonna replace you. See? (bottles rattle) You can’t jump to conclusions like that. (door clicks open)
(happy oboe music plays) (door clicking close) (gasp)
(patting) (happier exit music)


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