DeVry Bootcamp Web Development Program Faculty Reviews

The classes were great. I had a very good – great instructor. He’s very knowledgeable, very helpful and,
gosh, he just knew so much. So it made it easy for us to ask good questions. The Bootcamp staff was – was terrific. It started with Rob as our teacher. He always took the time to answer a question. He would stop the lecture if somebody answered
a question and – and he would answer it. And the way he answered the questions was
in plain English, you know, it made sense. He didn’t bring the whole technical side
into it. He explained it in a way that was understandable
I think for most people, for me at least. Rob really gave us a good push and incentive
to finishing tasks and kind of helped everyone learn the right way and he – he had a very
broad teaching style that I feel like helped all of us learn in a very fast paced environment.

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