DIY Website Design – Build from Scratch with Elementor Plugin

So have you ever thought of creating
your own stunning website? Of course you do! And you can! But the question is how?
So most people would use WordPress with theme integration, to create website
without using any codes, which is amazing right? So where is the cache? Typically
WordPress Theme comprises template files to form a website and you don’t have 100%
flexibility to edit the website and it is pretty much restricted. So what do you
mean by 100% flexibility design? I can give you some examples such as content
arrangement and alignment, horizontal or vertical positioning, putting in your
preferred font family and colors, background effects and illustrations, entrance or hover animations, and featured gallery. And all these things can be done
without WordPress Theme, and I will show you how to do all these things and even more, with Elementor plugin, which is the Free version. So Elementor plugin is a
WordPress design plugin that helps you to customize website without using any
codes with only drag-and-drop design method. And apart from that, it can help
you to optimize your web pages in different screen sizes. So whatever I’ve
mentioned previously will be included in this course. I will teach you how to use
this plugin with add-on plugins to create 1 home page, basically to create
first impression, simple attractive contents and redirection.
And also to create another professional sub page that basically covers more on
complicated designs and animations to portray your profession such as
timeline story, your showcase, your portfolio and videos, and products. And
also another social sub page that include funky style
presentation, background effects, displaying Social Feeds, call-to-action.
Basically to connect with audience and all these pages can be linked
together to form a website. So that’s not all, I will teach you how to use other
plugins to increase your website performance and efficacy, which is to build rapport with the audience, getting traffics and sales with promotion tools, such as
pop-ups, sticky boxes, banners, contact form with button trigger, and more. So the
best thing is that you can do all these things with zero cost. So have a quick
glance at my course structures below, there are free previews for you to watch
and most of my tutorials are hands-on and practical if you’re interested to build
stunning website, please enroll into my course and I will see you inside.

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