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Today I have a special edition of a Q&A video
for you it’s all questions that you guys have asked me that are related to design school
and studying design. I asked for questions over on Twitter and also on Facebook so if
you want to be involved in the next Q&A then make sure you check out the description box
for links to follow me on those things. I’ve got quite a few questions through so I will
just try and get through as many as possible. Did you find it easy or difficult to get into
the design industry after graduating? I wouldn’t say easy but I also wouldn’t say
difficult. When I first started studying design it wasn’t that big of a career. it wasn’t
as big of a thing as it is now, if that makes sense so I think that I just had the timing
right and now design is a huge industry and every company is starting to see the value
of hiring designers which is awesome. So there is lots of design jobs out there. But as with
any job, you’ve still gotta have that go-getter attitude and you’ve gotta be good at what
you do in order to actually be able to get into the industry. How did you pick which school or course to
enrol in? I did my research for this and found that
Massey University was the best design school in New Zealand so that’s where I decided I
wanted to go. Obviously the choices in New Zealand are much more limited than overseas
especially in America, but I think the thing to do is do your own research and think about
what kind of design you want to do and look at what the universities and courses are that
are best for that. Try and hear from some alumni, some people who have studied there
and see what they thought of the experience. Maybe you know a friend of a friend or there’s
someone who used to go to your high school and then went on to this thing. I dunno, there’s
lots of options out there to do your research and hear from people about how they liked
the course. How did you know studying design was the right
choice for you, and did you always want to do web design? I didn’t always know that studying design
was the right choice for me. Probably not until I really got into doing and maybe in
like my second year of university I think is where I really decided that yup, I really
like what I’m doing and this is going to be my life. You know you’ve made the right choice
in what you’re studying when it just feels right and when you’re excited to do it, and
when it’s really interesting to you and you’re just feeling like, keen to learn more even
outside of university. I definitely didn’t always want to do web design though I didn’t
really know that was a thing up until maybe like my second or third year of university,
that just had never crossed my mind before. But now I love doing web design obviously. This is a good one, what was the hardest lesson
you had to learn while studying either design related or just general uni life? With design school I think the hardest thing
to learn is taking critique and how to take feedback without being offended. It’s really
hard because to start with you are pouring your heart and soul into a project and you’re
trying so hard and you’re just loving what you do and loving your work. only to bring
it into class and have your fellow students and your teacher like pick it apart and point
out all the little things that are wrong with it that you need to work harder on, when you
feel like you’ve already been working so hard. It can really hurt your feelings to start
with, when you’re not used to it, but very quickly you do get used to it and you learn
to spearate your feelings from the work. They’re not insulting you, they’re not insulting your
work even. They’re just trying to help you improve it. So learning to take critique is
a really important, but kind of hard to learn lesson at design school. Is design school for everyone? what are your
thoughts on being self taught? I have a whole video planned coming up about
my thoughts on this called ‘Should you go to design school?’ so stay tuned for that,
but I don’t think design school is for everyone. people learn in different ways and some people
can learn just as well teaching themselves as they could in design school. I personally
needed the discipline and the set curriculum of a design school to be able to learn but
some people don’t. i have many more thoughts on that that could fill a whole entire video
and it will so like I said, subscribe and you will see that soon. Is it tough to study design when you’re not
good at drawing? It’s kind of tough I suppose to start studying
design when you’re not good at drawing, because you will compare yourself to your peers who
are amazing. And especially in my course the first year is quite general so you end up
doing a lot more fine arts stuff that does involve a lot of drawing, but I soon learned
that it really doesn’t matter that I cannot draw a realistic looking human face to do
design. If I wanted to get into illustration then perhaps my drawing abilities might have
been a problem, but also if I wanted to get into illustration I would have practiced and
my drawing abilities would be a lot better but that’s just not something I prioritise.
