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hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with detroit style pizza that’s right the next time you hear two people
arguing about whether Chicago or New York Pizza is the best style you should
probably interrupt them and tell them they’re both wrong America’s best pizza
in fact could be detroit style which is what i’m going to be attempting to show
you how to make in this video although please keep in mind i’m relatively new
to the detroit pizza party but i think i have a pretty good grasp on the key
elements and of course once this goes live our friends from detroit can kind
of fill in the blanks so with that let’s go ahead and get started with our dough
and as usual that’s gonna start with some warm water as well as a packet of
yeast and a teaspoon of sugar and by the way if you found that packaged yeast in
the back of the cupboard like I did and it looks all weird and chunky and you’re
not sure if it’s still good what we can do is give it a stir and then wait like
15 minutes to see if it foams up which means it’s still good and if the yeast
is still alive it’s gonna look something like this so yes we have proof of life
and once we’ve determined our yeast is alive we can go ahead and add the rest
of our classic pizza dough ingredients which will include some olive oil as
well as some salt and some bread flour and yes of course this will work with
all-purpose but bread flour has more gluten and works a little better for
this pizza crust and once that’s all in there we’ll go ahead and knead this with
our dough hook of course scraping down the sides once or twice if you have to I
didn’t film that part but anyway we’ll go ahead and need that for a few minutes
or for however long it takes to form a very smooth very soft fairly elastic
fairly sticky dough and if everything goes according to plan it should look
something like this so that was looking and feeling just about perfect and once
that’s how we can move on to our very specific very specialized Detroit pizza
pan which in case you’re keeping score at home is 10 by 14 inches and what
we’re gonna do is drizzle in some olive oil and then spread it around with our
fingers not just to distribute it but also because we want our fingers covered
with olive oil when we transfer our dough in and the reason is we’re
actually going to let our dill rise right in the pan we’re gonna bake it so
we’ll go ahead and place our dough in the center and then using our freshly
olive oil fingers we will kind of pull and stretch that
dough out into a rough rectangular shape all right just get it close and we
absolutely do not have to go all the way to the edges oh and in case you’re
wondering yes you can still do this without this pan and I’ll give you two
great alternatives in the blog post but if you do end up liking this you will
probably want to order one of these since it really does such a magnificent
job and by the way is just a great all-purpose roasting pan but anyway like
I said we’ll go ahead and stretch our dough out a little bit and then simply
cover that and let it sit for about an hour to an hour and a half or until it
doubles in size and while we’re waiting for that let’s go ahead and talk pizza
sauce and apparently what turns any regular pizza sauce into a detroit pizza
sauce is not the tomato sauce or the trishal dry oregano and chili flakes
it’s actually the addition of garlic powder or I guess granulated garlic and
my sources in Detroit tell me this is one of the major things that gives the
pizza its signature flavor so even if you’re using fresh garlic like I did
we’re gonna want to fortify it by stirring in some garlic powder and then
once this is all together what we’ll do is let that simmer on medium low for at
least 15 minutes and yes of course you can let that simmer longer but we do
want to let it bubble at least 15 minutes to fully hydrate our oregano and
garlic at which point we’ll simply set that
aside until needed and move on to the other things we can prep while our dough
is rising and that would be possibly slicing some pepperoni and grating or
dicing in my case some cheese and for this I’m going to be using a combination
of two parts Monterey Jack with one part mild cheddar and you could grate this if
you want but I’m gonna go ahead and slice it into strips and then cut across
into small cubes cuz it’s gonna melt a little more slowly when we put it in the
hot oven and give our crust a little head start before it gets soaked with
rendered cheese fat and by the way the traditional cheese for this pizza is
called brick cheese which is really hard to find at least in San Francisco or if
you’re in the Midwest probably not a big deal but out here we’re forced to
simulate the texture and taste of brick cheese
by using this combination and of course if you are using two different cheeses
like I am once dice you’re gonna want to give them a little toss and obviously if
one of the cubes falls off the cutting board when you’re done you have to eat
it for good luck and then once our sauce is made and our toppings are prepped
we’ll go back and check our dough which as you can see is now doubled in size
and once that happens we’ll take our finger tips which we probably want to
rub with a little bit of olive oil from the pan and we’re gonna perform what
they call in Motown the old deflation rectangle ation all right so what we’re
doing simultaneously is basically pressing out all the air while
