Dashboard — Webflow tutorial

From the Dashboard, we can access, create,
control, and traverse the cosmos without leaving our seats. We’re going to talk about three things regarding
the Dashboard: creating projects, organizing projects, and we’ll cover what you can do
from the project thumbnails. Let’s start with creating projects. If at any time you get lost in the Dashboard,
you can scroll to the top. Where it says Dashboard. Let’s go over and create a new project. From here, we can choose to create a blank
project, where we can design and develop from scratch. Or, if we prefer, we can start with a template. There are a ton of options here, and also
a ton of inspiration. So feel free to go crazy. That’s creating projects. Let’s move to the next topic. Once you’ve created a few projects, you might
have the urge to get organized. We frequently have that urge, too, which is
why, just moments ago, we displayed these three steps on the screen. You can change the sorting method for your
projects right here, and you can create folders. What are the folders for? They’re for organizing projects. We use these in the Webflow Team to organize
almost everything, but we’ve replaced thumbnails for top-secret, highly-sensitive projects
with common allergens to which you might be highly-sensitive. To move something into a folder? All we have to is go into the menu, and move
it to the folder. We can select it right from the dropdown. You can also search within the Dashboard if
you have tons of projects. In fact, search functionality still works
fine if you have only one project, although we’d likely argue that you have better things
to do with your time. That’s organizing projects. Finally, we have the thumbnail itself. Lots of things we can do from here. If we click right on the thumbnail at any
time, that project will open up in the Designer. Pretty straightforward. You can even open a bunch of projects at once
by COMMAND+clicking on macOS or CONTROL+clicking on Windows. This will load up the Designer for each project
in a separate tab. Really helpful if you want to compare projects,
or copy/paste. By pulling up the menu underneath the thumbnail,
we can access even more. Like the project settings for any particular
project. The rest of the options here are fairly straightforward:
delete a project, duplicate a project, we already talked about moving, sharing — which
will create a read-only share link. Anyone you send this to will be able to access
a read-only version of your project in the Designer, including your most recent changes. And of course, we have the Editor. This is the interface through which a client
can directly edit the project without having to go into the Designer. We have tons of content on all of this over
at Webflow University. So, you can create projects, organize projects,
and quickly access all our options from the menu. And that…is the Dashboard.

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