Create and Host a Website for Free in less than 10 Minutes | Full In-Depth Tutorial

hello everyone welcome to another video
from random sasi in this video I’ll be showing you something different
something you all wanted to know for a while, how you can host your website for
free without any ad, branding or any hassle. without any further ado let’s
begin. first we need an environment to develop our website we’ll be using XAMPP
for that, if you want you can also use Wamp or if you are using Linux you can
use Lamp. the link to download XAMPP is in the description sometimes installing XAMPP in the system
drive can cause problems so I’ll be installing it in a separate drive the installation might take a while
after it’s done installing, open the XAMPP control panel
start both Appache and MYSQL. now go to your browser and type in
localhost it should open up an XAMPP dashboard. if you face any issues try
reinstalling XAMPP. now we need a good text editor, we’ll be using sublime text.
go to the link given in the description and download and install sublime text after that we need a template to work on .go
to there are several awesome free templates available for
download I’m gonna choose this one now download the zip file and copy the
file to the htdocs folder inside the XAMPP directory delete all the files that was already
present inside the htdocs folder. now extract the zip file here now go to your browser and type in
localhost once again. your template should open now let’s start editing out template
select the index.html file and open it in sublime text, for those who don’t
know HTML the white color text is what that is visible to the client, you should
only edit that. after editing save and close the sublime
text, now reload localhost and check whether your changes has taken effect. now let’s add images to the website, copy
the pictures to the images folder and replace the pictures already present
inside them. the name and extension should match with that of which was
already present. if the name or extension is different your picture will not load double-check all your changes and see if
all the images have loaded properly, if all is well then our website is ready to
be made public we’re gonna be using 000webhost to host our free website ,for those who are thinking that they’ll put a
branding on your website calm down. this tutorial will also show you how to
remove them, but I recommend mentioning 000webhost on the footer of
your web page okay now go to and create a free account and type in a website name and click
Next you’ll have to remember that this
website name is also your domain name. from the given options select upload
your existing website. select upload files and select the files
inside the htdocs folder, only the files can be uploaded through this FTP, so you
have to manually create all the folders and subfolders from the FTP itself and
upload the files inside them. after all the files has been uploaded, go
to your domain you will see that your website is online and functional, as you
can see the website has an HTTPS connection, the next step is to remove
the 000webhost branding on the bottom right corner, for that do the
following steps, first go to the paste bin link given in the description and copy
the HTML code. now go to the file manager of your
website and select index.html file and select the option edit, now scroll down
and paste the code before the closed body tag and save the changes, now go and reload
your website you will see that the branding has disappeared well if you have any doubts or if you
face any issues feel free to ask them down in the comments below. if you like
this video please don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notification
thank you for watching


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