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week was your first G Suite Show episode. I’m new. I’m a little nervous. Do you have any tips for me? RIYA SHANMUGAM: Yeah. First of all, put
your hands down. Hi, everyone. I’m Riya. Please welcome Kevin, our
newest host of the season. KEVIN HANSON: Hi, I’m a Google
Cloud account executive. I’m excited to be here,
and as I’ve gotten started, I was wondering. Is there a way that we
could have some sort of tool to look up everyone who’s
involved on the G Suite show, so that we can all
find each other and collaborate within Google? RIYA SHANMUGAM: Sure. Why don’t you build it yourself? KEVIN HANSON: Build it myself? RIYA SHANMUGAM: Yeah, we’ve
got a solution for that. App Maker is a low-code
application development tool that lets you build and launch
custom applications tailored to our needs. KEVIN HANSON: You’re
blowing my mind. Let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] RIYA SHANMUGAM: While we hope
that the G Suite’s apps can almost meet every
demand, we understand that companies have unique needs
that need custom solutions. KEVIN HANSON: Yeah,
whether you’re looking to build a custom
travel application or something for onboarding new
employees, we think that App Maker’s going to be a
great way to build applications in days, not months. RIYA SHANMUGAM:
It doesn’t matter if you’re part of your company’s
IT organization or a citizen developer. KEVIN HANSON: I can totally
flex my coding muscles. RIYA SHANMUGAM: Either
way, it’s a cinch to go from idea to
app in no time at all. App Maker features a
powerful cloud-based IDE with built-in templates, a
drag-and-drop user interface, and point-and-click
data modeling. It also embraces open popular
standards, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Google’s
own Material Design visual framework. All of which means
that developers can use their existing
skills and knowledge to build apps quickly. KEVIN HANSON: This
seems super easy. I can make my
directory application by just using this template,
dropping in a few elements, and putting in some CSS. RIYA SHANMUGAM: App Maker
offers integrated tailor-made solutions to meet every need. You can build a whole range of
customized applications that connect to different
data sources and APIs. App Maker even has built in
support for G Suite products, as well as Maps, Contacts,
Groups, and more. KEVIN HANSON: Yeah,
I’ll definitely need Google Contact integration
for my directory app. RIYA SHANMUGAM: You can also
use other Google Cloud Services, like the Directory
API, On-Prediction API, or third-party APIs to
make your app a richer, more intelligent experience. So with App Maker,
you don’t have to worry about infrastructure. It’s built on the safe,
secure, and trusted platform that we built Gmail,
Drive and Docs on. So developers can now build
applications on the cloud without having to worry about
servers, capacity planning, logging and monitoring,
and security that IT would normally support. KEVIN HANSON: And sweet. I think my app is finished. Check it out. RIYA SHANMUGAM: Cool. KEVIN HANSON: Now I can quickly
search for and reach out to different Google employees. This will make producing G
Suite episodes even easier. RIYA SHANMUGAM: Wow. I am seriously impressed. Look at you. KEVIN HANSON: I shall
call it the Kevin-verse. RIYA SHANMUGAM: OK,
now I’m less impressed. KEVIN HANSON: Whatever. App Maker is available in our
early adopter program for our G Suite business customers. There’ll be a wider release
planned later this year. RIYA SHANMUGAM: Let us know
what you think in the comments below, or better yet,
show us what kind of apps you’re building with App Maker. KEVIN HANSON: And for our
nonprofit folks out there, our Google for Non-Profits
team has a show of their own. Check it out here. RIYA SHANMUGAM: See
you all next week. KEVIN HANSON: Bye-bye. RIYA SHANMUGAM: Check
out our previous episode where we use G Suite
tools outside our desktop. We use Transformation
Gallery to streamline the process of collecting
and sharing production data.

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