Create a Web Design That Fits Your Brand

Hi, I’m Mary with Tiny Frog Technologies.
I’m one of our development coordinators and today we’re gonna be talking with
Nathalie about some ideas and tips for redesigning and branding your website. So
how do you get to know what company’s branding and how do you make sure that
the new design fits the brand well? Well normally we start off by figuring out or
asking the client if they have any sort of style guide to follow. If they don’t
have that, every once in a while they’ll have marketing materials where we’ll
look at fonts, we’ll look at colors to make sure that all of those
flow well throughout the website. If they don’t have that available either,
then what we’ll do is we’ll look at inspirational sites, we’ll look at
competitors and at that point, we’ll put together just a real comprehensive plan
for the client to kind of out beat their competitors. Great.
Thanks, everyone. For more information, you can visit

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