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Hey guys I’ve got another room decor DIY today. I’m gonna be showing you how I made this nifty little chalkboard you’ll need a picture frame with a
wooden backing board. some chalkboard paint, a paint tray and a little foam roller. Start by taking the frame apart and get rid of any inserts and the glass too if your frame has it but mine didn’t then set the backing board on some newspaper Then you wanna give your chalkboard paint a shake and pour some into the paint tray And then its time to get painting! Don’t worry if it looks patchy at first because you’re going to do a few coats to make sure everything is covered and even once I had several coats on the board I went over the top rolling really gently to make sure there were no harsh lines or anything
and that my board had a nice even texture Once that backing board has dried out pop it back in the frame and it’s time to get drawing I used this uni chalk marker pen just because it’s a little bit less
messy than normal chalk but that said the nib is quite thick so my
drawing is not the greatest I decided to draw a lettering piece for this lyric from a Matt & Kim song I really love Then just hang the chalkboard on your wall and you’ve got an awesome piece of personalized art that you can change out whenever you want to. I’m going to be using this to practice my hand lettering skills because as you can see I need a lot of practice… But if you’re not into that it would also be awesome to use this as a little noticeboard or maybe a to-do list as you can see this was really easy to
make and all up it cost less than twenty NZ dollars which is a lot cheaper than any I found to buy in store Please let me know if you liked this video by giving it a thumbs up and if you guys try out this DIY then please tweet me a picture of it so I can see. and I’ll see you next time. bye!


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