Creating a Website Using FrontPage : How to Use HTML Cookies

Hello, my name is Luis Estrada, and I’m a
software developer. In this video, I’ll show you how to use HTML cookies. Cookies are small
files that websites use to store information about you and your interaction with that particular
website. A cookie could be used to track you preferences on a website, like your selected
appearance for the interface. A cookie can be used to track which products you have added
to your shopping cart on an on-line store. Cookies can be used to store your username
and password for your email or electronic bank account. Then you do not have to provide
your log in information every time you enter that website. This is very useful if you access
a password protected website many times during the day. Cookies are not actually handled
by the use of HTML tags. Instead they are created, read, and modified by computer programs.
These computer programs could exist on the clients side, which means they are inserted
on the web page that the user visits. The language used to insert these programs is
called Java Script. The other option is for programs to exist on the server side, meaning
that they are executed by the web server before sending every new page to the visitor’s computer.
There are many languages used to create Server-Side programs. Some of the most popular include
Java, PHP, ASP, Ruby, et cetera. Currently, the most popular language among beginners
is PHP. This language is installed in most web hosting services, even on the free ones.
PHP is very easy to use. Here’s an example of a web page that creates a cookie by using
a function called Set Cookie. There are three parameters that the function accepts. The
name of the cookie, the value it holds, and the expiration time. In this other page we retrieve the value of
the cookie named User, and display it on a page using the Echo function. Java Script can also handle cookies, but generally
these functions are a bit more complicated to use. This is the reason that most web developers
use Server-Side programs to handle cookies. For more information on the PHP language,
visit the official site at I’m Luis Estrada, and I’ve just showed you how to create
a multimedia web site using FrontPage.

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