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Hey guys. So first of all if my voice sounds
a little bit weirder than usual it’s because I’m currently fighting off a cold so please
excuse that. But I’m still in a really good mood today because I launched my new tshirt
line earlier this week. In case you didn’t know I started my little
apparel company about 5 years ago and this is the sixth collection that I’ve put out.
A little while ago I had a request to talk about my tshirt design process and I thought
that since I’ve just been designing these new tshirts for the past month or so that
now would be the perfect time to tell you a little bit about how I design them. So my tshirts are always inspired by music.
And being the creative type, I always am jotting down lyrics that stand out to me, or perhaps
a quote from a musician that I’ve read about in an interview or an article and I put them
down into a notebook or maybe in the Notes app on my phone so that they’re there for
me as ideas to refer to when I come to designing. I think doing it that way is much better than
sitting down and going “right. I need to design a tshirt” and coming up with the idea on the
spot because that way you’ve taken note of things that have inspired you so that when
the time comes to actually create something you can look back on those things and get
inspiration. There’s 5 new designs in a few different colourways.
Some of them were really fast to design because I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and others
took a lot longer and needed more exploration. The fastest one to design was definitely the
logo tshirt. I knew I wanted to feature a logo shirt in my line because I really like
my little logo that I came up with all those years ago. And I wanted it to be an outline
of the logo and I did it with a brush pen, so I drew it so that it could have more of
a hand made feel and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Another one that I did with a brush pen is
this one that says “High def hopes and dreams” which is something my friend Sharleen wrote
a few years ago. I actually had a design featuring this quote in my second ever collection but
I feel like, you know, as I’ve gotten better as a designer my tshirts have gotten better
and the old design didn’t really do this great quote justice. So i wanted to create something
that was a little bit more worthy I guess. So for this one I spent ages drawing these
words over and over again. i don’t know how many sheets of paper I used. But when you’re
using a brush pen it’s sort of all about moving quickly and getting the shape right and yeah
sometimes it can just take a long time to get the words looking how you want them to.
especially when you’re new to brush pens like I am. And i really wanted to persevere and do it
with the brush pen rather than just going straight onto the computer because I feel
like its much more authentic that way. The next one will probably only appeal to
a very niche audience of people who feel as passionately about pop-punk music as I do.
It’s this one here that says “defend pop-punk” and I drew this defend at a Typemeet, which
is a hand lettering, sort of meet up I go to. So I drew the letters and before I filled
them in I decided I really liked how they looked just as an outline so i decided to
stick with that. So I just vectorised it and thats what went on the t-shirt. This one here is another one where I had the
idea in my head but it took a long time to get it down on paper. And actually though
I did start this one on paper, I did a lot of the work for this on the computer which
is quite rare for me. I normally would, you know, work for ages on my sketch and redraw
that and neaten it up and get it looking right as a sketch before moving onto the computer
but I guess just because this one has a lot of words to it it was taking a lot of time
to keep redrawing it and refining it that way so I did move on to the computer faster
than i normally do with this one. This last one is probably one of my favourites
because its quite different for me, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. Unlike the other shirts, I didn’t really have
an idea for this one in my head before I started. I knew I wanted to use soundwaves, and the
soundwaves on this tshirt are actually from a song I love called Growing Up by Fall Out
Boy. So I knew I wanted to do something with them, and I was playing around with putting
them in various shapes and putting words within them but it was just looking really messy
and overly complicated. Also with the DIY way that I screenprint you can’t have details
that are too fine, so having words within these little soundwave lines here just.. it
was just gonna be a bad time. So i’m pleased that i came up with this in
the end. And I put the words that I did want to include on it on the back neckline instead
which is just a little bit more subtle and I think really nice. But yeah, that was quite a different process
designing that t-shirt and it was a lot of exploration and playing around on the computer
with these soundwaves and trying to get something that I liked. And I’m really happy with the
end result. So that’s all I can think of to tell you about
for now. If there’s anything in particular that you’re curious about or perhaps I didn’t
explain properly then please feel free to leave a comment down below because I’d love
to chat to you about it. I don’t want to be all self-promoty or anything
but I’m really proud of these tshirts so if you want to go check them out in the store
that would be awesome. Next week I have another Christmas themed DIY for you because its less
than a month til Christmas now. When did that happen? So stay tuned for that on saturday and I’ll
also have a weekly vlog uploaded on Wednesday so I’ll see you then. Bye.


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