stretching and pushing this into a perfect rectangular shape that goes all
the way to the edges of the pan and because pizza dough especially ones made
with bread flour very elastic it’s not a bad idea to sort of stretch it up the
sides like a half-inch or so since it will kind of pullback and then what
we’ll do once our dough has been fully deflated and rectangle ated is go ahead
and place on whatever toppings we’re gonna use in my case some sliced
pepperoni which as you could probably see I did not slice myself and while
incredibly delicious it was unfortunately a little too thin and I
will explain what I mean by that in a little while and yes of course feel free
to add whatever toppings you want I mean you were after all the aretha of your
detroit style pizza so go ahead and add whatever you think will make your pizza
more soulful but no matter what you use just make sure you put it down first on
the dough and then top that with the cheese so we’ll go ahead and scatter our
cubes over and while doing that one of the most important things to remember is
we have to have cheese anywhere the dough meets the side of the pan okay so
as usual we do want to scatter this over as evenly as possible but we want to pay
particular attention to the edges okay so like I said wherever we have pizza
dough medium metal we want to make sure that is totally covered with cheese
because what happens when this goes in the oven is that cheese is gonna melt
and butter fats gonna render out and basically that’s gonna fry the edge of
our pizza crust creating the most incredible textured flavor to crust off’
occation then maybe you’ve ever experienced which by the way is one of
the big advantages to this specialized pan are you try this in a regular sheet
pan you might just have an oven fire on your hands but anyway once our pizzas
been cheesed we’re gonna go ahead and ladle over our sauce and three very
distinctive strips because apparently that’s how they do it it buddies and
besides being pretty and giving us the perfect sauce – cheese – dough ratio it
will also show us where to cut these slices later so we’ll go ahead and apply
our sauce as shown at which point technically they should go in the oven
okay from what I’m hearing Detroit pizzas
only have the toppings under the cheese but since this is a pepperoni pizza
after all and the best part of pepperoni pizza are those crispy caramelized
pieces on top I decided to decorate mine by placing over a few more slices which
is why them being sliced so thin almost was a problem okay when you use this
such a hot oven we really do want to slice that a little thicker but having
said that it did work out barely but it did but anyway once I had this applied
this was finally ready to pop into the center of a very very hot 500 plus
degree oven or whatever your highest setting is for 15 minutes or so until
it’s somewhere between golden brown and golden black and be very careful as you
pull this out because your dough is literally gonna be frying in olive oil
pepperoni grease and rendered cheese fat but you’ll see in just a few seconds
that bubbling will stop and that fat will disappear somewhere nobody quite
knows where exactly and right here you can get a great look at that signature
crust and why we want to make sure we have cheese all along the edge and then
what we’ll do is let this cool for just about five minutes or so before very
very carefully using a spatula to slide it onto our cutting board and once we’ve
accomplished a successful dismount we can go ahead and slice this into nine
rectangular pieces using our strips of sauce as a guide and yes it should sound
and be very crisp and right about here I realize my pizza
was exactly three slices of pepperoni short since I could have had two on each
slice oh well I’ll do it that way next time that is what we refer to in the
business as the learning process but anyway I went ahead and sliced that up
and went in for closer examination and as you can see here not only are the
edges crusty but that bottom should be beautifully browned as well so it was
very very excited to take a bite and that my friends really was to die for
possibly literally if you eat this too often right just by being frightened fat
and very crispy that crust was beautifully light and airy and it had
just a wonderful ratio between the sauce and the cheese and the pepperoni so I
just absolutely loved how this came out and you usually hear this referred to as
a type of deep dish pizza but that is now what it reminded me of all right
your typical deep-dish pizza has a totally different texture than this okay
for me this was much more of a combination of like a really good for
kaca and like a charred thin crust pizza that
would come out of a really hot wood-burning oven and even though I
don’t know much about Detroit Pizza I did instinctively know to eat towards
the corner so that is the last part weed since it’s pretty obvious that’s the
money bite but anyway that’s it my take on Detroit style pizza I’ve never
actually been to Detroit but after doing this video I feel like getting on a
plane and flying there so I can thank them personally and maybe probably pick
up a few tips but in the meantime I really do hope you give this a try soon
so head over to food wishes comm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as
usual and as always enjoy you you


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