I can draw messy wireframes and I can do hand lettering, that’s about the only thing I can
draw. What you need for design is to be able to get your ideas across, so sometimes that
does involve sketching, but I find ways around that. my messy wireframes, people understand
them just fine when I explain them so it’s alright. If you’re not good at drawing, please
don’t let that hold you back from studying design honestly, you will learn what you need
to learn. You will get better at drawing the things you need to draw, and you don’t have
to worry about everything else. How did your study experiences differ from
what you expected from your courses? I expected to be doing proper design briefs
straight away, but actually my course had like a pretty general first year so you dida
bit of photography, fine arts, industrial design along with graphics. And you could
have done fashion if you wanted. There was lots of choices, so the idea was to try out
lots of things before picking which stream you go down. Is there anything you would have done differently
at design school? Not really. the only thing I can think of
is that maybe I should have spent more time working in the studios on campus rather than
at home at my desk. Just because it’s good to be around fellow design students. you can
all go through it together and give each other feedback on your work. I dunno. I felt like
the design studios were quite cliquey and I didn’t fit into any group so, I dunno, story
of my life! Do you need any background before entering? The answer is no. You don’t need to have studied
design before entering design school because the point is you’re gonna learn. But what
you will have to do is submit a portfolio to get in that shows you have a desire to
learn and that you’ve been trying things on your own. So you can’t really get into design
school having never attempted any sort of design before in your life. So set yourself
some personal projects. Start doing some learning in your own time. Just start creating things
and making things.because that’s what I think the university people are looking for when
they’re accepting people into a course. What’s the balance with doing what your teachers
want vs going with your gut? You should never do a design assignment that’s
just exactly what your teacher tells you to do because you’re not going to learn a single
thing doing that. Also though, you should realise that you’re in design school to train
your gut if that makes sense. So you really need to listen to what your tutor is saying
and look at the thing they’re critiquing and ask yourself why they’re saying those things
and see if you can make some improvements to your work. In my experience when the tutor
is making a suggestion to you of what they think could be replaced in a piece of your
work (i’m trying to keep this really general), they’re not telling you to do exactly that.
What they’re trying to do is open your mind to other possibilities, so that’s a really
important thing to try and explore. How big is the leap from third to fourth year?
Currently in 3rd and all the talk about 4th is slightly stressing me out. I think Sophie is doing the same course that
I did at Massey university, where fourth year is the final year of your degree and you do
what’s called a ‘major project’ where you do a lot of research and then create something
and it takes the whole year, so it’s a pretty big project and it is a lot of work. I felt
like it was a natural progression on from third year, like I was ready for another challenge
after that, so I think you’ll find that you are too. Fourth year was a lot more fun than
third year for me because you get to set your own project and decide what you want to do.
I’m not gonna lie, it was a lot of work I didn’t get much sleep but it was all worth
it in the end. This is worded a bit weird, but ‘the ability
to design cool and nice things, is it something you’re born with or is it something a 20 year
old guy can learn?’ Yes definitely. At twenty you have your whole
life ahead of you and it’s the perfect time to start learning something new. You don’t
have to be born with design skills, you can start learning design at any time of your
life. twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, even in your retirement age if you really want to.
Though if you’re in your retirement age you’re probably not watching this youtube video.
All you really need is a creative spark and a desire to learn. How did you design exactly what you wanted
to work on inside design? This is where that first year of my design
course was really handy, when I said that you had to do a little bit of everything.
It really helped me see that A) I did NOT want to do advertising and photography probably
wasn’t going to be a longterm career option for me. I decided that graphic design is what
I wanted to go with because that’s what I was best at. And it’s what I was best at because
it was what i was most interested in doing, so I spent the most time on it. There’s so
many different fields of design you can go into and you don’t have to pick straight away.
I’ve switched over to doing web design now, I’ve made a whole video on that that you can
see linked down below so it’s never too late to change it up. Don’t be afraid of picking
something and going with it and then changing your mind, that’s perfectly fine. that is all the questions we have time for
today. I have done a video in the past called how i became a designer, i think, that talked
a lot about my design school experience which I’ll link down below. There’s also gonna be
a playlist down there full of other videos that will help you out if you’re studying
design. Leave any other questions you have about design school in the comments and I
will answer them as best i can. Thanks so much for watching this video. Give it a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it and I will see you next time. Bye!


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